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Lie to Love 良言写意 Episode 14 Recap

Li Zeliang knew that Su had freely mortgaged the bracelet to the pawnshop to redeem it. He didn’t expect Xie Minghao to negotiate with the boss one step in advance to add money to redeem it. Unexpectedly, the two of the 200 yuan bracelet rushed to redeem it. When the dispute was over, Su Freehand also went there and told them not to fight, and her bracelet would be redeemed by herself.

When I look back, I blamed the two for actually bidding for 40,000 yuan. It really didn’t seem to be the work of two elites. Xie Minghao told Su Freehand to go back first. He wanted to discuss things with Su Freehand. After Su Freehand left, Xie Minghao told Li Zeliang that Su Freehand would be very dangerous now.

Chen Hengsheng was doing a ghost in front of the scene, but there was a pusher behind the scenes. If you continue to follow Li Zeliang Su Freehand There is no safety at all. Li Zeliang also felt that it would be dangerous for Su Xieyi to continue to follow him, but he would personally pick her up after everything subsided.

Su Xinyi received a call from Dr. Zhu and learned that her sister Su Shuqing was going to be discharged from the hospital, so Xie Minghao also went to her and said that she would take Su Shuqing to a foreign country for treatment and ask Su Xinyi to follow along. But Su Xinyi believed that now they already knew that Huo Jianhui’s knowledge was bankrupt, and everything would be in vain if he left at the most critical time.

Xie Minghao told Su Freehand that Huo Jian had seen her identity a long time ago, and it would be dangerous if she continued to stay, so he recorded the conversation between himself and Chen Hengsheng to Su Freehand. Xie Minghao told Su Xieyi that if she stayed, it would bring danger to Li Zeliang, and that he would not necessarily leave Auman to deal with Huo Jian. He was willing to help continue investigating Huo Jian.

Su Yiyi was afraid that Li Zeliang would eliminate the danger because of himself, and promised Xie Minghao would leave, but before leaving, he would go to see Shi Chuchu. Su Xinyi wanted to find out how Li Zeliang’s leg injury could be cured, and Shi Chuchu also persuaded Su Xinyi to leave Auman, otherwise it would bring danger to Li Zeliang. If you really love Li Zeliang, don’t possess him but make a good choice for him. .

After Su Freehand went home, Li Zeliang had already prepared the food and waited for her to go back to eat. Li Zeliang asked Su Freehand to leave. After all, it was Su Freehand that Huo Jian had to deal with, and he would not act on him at the moment.

So the two chose to separate reluctantly. Li Zeliang told Su Xinyi that they had agreed to meet two years ago, and if it weren’t for the immediate incident, they would have to go back to her. It’s the same now. After dealing with Auman’s affairs, he must Will go to her. The two watched their favorite romantic movies together. The touching storyline on the screen called Su Xinyi and wept.

After watching it over and over, Li Zeliang stayed with Su Xinyi all night until dawn and Su Xinyi cuddled up. Li Zeliang fell asleep in his arms. He put his beloved Su freehand on the bed and went to the living room to lie down. Su freehand got up and packed up and saluteed and watched Li Zeliang leave reluctantly, and Li Zeliang also got up and watched Su Freehand’s car drifting away downstairs.

Huo Jian asked Yi Fei to arrange the hotel’s artwork. If Li Zeliang smuggled it without authorization, he would be fully responsible. Originally, Li Zeliang wanted to overthrow Huo Jian, but he didn’t expect to be tricked by him. Both Yi Fei and Huo Jian thought they had the chance to win.

When Xie Minghao took Su freehand to the airport, he received a call from Dr. Zhu. He learned that Su Shaoqing is now recovering well, and hoped that they would settle abroad in the future and live with the same three people as before.

After talking about Xie Minghao, he went out to buy milk tea for Su Freehand. At this moment, Su Freehand received a call from Li Zeliang’s attending doctor, saying that Li Zeliang is a good man. The leg injury was caused by an iron stabbing infection two years ago when he was rescued. Yes, Su Xinyi realized that Li Zeliang was stabbed by iron in his leg two years ago for Shen Zhihong to jump off the building, because the rain at that time caused the infection to be unable to recover.

Su Xinyi put down the phone and rushed back, and wanted to buy someone who looked at him and thought he was discouraged. He knew that his beloved Su Xinyi had been snatched away by Li Zeliang, and he would never go back to the happy days before.

Huo Jian told Li Zeliang which step he had to take first had already seen it, but Li Zeliang also told Huo Jian that he already knew the steps, so Li Zeliang called Huo Jian to a room. The secret smuggling of artworks mentioned by Huo Jian before appeared there, and what Huo Jian got was false news. This was a surprise to Huo Jian.

Li Zeliang told his uncle what Mr. Li gave Huo Jian back then, and those artworks were purchased by Huo Jian privately with public funds, and now they have all been discovered by Li Zeliang. Perhaps President Li’s death has nothing to do with Huo Jian.

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