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BBC World News History and Information

BBC World News History and Information

BBC World News (Formerly known as BBC World) is the BBC ‘s international news channel. It is the most watched of all BBC channels. Debut as Television World Service of the BBC (BBC World Service Television) since 1991 (later renamed BBC World (BBC World) in the year 1995 ) by broadcast news, documentaries usage patterns. life and interviews twenty four hours The main competitor of this channel is CNN International and will also have to compete with other news stations, BBC World News. It is the most watched news channel, ahead of CNN, and is also one of the most watched channels in the world.

The channels are broadcast by Red Bee Media from the main station at The Broadcast Center, part of BBC Media Village and part of BBC White City at White City in west London. It has a broadcast room from the BBC Television Center in the same area. BBC World News has a separate newsroom from the BBC News newsroom. This news room broadcasts from 5am to 12:30am (UK time) every Monday. to Friday and from 6am to 12:30am on Saturdays and Sundays. From 1:00am to 5:00pm, transmissions are sent from the UK broadcast room or BBC News.

Although the BBC World News broadcast room produces images in a 16:9 aspect ratio SDTV format, which is the same as BBC News, BBC World News is broadcast in 4:3 aspect ratio, resulting in the picture being converted to an aspect ratio of 14: 9 For both digital and analog broadcasts This causes the displayed image to have black bars on the top and bottom of the image. Until 2009, the image transmission system was adjusted to the 16:9 aspect ratio exactly.

BBC World News was awarded Best International News Channel at The Association for International Broadcasting Awards in November 2006.

In April 2008, the channel was renamed “BBC World News” from the original BBC World as part of a £550,000 rebranding of the BBC image, giving the channel a new look, a new color scheme, BBC News. also said Transmissions will move from Studio N9 to N8, which used to be the BBC News Channel transmission room.

On 14 January 2013, BBC World News moved its operations from the BBC Television Center in White City, west London, to the Broadcasting House in central London, with Nik Gowing being the last news anchor to read the news. from the original delivery room The first anchor to read the news from the new delivery room was George Alagiah at GMT.

In Thailand, this program can be viewed via True Visions Channel 785 in digital satellite dish and digital fiber cable. (standard definition) and numbers 174 and 780 only in digital fiber cable (High definition system) and can watch this channel through PSI Channel 156 and can watch this channel through GMM SAT In the C-Band satellite dish system, it can also be viewed via the C-Band satellite dish (black dish) using Intelsat 19 satellites at the position 166.0 degrees east, frequency 3900 H 30000 2/3 using a receiver. (Receiver) that supports PowerVU (High Definition) decoding and frequency 3940 H 27690 7/8 Use a receiver that supports PowerVU+ (Standard Definition) decoding.


This list was launched in a BBC World Service Television, launched on March 11 in 1991.

BBC World was launched in 1995 by dividing BBC World Service Television into two: BBC Prime – a subscription-based entertainment channel. and free broadcasting channels to watch BBC World.

Over the past 11 years, the channel has changed its image. Since the year 1995- 1997 channels are used to graphically display the names of the channels.

The BBC has changed again in 2016. 1997 made the channel change its image again. The new image was computer generated and developed by The Lambie-Nairn Design Agency.

The biggest change for BBC News came in 1999. Both UK and global channels adopted a red and cream color scheme. and has started to use the music of the channel called “Drums and Beeps” composed by David Lowe

In 2003 and 2004 there has been a change of graphics channels again. but not as much as in AD 1999 and the company’s slogan was changed in year. Late 2004, from “Demand a Broader View” to “Putting News First”.


Most of the BBC World News is broadcast free to watch. This channel is broadcast all over the world. Although this channel is not officially broadcast in the UK. And it can still be viewed if the satellite dish is pointed at Astra 1, Hot Bird and Thor. In countries around the world, satellite and cable channels are broadcast.

BBC World News can also be viewed on the website of Dong-a Ilbo , a Korean newspaper. But it can’t be viewed all over the world. (as in the US effective from October 2007).

Broadcast programs

  • BBC World News
  • GMT
  • Impact
  • Global
  • Outside Source
  • Newsday
  • BBC World News America
  • Focua on Africa
  • BBC News with Katty and Christian
  • World News Today
  • The Briefing

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