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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 12 Recap

Wu Shiyi found a wig and a throw pillow in a trash can not far from the restaurant, apparently it had nothing to do with the pregnant woman. After the police arrived at the scene, the evidence collection was completed, but there was still no way to prove Wu Shiyi’s innocence. The Marquis didn’t understand what kind of evidence this was, let alone how Wu Shiyi thought of rummaging through the trash can. Wu Shiyi had a strong sense of investigation, so it wasn’t surprising to think of this.

Wu Shiyi wanted to go back to the company for investigation because she was complained, and Qian Qian would bring a new person to replace her. The Marquis scolded him all the way. Why did he have to give him one when he didn’t want someone, and then he had to change someone after he finally got used to it. It’s not fair!

Mary was wearing Fang Lu’s necklace and admired herself. Fang Lu on the other side of the phone was still foolishly worried that the Marquis would ignore her, so Mary hung up the phone with a few perfunctory words. Mary lives in a residential building not far from the restaurant and wears that necklace to show off. Wu Shiyi, who was framed by them, had no choice but to leave the Marquis’s house.

Sister Zhang refused to let go of her suitcase, and was reluctant to let her go. The Marquis gave Wu Eleven a figurine that he liked very much, and there was a lot of discomfort in his eyes. Zhou Quan became the Marquis’s new bodyguard, Qian Qian glared at the Marquis from beginning to end, and the Marquis apologized embarrassedly, saying that he would definitely return Wu Shiyi’s innocence.

Wu Shiyi shook hands slightly and said goodbye formally, without any words or grievances, which made the Marquis feel very uncomfortable. Qian Qian was really angry, why did Fang Lu treat Wu Shiyi like this? Wu Shiyi guessed that it might be because she heard Fang Lu calling at the bridal shop. After all, it was someone’s privacy, and she didn’t tell the Marquis. It’s a pity that Fang Lu doesn’t know the Marquis. He hates playing tricks behind his back the most.

Sister Zhang grieved Wu Shiyi before Zhou Quan, and she didn’t like Fang Lu, the Marquis’s girlfriend, and even had a bad attitude towards him. Wu Shiyi carefully recalled the situation at that time, and thought that the fake pregnant woman was very good.

It would be a matter of time to prove her innocence, but how to prove that this was a game set up by Fang Lu would be more troublesome. There were no surveillance probes on that side street, and finding someone was a needle in a haystack. Zhou Quan said that if Wu Shiyi wanted to use his performance as a sparring coach during this period, he would be the one to fight against. Sister Zhang was so anxious that she could not wait to call the company leaders immediately. The Marquis was also a little worried and planned to go to the company to meet their leaders.

Affecting the company’s reputation is a taboo in the industry. President Zhao believes in Wu Shiyi, but the company stipulates that he must be banned from taking a step outside the company compound. Only after the investigation results are cleared, he can resume his job. During this period, Wu Shiyi could only do sparring in Qian Qian’s class, and was thrown to the ground again and again. The marquis hoped that Wu Shiyi would resume work immediately. He believed that Wu Shiyi was fine, and the person who reported the case was not his girlfriend.

Mr. Zhao said that he could only resume work after the investigation results came out. The Marquis was speechless for a while, and when he left, he saw Wu Shiyi doing sparring, and his emotions gradually became complicated. Until Hai Xing and Wu Shiyi sparred, the marquis couldn’t bear to rush over and beat Hai Xing to the ground. After being stopped by Qian Qian, he pointed to everyone emotionally and said, “You can’t hit her!” After the marquis left, Qian Qian saw through everything, and he felt sorry for Wu Shiyi.

The Marquis and Hai Xing drank and talked about what happened by the way. Today, seeing Wu Shiyi being thrown to the ground one by one, he felt distressed. After thinking about it, the Marquis decided to go to work as well, and sat there to see who would dare to attack Wu Shi! The Marquis said what was in his heart through the wine, and Hai Xing felt more and more that something was wrong. The appearance of his sinking was definitely not an ordinary feeling. Zhou Quan looked at the sad look of the Marquis, and quickly sent a message to Wu Shiyi, and Hai Xing secretly took a photo and sent it to her. The drunk Marquis was sent home by Zhou Quan, and Sister Zhang sighed weakly seeing him.

When Hou Zhirong learned about Wu Shiyi’s affairs, he wanted to terminate the contract, but the Marquis was not happy. After all, they did nothing wrong. Hou Zhirong admitted that Wu Shiyi was a very good bodyguard, and the crime of stealing on her back would have an impact on her life. They knew who was at fault in their hearts, and it wasn’t to blame Fang Lu, the Marquis’s internet celebrity girlfriend. In order to let Wu Shiyi come back, the marquis quickly explained that Fang Lu was not his girlfriend, and the wedding dress was just recording a show with her.

Hou Zhirong breathed a sigh of relief, but whether to let Wu Shiyi come back also requires the results of the investigation. The Marquis arranged a new desk for Zhou Quan, and moved his work station to Wu Shiyi’s original place. Everyone in the design department looked at the two of them with puzzled expressions, and there was some humor in the strangeness. The Marquis noticed those eyes and could only go back to the office in a dejected manner.

Zhang Yingnan met Uncle Li when he was watching a movie. He also came to see the movie alone and took Zhang Yingnan with him. After watching the movie, Uncle Li went to the bathroom. Zhang Yingnan met Wu Tianyi who was working as a doll in the mall. Uncle Li saw Zhang Yingnan wipe the sweat of Wu Tianyi from afar, and left first with a wink. Wu Tianyi asked Zhang Yingnan whether she was here on a date, but Zhang Yingnan was too lazy to pay attention, even if she was here, it had nothing to do with him. When the marquis went to sign up, the defendant’s quota was already full, and he had to let the starfish retire on top of him.

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