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To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 Episode 28 Recap

Curry never accepts female students. Xiao Qing applied online. After watching her video, Curry decided to make an exception and let her participate in the selection. Xiao Qing walked onto the ice rink in full view. At the same time, Shen Zhengyi and Cui Enjing were seated on the ice rink. At the start of the game, Shen Zhengyi tried his best to skating forward.

Cui Enjing was calm and calm. She and Shen Zhengyi chased after me, not giving way to each other, Shen Zheng gradually gradually Without stamina behind, Zhu Lele and others squeezed a sweat for Shen Zheng and cheered for her together. Shen Zhengyi felt an unprecedented sense of suffocation. Her speed gradually slowed down, and Cui Enjing took the lead without any effort. .

Zhuang Yue reminded Shen Zhengyi not to panic and slide at his own pace. Shen Zhengyi forced himself to calm down and complete the game step by step. Cui Enjing reminded Zhuang Yue not to let the Zhuangfeng team lose face in the Asian Cup. Xiao Qing danced gracefully on the ice, jumping out perfectly for three and a half weeks. Everyone present was dumbfounded. Curry couldn’t help standing up and applauding for her. Shao Beisheng had never seen Xiao Qing practice for three and a half weeks, she actually did it. It has to be so perfect.

After careful consideration, Curry finally chose Xiao Qing. Shao Beisheng was unwilling to give up. He came to Curry to ask Ming why. Curry was very satisfied with him, but he was more optimistic about Xiao Qing, and Shao Beisheng was speechless. Xiao Qing followed out and said sorry to Shao Beisheng, who claimed to be inferior in skill.

Shen Zhengyi hid in the locker room and watched the reporter’s interview with Zhuang Yue. She was very upset and felt that she was too far apart from Cui Enjing. Zhuang Yue kindly persuaded her. Shen Zhengyi wanted to have the same speed as Cui Enjingfei. Zhuang Yue firmly believed She can do it, as long as she keeps moving towards the goal, Shen Zhengyi suddenly has confidence.

Shao Beisheng regretted losing the election. He couldn’t figure out where he was. Coach Ma analyzed that Curry chose Xiao Qing because he didn’t see Shao Beisheng’s potential. Today’s performance is already his ceiling, but Xiao Qing slipped out. After the women’s singles players were hard to reach for three and a half weeks, Shao Beisheng was only slightly relieved.

Both Shen Zhengyi and Shao Beisheng have experienced failures. The two of them cherish each other, encourage each other, and cheer for each other. Shen Zhengyi vowed to catch up with Cui Enjing in the Asian Cup. Shao Beisheng said on the spot to train well and make a blockbuster in the Asian Cup. Li regretted his choice, and Shen Zhengyi cheered for him. Shao Beisheng took the opportunity to leaned on Shen Zhengyi’s shoulder and acted coquettishly for comfort.

Zhuang Yue and Xiao Han analyzed Cui Enjing’s strengths and weaknesses together, and compared Shen Zhengyi with her one by one. Cui Enjing is now in a bottleneck period. Zhuang Yue knows that it is difficult for her to break through. As long as Shen Zhengyi does tactical training, It is possible to defeat Cui Enjing. Xiao Han feels that Shen Zhengyi’s explosive power is very good, but his endurance is not good. She wants Shen Zhengyi to practice stamina.

Zhuang Yue firmly disagrees, worrying that heavy training will cause damage to Shen Zhengyi. She thinks that as long as she fights Good cooperation, Shen Zhengyi is sure of winning the championship, Xiao Han wants Shen Zhengyi to assist Luo Xiaoyi, but he can’t say it.

Zhuang Yue bought two large bags of snacks and sent them to Shao Beisheng. He pointed out that one of them was given to Shen Zhengyi and reminded Shao Beisheng and Shen Zhengyi to get along well. Xiao Han wanted Shen Zheng to lead first, so as to consume Cui Enjing’s physical strength. Luo Xiaoyi prepared for the final sprint. Luo Xiaoyi naturally couldn’t ask for it, but Zhuang Yue disagreed. Luo Xiaoyi was very angry. This was the last time she participated in the Asian Cup.

Xiao Qing packed up and prepared to follow Curry to Russia. Xiao Han came to see her off, persuading her to forget the unhappiness in the past and cherish this rare opportunity to train well. Xiao Qing wanted to know why he chose Shen Zhengyi. Xiao Han admitted Shen Zheng He had the explosiveness and impetus he wanted, but in order to make his promise to Luo Xiaofeng, he had to support Luo Xiaoyi to win the championship, which made him very entangled.

Xiao Qinglai bid farewell to Coach Ma and thanked Coach Ma for inviting her back, but now she wants to live up to Coach Ma’s training and leave the Zhuangfeng team. Coach Ma gave her a log since she joined the team as a souvenir, which recorded Xiao in detail. Qing has witnessed her sweat and hard work every day in Zhufeng Team. She was moved with tears in her eyes. Coach Ma encouraged her to study hard and achieve good results.

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