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Lie to Love 良言写意 Episode 16 Recap

The employees of the company felt that Li Zeliang and Shi Chuchu were more suitable. Some employees also told Shi Chuchu about the results of the vote. Everyone supported Shi Chuchu. Although Shi Chuchu had no expression on the surface, he was very happy in his mind, and then called the hotel. Call them to open a bottle of the best red wine to wait for her and Li Zeliang.

Su freehand went to Xie Minghao to discuss the cause of death of the old president Li. Huo Jian was the most important person. Xie Minghao promised Su freehand would help to deal with it, but he wanted to have a meal with Su freehand and Su Shuqing. Xie Minghao’s concern was called Su freehand very much. I am moved. It is best to have my sister and brother-in-law by my side.

Originally, Shi Chuchu asked Li Zeliang to go out for dinner in the name of his father, but it was strange that Li Zeliang did not see his uncle after attending. However, Shi Chuchu told Li Zeliang that this time she asked Li Zeliang to go out. The main purpose was To confess to him. It was for him to learn musical instruments at the beginning, but later Li Zeliang chose to go to the mountaineering club. Shi Chuchu has always been fond of Li Zeliang, no matter whether he is willing to take over, he has to give an account of his love.

Su Xiayi kept thinking about what Li Zeliang and Shi Chuchu were doing at home, but the cure for Li Zeliang depends on him consciously when he goes back. At this moment, Ji Yingsong knocked on the door to find Li Zeliang, but he turned around and left when he was not at home. This is called Su Freehand and Ji Yingsong is very strange.

Li Zeliang told Shi Chuchu that he had never believed in love at first sight before, but his heart had been completely stolen from the mountaineering encounter with Su Xinyi. Maybe one day Shi Chuchu would also meet the right person. Shi Chuchu knew that Li Zeliang had rejected herself, but that was also her favorite. No matter what the result was now, it didn’t matter. After all, no one knew the result until the last moment. Shi Chuchu would continue to like Li Zeliang.

Oscar asked Li Zeliang to tell him that he had been investigating the whereabouts of Spider-Man, and now he has contacted him, and all the information can be matched. Oscar called Liu Awei’s phone number to Li Zeliang directly, but Liu Awei asked Li Zeliang to come here alone to find him. Li Zeliang drove to find Liu Awei Oscar a little worried, but that was the clue that Li Zeliang had been looking for would never be easily lost.

Liu Awei asked Li Zeliang to go to a deserted parking lot, and the fake Liu Awei had already designed a trap for Li Zeliang. Oscar felt that Li Zeliang might be in danger and went to check the situation. At this moment, he saw several people standing behind Li Zeliang about to sneak attack. Oscar hurriedly told Li Zeliang to be careful, and the iron rod had fallen. After Yi Fei received the news that their plan had been successful, Li Zeliang’s leg was completely scrapped.

Su Xieyi and Shi Chuchu both received a call saying that Li Zeliang had gone home to recover from his injuries, and Yi Fei also got the news and told Huo Jian. After that, everyone rushed to Li Zeliang’s house to check the situation. Huo Jian also hypocritically wanted to find out. As a result, Dr. Wu was treating Li Zeliang, and Li Zeliang in front of him was wrapped in bandages like a mummy, but Huo Jian still didn’t believe it.

Unexpectedly, the bandage at the beginning was really wounded, but when I saw that it was really wounded, I had to go back to the company to deal with the matter. Shi Chuchu chased out and asked whether Huo Jianli Zeliang’s injury was related to him. Huo Jian naturally would not admit it. It is speculated that someone outside the auction might have done it. If he finds the murderer, he will never be merciless.

After Huo Jian immediately, Su freehand guarded Li Zeliang and was very worried. They had agreed to deal with Huo Jian together, but now they are lying in bed unconscious. Ji Yingsong went in and asked Li Zeliang to get up. The fire saw that he had already left, but Yi Fei was still there, so Li Zeliang got up. Su Xinyi and Shi Chuchu were very surprised, so Li Zeliang told them that he knew that Liu Awei was a fake.

Yes, because Ji Yingsong had said that Liu Awei was already very weak and it was impossible to find him, so Li Zeliang had a plan to make Huo Jian fooled. Oscar told Shi Chuchu to wrap all the bandages around her body to pretend to be Li Zeliang, and the real Li Zeliang wanted to go out to find the real Liu Awei, but Su Xieyi and Li Zeliang both pretended to be Oscar and Shi Chuchu to go out, so as to deceive Yi Fei’s eyeliner.

Su Yiyi wanted to buy a phone to make an appointment to have dinner together, because Xie Minghao was very angry and told Su Xinyi to teach Li Zeliang the phone, so Xie Minghao told Li Zeliang not to ask Su Xinyi to take risks, no Because Su freehand knew that Li Zeliang rescued Shen Zhihong from a leg injury. Maybe she had been out of the business a long time ago, and she would never be in danger. After Li Zeliang heard that he wanted to buy one, he thought it made sense, and he would not ask Su Xinyi to continue to take risks, so he promised Xie Minghao would tell Su Xinyi to leave.

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