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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 34 Recap

When Ruyi was about to get married, Shuyan was the saddest person, but he didn’t say anything, just outside Ruyi’s house, when Zeng Baoqin saw it, he didn’t express his thoughts. Xiaolan Xie Zeng Baoqin gave her the idea last time, and now Ren Fu no longer beats her mother, but Xiaolan has scruples, so she wants to not marry forever like Shen Cuixi. Although Zeng Baoqin did not oppose her idea, he did not support it either.

After Zeng Baoqin’s persuasion, Xiaolan changed her mind and stopped worrying about what hadn’t happened yet. Ren’s tapestry technique is now widely known. The tapestry patterns of other families are the same as those of Qingyuefang, and the price is two dollars cheaper, so many customers buy it elsewhere. The gate of Qingyuefang is not good, and the business is very bad.

Zeng Baoqin was very worried. She wanted to talk to Ren Xuetang about the matter, but in the end she carried it all by herself. The next day, the weavers heard the rumors from nowhere, thinking that the Ren family would default on their wages, so a large group of people ran to Ren Rufeng and Shu Fang to ask for their wages. When she was helpless, Zeng Baoqin came forward and sat down.

She took out a few silver bills and instructed Ren Rufeng to pay the weavers on time tomorrow, and instead spoke to these weavers. The weavers are gone, but what they said is not unreasonable. Now the Ren family is not headed by Shen Cuixi, they are also worried, so they will do so. Ren Rufeng told Ren Xuetang of his worries, and the latter told him not to worry, but to believe that Zeng Baoqin spent a lot of time in introducing new tricks.

After Ruyi married Weng Jin, another girl named Jixiang served Zeng Baoqin. Zeng Baoqin can see that Jixiang likes calligraphy and inkstone. Unlike Ruyi’s maverick, Jixiang is a person who is suitable for calligraphy and inkstone. Zeng Baoqin began to develop new patterns, and Shen Cuixi gave her great courage, and she would try to catch up with Shen Cuixi.

Cao Wenbin was about to take poisonous rouge to harm Yao Niang, but Madam Cao tried to stop it but couldn’t stop it. Cao Wenbin overthrew her to the ground and scolded her for forgetting the sage books she had read. Governor Wu invited Shen Cuixi to take action to win the title of No. 1 Kesi in Suzhou, and Shen Cuixi promised to live up to his trust. Aunt Fu was entrusted by Shen Cuixi, she told Madam Cao that Shen Cuixi was going to the capital to participate in the competition, also to save Yaoniang.

Zeng Baoqin showed Ren Xuetang the pattern he designed, and Ren Xuetang was pleasantly surprised. When she heard that she was going to participate in the art competition, Ren Xuetang supported herself. Cao Wenbin decided to kill Yaoniang tomorrow, and then returned to the countryside with Mrs. Cao. Unexpectedly, Mrs. Cao had been poisoned in the wine long ago, and she and Cao Wenbin both died on the ship.

The next day, Aunt Fu hurriedly took Mrs. Cao’s absolute letter to find Shen Cuixi. Mrs. Cao left her last words and asked Shen Cuixi to take good care of Yaoniang. Ren Xuetang prepared a word map for Zeng Baoqin, who was preparing to go to Beijing to participate in the competition. It is very difficult to use the word map, but if it is done well, it is also very good. Zeng Baoqin jokingly asked about Ren Xuetang, she and Shen Cuixi participated in the art competition together, who would win.

Ren Xuetang didn’t know what to say for a while, Zeng Baoqin laughed. She said she was joking. Cao Yaoniang has given up on herself and decided to pick up guests on the fifteenth of next month. But she still complained about the injustice of fate. When she looked at her face in the mirror, she asked angrily why, and then knocked the mirror off. Shen Cuixi came to the courtyard to look for her, and Cao Yaoniang opened the door and saw that it was her. She was a little surprised.

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