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Perfect Couple 完美伴侣 Episode 14 Recap

When Sun Lei heard the news of Chen Shan’s pregnancy, he was suddenly stunned. Chen Shan wanted to keep this child and a company for Sun Yuantian. Sun Lei was worried that Chen Shan’s body would not be able to bear it, and they did not have the energy to take care of the child. Shan felt that Sun Lei had changed.

Not only was he unhappy, but he also found so many excuses. Chen Shan pulled out the photos of Wu Min left in his mobile phone and questioned that Sun Lei did not put all his thoughts at home. Sun Lei repeatedly explained him On the order of Chen Shan, he went to help Wu Min, and promised to keep a distance from Wu Min in the future.

Wu Min had nowhere to go, so she called her sister Wu You overnight for help. Wu You was not in Shanghai, but she had a house in Shanghai, so Wu Min had to temporarily live in Wu You’s house. Lin Qingkun worked hard to iron Lin Jing’s dress. He sent a message to Chen Shan to find out that Sun Lei was at home, which made him feel at ease. Chen Shan asked Wu Min’s physical condition by the way. At the same time, Wu Min sent a message asking Sun Lei to take care of Lin Jing tomorrow. Sun Lei asked her for help, and Wu Min concealed her running away from home.

Sun Lei and Chen Shan share a bed with different dreams. They can’t sleep. Sun Lei tells Chen Shan his grievances. He also wants to work hard, but because the child and the family can only give up, Sun Lei persuades Chen Shan to think about it. This child, Chen Shan got angry and ignored him. Lin Jing called Lin Qingkun up early in the morning.

Lin Qingkun found that it was too late, so he hurriedly packed up and sent Lin Jing to school, and suddenly received a lawyer’s letter from Xiaotangwan Company demanding compensation. Sister Jin received a call for help from Wu Min early in the morning. She prepared breakfast and brought it to Lin Qingkun and Lin Jing. By the way, she told Wu Min that she had set up a trustee class. I hope Lin Qingkun would not misunderstand. Lin Qingkun was in a hurry to send Lin Jing to school. Say hello to Mrs. Jin and leave.

Chen Shan took the initiative to ask Sun Yuantiao to go to school, but Sun Lei was worried and followed them. Chen Shan and Lin Qingkun happened to meet at the school gate. Lin Qingkun drove her to work, and Sun Lei saw this scene from a distance. At this moment, Wu Min sent her address to Sun Lei, Sun Lei called Chen Shan and asked her to find time to persuade Wu Min to help the couple reconcile as soon as possible, and also told Chen Shan to pay attention to her health, Lin Qingkun Hearing the call between Sun Lei and Chen Shan, I learned that Chen Shan was pregnant. I didn’t expect that Chen Shan was so busy every day that she even wanted to get pregnant and have a child.

Lin Qingkun asked Chen Shan for Wu Min’s address, and Chen Shan persuaded him to have a good talk with Wu Min, but he had to admit that Wu Min could not be at home. As soon as Chen Shan arrived at the company, she received a call from Sun Lei. Sun Lei told her thousands of times. Li Yu overheard this and suspected that Chen Shan was pregnant, so she sent a candid photo of Lin Qingkun and Chen Shan at the hotel room door to Sun. Lei, Sun Lei felt very uncomfortable after reading it. He forwarded the photo to Wu Min, who was even more disheartened when Wu Min saw this.

Lin Qingkun suddenly came to Wu Min and apologized to her again and again. Wu Min didn’t buy it at all, so Lin Qingkun had to move out of Lin Jing to talk about the matter, and Wu Min immediately softened. Han Dongshuo also found out that Chen Shan was pregnant, so he hurriedly came to announce the good news to Li Yu. Li Yu knew Chen Shan’s personality well, and she would never quit the competition easily. Li Yu asked Han Dongshuo to find out the backup surveillance video.

Wu You suddenly came home. As soon as she entered the door, she scolded Lin Qingkun with her head and face covered. Wu Min hurriedly stood up to help Lin Qingkun, and then went back to the house to pack up. Wu You threatened to warn Lin Qingkun before she was willing to let Wu Min leave. Lin Qingkun hired Xiao Liu, a senior domestic helper, and Wu Min strongly protested that she was used to doing housework by herself and didn’t like having an outsider at home. Lin Qingkun repeatedly emphasized that Xiao Liu had a teacher’s qualification certificate and could also help Wu Min run a custody class.

Lin Qingkun brought two bottles of wine to thank Sister Jin, and by the way completed the rental procedures for the house. Sister Jin learned that Lin Qingkun was an investment bank and consulted him about the process of listing the company.

Lin Qingkun gave her a lot of pertinent suggestions. The elder sister opened the hair plug. She was very grateful to Lin Qingkun and let Lin Qingkun taste the sauce she made. Lin Qingkun was full of praise for her craftsmanship. Chen Shan went to the hospital for an obstetric examination and was very happy to learn that the child was developing well.

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