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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 2 Recap

After three rounds of wine, it was the sunset. Xu Fengnian was so drunk that he was already unconscious. Xu Longxiang had a close relationship with his elder brother, so he picked him up and walked slowly towards Lingzhou City. The royal family soldiers followed behind him, and he had long been accustomed to it. All the maids in the house surrounded Xu Fengnian, waiting for her with all her heart, and after a lot of freshening up, she returned to her former noble aura.

It is rare for Lao Huang to take a leisurely time, returning to his small courtyard where he had been away for three years, and taking off an altar of aging, very happy. Suddenly, when someone came to the window, Huang immediately hid the wine in his arms. Although he did not look back, he knew the identity of the other party. Xu Xiao, the king of Beixing, allowed Lao Huang to accompany his son on a trip, which is enough to show the trust in him. Now he returned from the trip and expressed his gratitude through the window.

In a blink of an eye, the sky gradually darkened, and the lavish and luxuriant courtyard of the world’s sons was undoubtedly the most luxurious in the palace. At this time, Xu Fengnian was still asleep, but was assassinated by his maid Jiang Ni. In the past, Jiang Ni didn’t succeed, and this time it was no exception. Xu Fengnian laughed instead of anger. Hearing Xu Xiao’s voice outside the door, she immediately let her hide in the bed.

Although Xu Xiao killed people on the battlefield and had a reputation for brutality, which made everyone fearful, he was the only one who spoiled Xu Fengnian. Even if Xu Fengnian picked up the guy to chase after him, Xu Xiao always dodges while expressing concern, and apologizes with a calm face. In the room, the father and son staged a chasing battle with endless curses. The butlers and servants guarding outside the room all tacitly put their hands in their sleeves and looked up at the sky as if they were inaudible.

Until Xu Longxiang woke up leisurely, the father and son stopped immediately, their eyes looking at Xu Longxiang softened, and they acted like a father and son filial piety in front of him. After Xu Longxiang left, the atmosphere changed from just a moment ago to seriousness. Xu Fengnian thought of something, so he decided to see the leader of Xi Chu.

Xu Xiao agreed happily, glanced at the ginger mud hidden under the bed calmly, and did not dismantle it on the spot. He turned around and waited for his son to freshen up and change his clothes. On the way to the prison, Xu Xiao took the initiative to mention Jiang Ni. After all, the princess of Chu in the past has become a maidservant today. She bears the hatred of the country and the family, and it is difficult to guarantee her loyalty.

Xu Fengnian had never doubted Jiang Ni. More doubts came from the remnants of the Western Chu who had always preferred to die than surrender during the assassination yesterday, unexpectedly letting go. Combining various doubts, coupled with the panic displayed by the leader, Xu Fengnian concluded that there was an inner ghost in the Northern Star Army.

The leader was shocked when he heard the words. He never expected that Xu Fengnian, an unlearned and skillless prince, was actually hidden from view. So after tonight, Xu Fengnian is still a dad who spends time and drinks, wandering in Wenrou Township.

Xu Xiao hoped that Xu Fengnian would accept Bei Meng, but unfortunately he had no intention of this. He even wanted to find Lao Huang Yi to think about sweetness and taste rough tea and rice the night before his identity was restored. How did you know that Lao Huang was stealing pork in the room, and the Xu family and his son stepped forward to share food and share, with a “happiness and harmony” warmth.

After Xu Xiao left, Lao Huang took the initiative to tell the truth, expressing his hope that Xu Fengnian’s martial arts practice is to save his life, and it has nothing to do with the request of the family owner, but also wants him to understand everyone’s good intentions.

Early the next morning, Xu Fengnian asked Lao Huang and Xu Longxiang to go fishing in the lake, planning to let Jiang Ni go with him. Seeing Jiang Ni lying soundly asleep on the bed, Xu Fengnian couldn’t help laughing, and took the money box away from her in order to threaten her to be obedient.

On the other side, Lao Huang and Xu Longxiang waited sleepily. The white-clothed man was invited to be among them, without any mood to appreciate the scenery, but frequently looked at the Tingchao Pavilion nearby. There are many maids around Xu Fengnian, all of whom are outstanding, which are in line with his lustful temperament. Compared with the lonely and cold blue bird, the Maid Sweet Potato was more enthusiastic and talkative, and she saw through the white-clothed daughter’s body.

But for a long time, Xu Fengnian wandered to the lake and asked the name of the person in white, only to find out that she was named Nangong Pushe, who came from the family of Nangong in Beimang, but wanted to go to Liyang to learn martial arts. As early as when Liyang first settled the world, the rangers swarmed across the rivers and lakes and established sects, threatening the rule of the dynasty.

The old emperor ordered Xu Xiao to lead Beizhu Iron on horseback riding in the rivers and lakes. Xu Xiao also collected the world martial arts secrets and hid them in the Tingchao Pavilion. As a result, the Beifang King’s Mansion’s listening to the Chao Pavilion has become a place for warriors all over the world. In addition, there is an important person in the Beiliang King’s Mansion, Xu Fengnian’s master, and Xu Xiao’s most trusted military advisor, Li Yishan.

A small Tingchao Pavilion hides the opportunity to pass through the world. Nangong Pushe hopes Xu Fengnian will fulfill her promise and let her enter the Tingchao Pavilion. However, Xu Fengnian played a rogue and only allowed Nangong servant to watch and read for an hour, and then asked her what she thought of the assassination.

There are six righteous sons under Xu Xiao’s command. Because Xu Fengnian was still investigating and needed to conquer the front and hide his clumsiness, she had to ask Nangong servant to shoot herself as a guard for a few days. After the matter was over, she could enter and leave the Tingchao Pavilion at will.

Nangong Pushe felt reasonable and readily agreed. At this time, a sturdy and powerful general rushed to see him, and saw this man kneeling in Xu Fengnian’s arms with his flesh-like body. It was not someone else who came here, but one of the six righteous sons of the king of Beifang. One, one tiger, two bears and three dogs, the eagle dog “Chu Lushan”.

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