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To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 Episode 25 Recap

Shen Zhengyi accompanied Shao Beisheng in training. Shao Beisheng completed the four-round jump perfectly. Shen Zhengyi applauded her. She firmly believed that Shao Beisheng could pass Curry’s selection. Shao Beisheng wanted to go to Russia to study with Curry, but he was reluctant to separate from Sun Zhongyi. Shen Zhengyi Promise to miss him, Shao Beisheng couldn’t help but embrace Shen Zhengyi. That night, Shao Beisheng and Shen Zhengyi sent messages to greet each other, and the two of them had endless love stories.

Shen Zheng came to the gym early in the morning and overheard Liu Sisi and his parents calling. The parents had already bought tickets for the Lingyun Cup. They hoped that Liu Sisi could win the championship. Liu Sisi didn’t want to disappoint his parents, and advised them not to have too much hope, Shen Zheng Yi was very unhappy in her heart. She apologized to Liu Sisi. Shen Zhengyi wanted to use this champion to pay tribute to her mother and make up for her mother’s regrets. And this is her last competition, and she doesn’t want to leave any regrets for her speed skating career.

Today Shen Zhengyi participated in the college students Lingyun Cup preliminaries. Wang Limin was fidgeting and walking around in the room. Shen Jiacheng sat at the table and kept sliding the drawing board. They both hoped that Shen Zhengyi could slip into the finals, but they didn’t feel worried. At the end, we can only wait patiently.

Xiao Han suddenly called Shen Jiacheng and announced to them the good news that Shen Zheng had entered the finals. The couple cheered happily. Shen Zhengyi was willing to assist Liu Sisi. Liu Sisi qualified first in the group and Shen Zhengyi won second place. Luo Xiaoyi did not make the final due to a mistake. She put all the blame on Zhu Lele and complained that she didn’t know how to cooperate.

Liu Sisi and Shen Zheng couldn’t listen, but they stood up one after another to relieve Zhu Lele. Luo Xiaoyi was even more angry, mocking them, and insisting that they were not qualified to compete with Yu Bingling. Xiao Han couldn’t find Luo Xiaoyi everywhere, and couldn’t get through her phone. Xiao Han was anxious. Finally, he saw Luo Xiaoyi sitting in a daze on a chair in the square. He hurried over to comfort her. Luo Xiaoyi spread all his anger on him. Body.

Today is the day of the Lingyun Cup finals. Wang Limin and Shen Jiacheng came to the gym early. Due to the traffic jam caused by the large number of spectators, Wang Limin got off the car and walked to a place far away from the gymnasium, asking Shen Jiacheng to find a place to park. Shao Beisheng wanted to participate in the Curry selection and couldn’t be there to cheer for Shen Zhengyi. He apologized to Shen Zhengyi, and Shen Zhengyi didn’t care.

As soon as Wang Limin entered the arena, he saw Shen Zhengyi and Liu Sisi. Zhuang Yue cheered on them. Wang Limin only saw a familiar figure. She just wanted to identify it carefully. Xiao Han suddenly called Zhuang Yue away. Shen Jiacheng and Zhu Lele rushed afterwards. Come, call Wang Limin to the stand of the Wind-Zhufeng team.

Zhuang Yue insisted on staying and cheering for Shen Zhengyi and Liu Sisi. Xiao Han had to say that Shen Zhengyi’s mother was Wang Limin. Zhuang Yue was stunned. The unforgettable scene flashed before him. She and Wang Limin were teammates. Wang Limin was seriously injured and retired from the game when they collided during the 1500-meter speed skating competition.

The athletes are in their respective positions. Yu Bingling, Liu Sisi and Shen Zheng are all gearing up to achieve good results in the finals. Liu Sisi’s parents cheered loudly, and Shen Zheng immediately decided to assist Li Sasa.

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