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Win The Future 输赢 Episode 10 Recap

Luo Jia explained to Du Heng that he could only speak from the company’s standpoint at the press conference. Du Heng showed her a third-party appraisal report: Jieke’s equipment memory overflowed, and Jieke was the biggest party responsible for the accident. However, the reason for the memory overflow was not stated in the report.

He asked a third-party appraisal agency, and the other party said that the report could only go to this stage due to pressure. Luo Jia hoped that Du Heng would not show this report to Zhou Rui first. She needed time to figure out the source of the pressure from the third-party organization, otherwise she would not be able to make it through from the perspective of fair competition. Du Heng agreed to give Luo Jia one day.

Mr. Liu came to the company and notified Du Heng to stop the loss in time. Du Heng explained that skipping the internal test phase is inherently risky, and he will bear the responsibility this time.

Luo Jia returned to the company and asked Liu Bo if they could self-check the cause of the memory overflow. Liu Bo wondered that this was done by a third-party organization. They did not need to do the self-check. Luo Jia arranged for Liu Bo to do the self-check immediately. She came to report to Lin Zong. At the same time, he asked Liu Bo for the phone number and address of the person responsible for the third-party appraisal.

Zhou Rui asked Du Heng for a third-party appraisal result. Du Heng told him that the result was not what he wanted to see. Zhou Rui already understood that before leaving, Du Heng reminded him to start estimating the compensation.

Luo Jia approached Feng Yan, the person in charge of the third-party system appraisal, and asked if they could re-appraise the appraisal result if they disagree with the appraisal result. Feng Yan wondered that this result was exactly what they wanted, so why did he do it again? Luo Jia knew the answer.

Xiao Yun’s boyfriend heard that their company was going to lay off employees and suggested that Xiao Yun go to work in their rental company, but Xiao Yun dismissed it. After her boyfriend analyzed the responsibility and determined that the compensation would be astronomical, Xiao Yun felt that she was pregnant and the arbitration could not be done to her.

Liu Bo knew that the submission of his self-examination report meant that his job and reputation were gone, but he couldn’t live without paying his conscience, and Luo Jia told him that he was too.

At lunch, Xiao Yun told Xie Yi that the accident report should have come out, and Xie Yi immediately asked Fang Wei for the news. Fang Wei asked Zhou Rui if they were responsible this time, could Jieke afford it? Zhou Rui told him that ten Jieke couldn’t afford to pay. Fang Wei begged Zhou Rui to let himself into the sales department before the company was destroyed. worth.

Luo Jia handed Liu Bo’s self-examination report to Du Heng. Du Heng reminded her that this report would lead to Huikang’s responsibility. Luo Jia knew this very well, but she would be ignorant of her conscience if she didn’t pay her. Du Heng lamented the cooperation between Huike and Jieke. It was the wrong decision he had ever made, and Luo Jia hoped that she could make the most correct decision this time.

Lin Zhenwei couldn’t get in touch with Luo Jia and was furious, and cast all the fire on Liu Bo. Liu Bo said that the data did not tell lies, he obeyed the company’s decision, and Lin Zhenwei fired Liu Bo immediately.

Zhou Rui packed the bedding and left the O&T computer room. Du Heng asked him to go downstairs to eat the roadside stall. He was surprised that Zhou Rui was not in a hurry. Zhou Rui believed in Du Heng’s judgment. Chen Mingkai called at this time and asked Zhou Rui to immediately return to the company to accept questions from the board of directors, which was related to O&T’s compensation issue.

On the board of directors, Zhou Rui was willing to pay for the accident with two years of performance. He did not oppose the company’s acquisition, but he believed that it was not now. Because of the funding gap and the low valuation of the company, the money returned to shareholders must be Less.

Wei Yan strongly opposes it. He believes that only when competition becomes a win-win cooperation is a good thing. Chen Mingkai pointed out that for shareholders, acquisition is nothing more than realizing their shares, but they must not forget the original intention of investing in the company, as well as the company’s employees. Shareholders can’t hold tears of compassion in their eyes when refuting capital. Chen Mingkai reminds them that their money is blood and sweat.

Money, if you sell it at a loss today, you will never get it back. Zhou Rui hopes that the directors will be patient. When the sales department can do the performance, the company’s valuation will be high. Even if it sells, they will not listen to others, but they obviously can’t listen. He asks the marketing department to immediately come up with a plan for layoffs. Zhou Rui is angry. He patted the table and said that as long as Jieke was in a day, none of the employees in the sales department could be laid off.

Seeing Zhou Rui’s expression from the board of directors, everyone had guessed eight or nine points, so they went to the office one by one to express their merits to Zhou Rui and explain the reasons why they could not be fired. Zhou Rui couldn’t laugh or cry, and Fang Wei came over to report that Cao’s equipment had just returned. Zhou Rui quickly called Luo Jia, but couldn’t get in touch.

At this time, Luo Jia drove to the suburbs alone to relax. She received a voice message from Lin Zhenwei and asked her why Fast’s goods were returned without her own approval. Which one did she have? Later, it was said that someone had blocked the knife for her, so let’s not take it as an example! Luo Jia turned off the phone after listening.

Jieke started layoffs on a large scale. Fang Wei watched the laid-off personnel lining up to go through the resignation procedures, and he didn’t know where to go.

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