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To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 Episode 16 Recap

Shao Beisheng felt a lot of pressure when he saw Li Miyuan complete the difficult moves of four and a half weeks, but he firmly believed that he could win the next solo skating competition, and Shen Zhengyi was happy for him. Suddenly, Shao Beisheng saw that his teammates in the team competition were injured during the training of the first flight. Coach Ma was unable to do so. Shao Beisheng offered to take over for the first flight. Coach Ma resolutely refused to allow him to make a perfect appearance after the transition.

The members of the flying team were triumphant when they learned that the members of the Zhanfeng team were injured on the first voyage. They were triumphant and claimed to have won without much effort. Shao Beisheng was unconvinced and wanted to take a showdown with them. They were ridiculed by the opposing teammates.

Teammates Encouraging Shao Beisheng to play, and Shao Beisheng was immediately full of confidence. Shen Zhengyi learned that Shao Beisheng was going to play on the bench and cheered him on. Xiao Qing called to stop Shao Beisheng and persuaded him not to fight unprepared battles, but Shao Beisheng just couldn’t swallow this breath.

Shao Beisheng came to Li Mi for help all night and asked Li Mi to help him choose the accompaniment music. Shao Beisheng was not satisfied. Xiao Qing carefully selected a few songs and sent them over. Shen Zheng thought of the theme song of “The Wind Chaser”, and Shao Beisheng was very satisfied. . Early the next morning, Li Mi and Shen Zhengyi accompanied Shao Beisheng to practice on the ice rink. Li Mi patiently helped Shao Beisheng to guide the movements and skills during the take-off. Yu Bingling called Li Mi away, and Shen Zhengyi took a video of Shao Beisheng’s practice and sent it to him. Zhuang Yue.

When Shao Beisheng and Shen Zheng went to eat, they overheard Wang Jun and two other teammates of the Zhanfeng team complaining in the bathroom. They all thought that Shao Beisheng’s skills were not enough, and worried that he would drag everyone back. Bucket, ignoring Shen Zhengyi’s persuasion, went away. Shen Zheng picked up the competition suit and sew it back, but she didn’t know how to stitch at all. She couldn’t sew well even after working for a long time, and she even punctured her hands and bleeds. Zhuang Yue suddenly came to Shen Zhengyi. She recognized that it was Shao Beisheng’s clothes and sewed the clothes stitch by stitch.

The game is about to start. Wang Jun and the other two team members changed their clothes early. They sat down in the locker room. Coach Ma came to the locker room to cheer them up. He limped on the voyage and rushed to the court. He insisted on bringing his injuries to the court. It’s okay to earn a basic point for the wind team, coach Ma firmly disagrees. Shao Beisheng plucked up the courage to knock on Shen Zhengyi’s room and repeatedly apologized to her. Shen Zhengyi encouraged him to continue participating in the team competition. Shao Beisheng had already thought about it. He wanted to go to the trash can to retrieve his clothes. After coming out, Shao Beisheng went to the competition with confidence.

Shao Beisheng wants to take over from Yihang to participate in the team competition. Coach Ma still doesn’t let go. Shao Beisheng would rather be embarrassed on the court than to ruin the sports career of Yihang. Coach Ma reluctantly agreed. Shao Beisheng and his teammates came to the game, and it was Shao Beisheng’s turn to play. Li Mi and his teammates cheered for him.

The theme song of “The Wind Chaser” sounded, Shao Beisheng made a wonderful appearance, and there was thunderous applause. Shao Beisheng couldn’t stand for the first time when he took off. He slid out of the runway. Come on, Shao Beisheng stood up bravely, completed the takeoff perfectly for three and a half weeks, and won the championship for the wind team. Zhuang Yue was excited with tears in his eyes.

After the game, the teammates of the Zhufeng team held a celebration banquet. Shen Zhengyi accompanied Shao Beisheng to participate. The teammates advised Shao Beisheng to have a drink. After a kiss, Shao Beisheng picked up the glass and drank it. Xiao Qing felt sad when he saw the photo of Shao Beisheng in the circle of friends blocking the wine for Shen Zheng. Shao Beisheng was so drunk that he was so drunk that Shen Zheng tried his best to drag him back.

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