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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 34 Recap

It’s as simple as the Marlene Company, when the creditor came to collect the debt. The people in the debt collection company were very rude. He picked up the “Resurrection” and burned it. In a simple anger, he took the book and smashed him. After coming out of the police station, I simply apologized that I just learned about the Marlene Company. Marlene said coldly that he did not need cheap comfort.

Mr. Yan originally planned to promote Chunsheng, but he did not expect Agent Huang to come and say that SK Group will not cooperate with Zhicheng. There is no comment for the reason. When he returned home, Chunsheng learned that Xiaoting was the cause of the incident, and quarreled with Xiaoting in front of his mother. He said that he could win SK without relying on the Zhuo family.

Marlene intends to replace the company’s equity with Lao Cao, but he only offered him 60% of the conditions. Knowing that Lao Cao was in danger, Marlene only asked for the protection of employees’ interests, and agreed to everything else. After Lao Cao proposed the equity swap, he wanted to integrate the physical bookstores and let Marlene run this section, but Marlene refused.

Wanrou told Xiaoting that she would immigrate out of the country in a while and would never return. Xiaoting asked her whether she was willing to give up Marlene for so many years? Wanrou felt distressed that Xiaoting forgave Chunsheng again and again, but was injured again and again. She has now seen Marlene clearly, but Xiaoting still can’t see Feng Chunsheng. She hopes that Xiaoting will not be hurt again after she leaves.

After returning to the company, Lin Wanrou proposed to Marlene to step down as Xusheng’s CEO. Because the company was in trouble, she could not shirk the blame. Marlene sighed that she should be left behind because of reason, but the company is now a sunken ship. Let Wanrou sink down with her. Wanrou said affectionately that if Marlene let herself stay, she would stay. Seeing that Marlene was silent, Wanrou said bluntly that he still wanted to let himself go because she was gone. Even if it was difficult for Marlene, she would at least be able to get rid of it. The burden of your own emotions.

Qingqian had already finished the meal, but Luo Nana called Xingran and said that he had made appointments with a few curators for dinner. Xingran wanted to come and meet them immediately. Xingran wanted to accompany Qingqian to eat before going out. Qing Qian advised him to focus on work. In fact, there is no curator at all. It’s just that Luo Nana wants to make an appointment with Xingran. She hopes that Xingran will make a decision as soon as possible. Xingran admits that it is difficult to leave Qingqian because she is pulling her out of her life trajectory, if she leaves.

Qing Qian will be hit hard. Luo Nana thought that Xing Ran’s enthusiasm for Qing Qian had disappeared, but he didn’t want to admit that only when they were together could the two love each other. She hoped that Xing Ran would no longer struggle in vain. From a distance, Qing Qian saw this scene outside the window. She returned home with tears and waited for Star Burn. After the drunken Star Burn returned home, Qing Qian begged Qing Qian not to leave her.

Feng’s mother asked Xiaoting to help Chunsheng return to Zhuoyuan. Xiaoting confessed that Chunsheng could not go back. Feng mother was angry that she knew that Chunsheng would not be able to return, so she did so to kill Chunsheng. Xiaoting kept talking about the child’s surname. On the Feng family’s side, she has principles in life and never regrets what she has done.

Lin Wanrou criticized Xiaoting for going to extremes in this matter. Before, she had no bottom line to help Chunsheng, but now her father is just being a good friend and can still benefit from this matter. Xiaoting is too decisive. Xiaoting doesn’t think she is wrong, Wanrou sighs that the two of them have reached the same goal by different paths. If one day she does something more excessive than Xiaoting, I hope Xiaoting will also support herself, because wronging herself for men is the least worthwhile in the world Thing. When Xiaoting heard that she would not have her wedding anniversary anymore.

When Chunsheng came home, he realized that his mother had already gone downstairs, so he hurried over and sent her mother to the station. In the evening, Xiaoting said that she didn’t want her mother-in-law to leave, and that Chunsheng could live in the study as much as possible, so she didn’t have to be sneaky. In the evening, Chunsheng contacted Zhu Di, the manager of SK’s public relations department, and learned that she had arrived in Beijing, and immediately met for dinner.

When she simply went to the second-hand bookstore, she saw that Malevin had already sold the bookstore. She hoped to face him with Malevin. Although Malevin said that his age is not a necessity, she felt that everything was too late. Mariev said that the company’s debt problem has been resolved, and the company will soon be his own. He has already reserved the pension funds and arranged for Mu Jia. Now there is nothing wrong with disarming and returning to the field. You don’t need to simply face yourself. A person who even buys a cemetery does not need feelings at all.

Although Malevin didn’t appreciate it and refused to be simple, but Jian went around for him. In order to get the money as soon as possible, she bought out the filmed textbook drama to the partner.

Feng Chunsheng made an appointment with Judy for dinner at night. After he told Judy about the situation, he hoped that she could help him contact Huang’s boss. He learned that Huang’s boss was the chairman. Chunsheng thought it was completely useless. Thinking of accidentally knowing that Judy is the daughter of the chairman of SK.

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