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Dream Garden 沉睡花园 Episode 8 Recap

Lin Shen went to the underground garage to look for Xiao Xiao, but did not find her figure, and no one answered the phone. At this time, a car suddenly rushed in. Lin Shen found something strange in the car and hurriedly chased after her, but he did not expect that the car would He hit the curb and even took out a knife to hit him. ten days ago.

The landlord of the psychological counseling center came to see the situation of the house and said that the rent would be increased. Lin Shen came back specially after receiving a call. Zuo Yan always had a complicated expression, and the landlord Auntie Li looked at her strangely, full of disdain and contempt.

Lin Shen noticed that Aunt Li seemed to have some misunderstanding with Zuo Yan, and asked her after inviting her to the upstairs office. Aunt Li liked Zuo Yan very much before, so she introduced her to her nephew. Unexpectedly, Zuo Yan’s mouth was vicious in front of and good-natured, completely two faces. Aunt Li showed Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao the chat records of Zuo Yan and her nephew. The boy was very polite, but Zuo Yan kept sending a lot of sarcastic words, calling him a mother boy.

Lin Shen still wanted to explain to Zuo Yan, but Xiao Xiao interrupted in time, saying that Zuo Yan might have been influenced by the visitor, and now the best way is to let her nephew end this matter, and she kindly helped her to see the blind date website, Unexpectedly, Aunt Li fell in love with the warm and lovely Xiao Xiao. Lin Shen hurriedly said that she was still in college, and Xiao Xiao also said that she was only eighteen this year!

Xiao Xiao also didn’t believe it was what Zuo Yan said. After all, she usually treats people very gently, and she doesn’t have any negative emotions, let alone anger at people. She wants to ask Zuo Yan, but Lin Shen thinks it’s her business, and they don’t. should interfere. Lin Shen thought that only the chat records could not be determined, Xiao Xiao wanted to hold a grand blind date party, and wanted to bring out the other side of Zuo Yan. While talking, Xiao Xiao was so emotional that she almost fell, but Lin Shen quickly supported her, and when he crouched down, his ears were red and told Xiao Xiao that high heels are not suitable for you.

Xiao Xiao posted a post inviting everyone to a networking event. She really wanted to hold this blind date party. After returning home, Zuo Yan removed her disguise, changed her friendly face during the day, and opened the notebook to switch to keyboard warrior mode. When her mother came to ask her about the result of her last blind date, Zuo Yan answered absentmindedly.

Countless pressures were placed on Zuo Yan, the best mom and treasure boy she met on a blind date, her ex-boyfriend who was about to get married, and her mother who had a strong desire to control her… Zuo Yan turned all this into a sentence on the Internet With vicious words, he tapped the keyboard to vent his inner dissatisfaction.

Sun Kele said that the blind date plan may be in vain. Xiao Xiao has many female fans, but only three male fans. Fan Qi heard that she was going to hold a meeting, and took the initiative to call and say that she wanted to help her male colleagues to participate. As an investor, he would also participate, which solved Xiao Xiao’s problem.

Xiao Xiao also sent invitation letters to Zuo Yan and other colleagues, asking them to participate in the association. The male guests are all elites of the Model Group, which is enough to attract attention. The plan of the sorority was naturally proposed by Chai Qian, and she also presided over it. The sorority is a free pairing, and the next one will be replaced as soon as five minutes arrive. Xiao Xiao has been paying attention to Zuo Yan, Zuo Yan is absent-mindedly dealing with the male guests, obviously not interested.

Lin Shen was a little uneasy because everyone went to the social gathering, and even more uneasy after seeing the photos of Xiao Xiao and Fan Qi together in the circle of friends. Zuo Yan doesn’t seem to reject blind dates, and Xiao Xiao is a little puzzled. Xiao Xiao asked Fan Qi to talk to himself about the standards he wanted. Fan Qi said that he prefers interesting souls. Obviously Xiao Xiao is such a person. Xiao Xiao saw Lin Shen coming before he could react, and hurriedly left Fan Qi to go in front of Lin Shen.

The boys are very satisfied with Zuo Yan, so it’s a bit strange that a blind date won’t change Zuo Yan. Xiao Xiao almost fell, Lin Shen was blocked by a girl, but Fan Qi rescued Xiao Xiao, but Xiao Xiao only thought of Lin Shen. Fan Qi asked Xiao Xiao to call him Xiao Qi, but Lin Shen saw that they were chatting happily, so anxious that his eyes popped out. Xiao Xiao was naturally a little jealous when he saw Lin Shen chatting with others, but as soon as he turned his head, Lin Shen disappeared, and found that Sun Kele ran to chat with Zuo Yan.

