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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 20 Recap

Wu Liuding and Jian Shi Cuihua were eating in the yard, and suddenly noticed that there was a stranger around him, and the person was no one else. It was Zhao Kai who specially invited to deal with Xu Fengnian’s hermit Wang Mingyin, who was also the world’s eleventh master of the world. This man’s martial arts should not be underestimated. Although he is bare-handed, he can still use his internal force to destroy Wu Liuding’s bamboo pole.

Until Wang Mingyin stopped and lamented that it was rare for the Wu family to have two prodigies in succession. Zhao Kai, who had just stood at the door to fight, saw the situation and presented the box with the eyes of Wang Mingyang, the famous Western Chu general, who was Wang Mingyin’s elder brother, the real reason why he rushed to Qingzhou alone.

When Wang Mingyang was in danger, he became the guard of Xiangfan County and rejected Xu Xiao’s 100,000 soldiers. Xu Xiao attacked the city and Wang Mingyang defended the city for three years. This offensive and defensive battle allowed Wang Mingyang to win the title of first defender, and even Xu Xiao and others admired it.

Because of the selfless enmity of the national war, Wang Mingyang knows the way, so he made an oath that the Xu family will not enter Xiangfan again for the rest of their lives, otherwise they will be killed to comfort the many souls of Western Chu. Originally, Wang Mingyangzhi was not in the arena, but even farther away from the world, returning to the mountain village, guarding his wife and children for happiness. Now, for his dead brother, for the vow he made, he resolutely chose to go out of the mountain.

Wu Liuding believed that Xu Fengnian had many masters around him, and it would be difficult for him to take his life. Zhao Kai said that he was fully prepared and showed him and Wang Mingyin the red armor of the ambush. In addition, King Jing’an will also dispatch cavalry to participate in the encirclement and suppression. All helpless.

Xu Feng’s year is expected to determine the dangers of tomorrow, but he seems to be relatively calm and fearless. He even took the blue bird to wander around the city. However, in a nearby pavilion, he accidentally encountered Wen Hua. A wooden sword, sitting there with the sky as the pillow, the snoring thunderous.

The reunion of former friends was naturally a pleasant surprise. Wen Hua looked at Xu Fengnian’s luxurious attire with a strange expression on his face. He still refuses to believe that he is a child of the Northern Star family. Xu Fengnian asked the blue bird to prepare some food and wine, and stayed in the pavilion with Wen Hua for a long time. When he mentioned the old yellow, he sighed.

Wen Hua is very open about this, after all, the floating clouds are the world, and some people will leave when they come. After he was full with a meal that was rare in the past two or three years, he finally burped comfortably, and then went to the grass with Xu Fengnian to relieve him, and the blue bird had to retreat first when he saw it.

After a brief meeting, it was not surprising that it was the time of parting. Wen Hua came to chase the girl he liked, but it is still unknown whether he could catch his hand or not. Wen Hua decided to go to the border of Beimang, but Xu Fengnian, considering the chaos on the border, told him to be careful and wish him an early return from practicing swordsmanship.

Wei Shuyang is studying the remaining armor fragments of Fu Jiang’s red armor, and if he wants to deal with this group of ancient armor soldiers, he may be able to find a way. Xu Fengnian knew that tomorrow’s fierce battle could not be avoided, so when he saw Lu Qiantang, he wanted to remind the other party that he could leave Qingzhou without following himself.

However, Lu Qiantang felt extremely complicated when he heard Xu Fengnian’s words. The Xu family, who was dubbed a national thief by the whole world, was the good man who saved the entire Lin family, including Xu Fengnian himself. Lu Qiantang kills the country thief for his loyalty, and saves the Lin family for kindness and righteousness. He is so loyal and righteous. At this moment, he will not make an act of fleeing, but promises to protect Xu Fengnian for the rest of his life.

After Yu Youwei left Xiangfan, others chose to stay, including Jiang Ni. She stated that even if Xu Fengnian was going to die, she had to die in her own hands. Li Chungang alone took Xu Fengnian to talk elsewhere, preparing to send him out of Qingzhou, but Xu Fengnian couldn’t bear everyone dying for him and gave up the opportunity to escape.

Li Chungang saw Xu Fengnian’s determination and simply taught him how to use his internal strength to better exert his limits. Under Li Chungang’s guidance, Xu Fengnian made rapid progress and realized many valuable experiences.

Early the next morning, Xu Fengnian took Li Chungang and others to the Reed Dang, while he sat on the roof of the carriage and waited patiently. Unexpectedly, King Jing’an hadn’t been on the road, and there was only a carriage carrying Pei Nanwei to the agreed place. Zhao Kai and the others had been ambushed not far away, watching Ning Emei lead the soldiers from far to near.

Since King Jing’an’s cavalry had not appeared for a long time, Wang Mingyin was a little impatient and decided to do it first. When Ning Emei was counting the number of people, he found that three soldiers were missing. On the other hand, Xu Fengnian took over the letterhead handed over by Pei Nanwei on his behalf, which contained only the four words “Send my nephew thousands of miles.”

Pei Nanwei returned the bracelet and was about to leave, but was suddenly grabbed by Xu Fengnian. At the same time, Wu Liuding and Wang Mingyin launched an action. Zhao Kai ordered Fu Jiang Hongjia to distract the soldiers of Fengziying camp, and let Wang Mingyin take the opportunity to take advantage of Xu Fengnian’s few people around.

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