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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 3 Recap

A Xun specially took Su G to greet Bai Ying, and on the grounds of playing the Konghou to help the fun, he originally wanted the two to take the opportunity to get close, but Bai Ying refused and the plan failed. After Bai Ying screened back from the crowd, she walked to Kong Hou alone, feeling that she could hear Jing Huyue, the mother concubine’s favorite, after many years, and her flick of a song also attracted Su G to stop.

Because it was separated by a window, especially the blurred vision, Su G still didn’t know that the so-called Princess Kongsang was Bai Ying, whom he had met several times. However, Bai Ying recognized Su Gu, and was even puzzled by his entry into the tower. During the day, he asked Da Siming to understand the situation of his servants, and learned that except for Ayi and Yaoer, everyone else was from the Five Princes’ Mansion.

Bai Lin went to Qing Wangchen to complain. He thought that the two sisters would be able to reunite when the elder sister returned from studying martial arts, but now they are separated again. Because Bai Lin has been depressed recently, Qing Wangchen agreed to arrange for her to visit Bai Ying at the Mirror Tower, which shows how much she loves her.

Bai Ying wanted Su Gu to go down to the tower and regain her freedom, but unfortunately she had no right to decide whether he would stay or not, so she begged the chief minister to appoint a medical officer to treat the eye disease. It was hard to understand him. On the other hand, when Zhen Lan stayed in the tower for several days, it was really unbearable to be bored and bored, and he insisted on going down the tower despite the obstruction of the chief commander.

And Xijing, as the only person Zhen Lan knew in Jingcheng, became a tree hole for him to complain. At this time, Lan Wangjian hurried back to the camp and told Xijing truthfully that Qing Wangchen’s distribution of food and forage was unfair.

It would have been fine if no one had committed crimes in the past, but now the Cangliu Army is staring at him. If there is no food and grass, it means that there will be no future. Even Zhen Lan understands this truth. So seeing that Xijing was worried about food and grass, Zhen Lan made a ticket to handle the matter, and would definitely get supplies for them to respond.

Under Qing Wangchen’s arrangement, Bai Lin entered the tower to visit the eldest sister. While talking to her, he suddenly saw Su G passing by holding a bouquet of flowers. He was shocked that there were servants of merman in the tower. Bai Ying learned through her sister that Hongyuan was getting married today. She couldn’t hide her sadness. She sighed that she was born in the royal family and couldn’t help herself. Traces of Cangliu soldiers were found there.

After a short reunion, Bai Lin also got up to say goodbye and gave Bai Ying a good wine before leaving. Under the Mirror Tower, there was red makeup ten miles away from the Chiwang Mansion, the wedding car was the head, the guards opened the way, and the people of the city gathered around to watch, and Zhixiu was also in the crowd, his eyes fixed on the red kite behind the curtain, all the way to the palace.

That night, Bai Ying found that A Wan was very worried. After inquiring, she found out that Su Mi was inconvenient to move due to eye disease, and nearly fell out of the fence several times, and finally decided to privately seek medical treatment for her. At the same time, Shi Peng Ye entered the Qing Wang Mansion and secretly saw Qing Wang Chen exchanging information. This person is one of the five great wizards of Cangliu, who came for the marriage of Bai Ying and Zhen Lan. what he wants.

Su Gu knew that the Crown Princess treated her very well, but because of Qing Wangchen’s coercion, she had to do something against her intentions. She attracted Bai Ying and took the opportunity to invite her to appreciate the moon. Originally, Bai Ying had a good impression of Su Micun, and naturally she would not refuse. She helped him to the door, and for the first time truly appreciated the beauty of the bright moon.

Hearing Bai Ying’s sigh, Su Gu took out the leaves and gave them to Bai Ying, and she could see the flow of light overflowing through the leaves full of holes, as if seeing the waves under the moon, she was shocked. Su G thought of her younger brother Arno, so she took the initiative to mention her sad past.

At the same time, she also knew that the Crown Princess had a similar experience with herself, and was suddenly moved and hesitant, not sure whether she really wanted to hurt the woman next to her. Su G felt a little guilty and uncomfortable, so she asked Bai Ying to go back to her room and stay alone for a while. Just as she was about to turn around and leave, she accidentally picked up her purse that she had left behind.

Zhen Lan sued Qing Wangchen in the hall, publicly accusing him of enriching his own pockets. Seeing that the enemy army would continue to act in this way, it was obvious that he wanted the frontline soldiers to die in vain. Qing Wangchen disapproved of this, and he just found a reason to fight back. Zhenlan angrily ran away, and King Chengguang warned Qing Wangchen to be careful and do what he just said as soon as possible.

In the following days, Su G changed the dressing for his eyes every day, and at the same time felt a little familiar with the purse. It was not until he regained his eyesight that he discovered the identity of the owner of the purse. Bai Ying was so drunk under the tree that she was not very conscious. Su G took the opportunity to step forward to confirm. Before she could react from the shock, Bai Ying slowly opened her eyes and got up to tease her drunk.

Because Bai Ying drank too much and didn’t recognize Su Gu at all, this also eased his panic a little. Bai Ying stared at the snow cherry tree in a daze, telling about her past, and looking forward to the day when it bloomed. In the second half of the night, Su Gu sent the unconscious Bai Ying back to her room to rest.

Xijing finds out that Shi Peng will return to the camp in Yanye night, and wants to lead the forward soldiers to attack the Cangliu Army at night. Lan Wangjian arrives after hearing the news, intends to help him, and the two groups of men make preparations.

After a night of fighting, Xijing begged to see King Chengguang to report the military situation to no avail. After he left, Qingwangchen came out of the palace and instructed the guard to pass it on. Xijing was not allowed to step into the mirror tower gate, otherwise he would be killed without mercy.

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