Lin Shen received a courier, which contained a lawyer’s letter. Sun Kele and Zuo Yan were chatting at the beach together. He looked very nervous, and he carried coffee that could relieve tension with him. Zuo Yan received a WeChat message and responded with all her might. Lin Shen interrupted the conversation between Xiao Xiao and Fan Qi, saying that there was still work to be done. Fan Qi looked at the figure of the two leaving side by side with hatred in his eyes.

Lin Shen brought Xiao Xiao and Zuo Yan to a meeting. It turned out that Zuo Yan attacked Zhang Kexi by speaking on the company’s Weibo, and the other party sent a lawyer’s letter. Xiao Xiao hurriedly took out her phone and was a little dumbfounded when she saw Zuo Yan’s emotional words. Zuo Yan said that she forgot to cut the trumpet, but deleted it as soon as she found out. Soon Xiao Xiao received another message from Chai Qian, saying that a male guest tweeted about Zuo Yan on the Moments, saying that she was a once-in-a-century gangster.

In the screenshots of the chat, Zuo Yan’s words poked people’s lungs, which was completely different from the usual way. Some people lift the bar unconsciously. Zuo Yan knows that this is wrong, but she can’t control it. It may be even more dangerous. Xiao Xiao hopes to find a way to help Zuo Yan. The first thing is to find the reason for Zuo Yan. Zuo Yan is very aggressive on the Internet. What made her subconsciously wrap herself in front of acquaintances, and what triggered her reverse scale?

Zuo Yan apologized to Zhang Kexi in her own name, and Xiao Xiao asked Sun Kele to check Zuo Yan’s trumpet for herself, so as to open her heart. But soon Lin Shen found Zuo Yan’s trumpet, and sorted out the gangster quotes and sent them to Xiao Xiao. Xiao Xiao asked Lin Shen to help analyze the context behind these quotations.

Why did Zuo Yan use open bars to protect herself? Xiao Xiao found that imperative words such as “impossible”, “should”, and “must” make Zuo Yan open the bar, Zuo Yan found that they were analyzing herself, Lin Shen deliberately used keywords to speak to her, but Zuo Yan hoped They don’t pay too much attention to their own personal affairs, and they have an attitude they have never had before.

Shao Lin asked Lin Shen to help give money to Yu Yang, who is the company’s partner and Zuo Yan’s ex-boyfriend. Xiao Xiao accidentally saw Zuo Yan crying in the bathroom with Yu Yang’s wedding invitation, so the two went to the bar together after get off work.

As a girl friend, Xiao Xiao is very friendly and hopes to open Zuo Yan’s heart. Zuo Yan drank wine and complained to Xiao Xiao about her mother, and showed her a photo of herself and Yu Yang, but it was not a group photo, but a clip from the group photo of the college club. It turns out that Zuo Yan’s mother has always had a strong desire to control her, and her relationship with Yu Yang was also beaten by her mother.

Because Yu Yang is a junior college student, he has neither a good education nor a local household registration, so although Zuo Yan likes him very much, his mother still deletes his WeChat account. Zuo Yan was never allowed to have any negative emotions since she was a child. No matter how much Zuo Yan was dissatisfied with her mother, she could only endure it, because she was her own mother. In reality, she just escapes, but no one knows her on the Internet. Zuo Yan expresses herself casually, which can be regarded as a kind of vent.

Xiao Xiao asked Zuo Yan if she had ever thought about what would have happened to her and Yu Yang if she hadn’t been stopped by her mother? Xiao Xiao thinks that Zuo Yan’s feelings for Yang are a forbidden fruit effect, and the more she is banned, the more she can’t forget it. What Zuo Yan can’t let go of is not Yu Yang, but the love that was obstructed and missed. Zuo Yan agreed, Xiao Xiao helped her choose a glass of wine that meant breaking the bondage, and she was willing to accompany Zuo Yan to change little by little.

Lin Shen had been waiting for Xiao Xiao outside the bar, for fear that something would happen to her. Xiao Xiao and Zuo Yan had a good time drinking, she was drunk, Zuo Yan quickly handed Xiao Xiao into Lin Shen’s hands. Xiao Xiao took advantage of the wine to keep Lin Shen away from him, because he was very dangerous, Lin Shen had not yet reacted, and he had already embraced Xiao Xiao, who almost fell into the swimming pool, because of inertia, he gave an unexpected kiss.

The two hearts were already close, Xiao Xiao was still drunk and didn’t react at all, but Lin Shen was shy. As soon as Zuo Yan got home, her mother asked questions, and asked her to never come back after eleven o’clock in the future, and handed over a glass of vegetable juice as always. Even if Zuo Yan couldn’t drink it, she could only drink it, but her mother turned over her bag privately, and the string in Zuo Yan’s brain was tense again to the extreme, it turned out that nothing could be changed.

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