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Haruka Shimazaki, Misato Ugaki, Ayaka Konno silently eat udon “Silence Girl” notice

The drama “Silence Girl” starring Haruka Shimazaki, Misato Ugaki, and Ayaka Konno has been decided to be distributed. Udon-loving girls have become a gourmet drama about famous restaurants.

“Silence Girl” is a “gourmet drama” about six famous restaurants in and around Tokyo, where udon-loving girls such as Chika Nakanishi, who plays Shimazaki, Rin Takita, who plays Ugaki, and Yuki Sudo, who plays Konno, seek a blissful cup. One person will be the main character in each episode, and a special guest will appear every time. After each broadcast, a spin-off to enjoy another menu of the store will also be released.

Forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life and face udon silently. Udon-loving girls seek a cup of bliss, and the gourmet tally drama “Silence Girl”, which goes around famous udon restaurants, will be exclusively distributed on the video distribution service “Hikari TV” from December 3 (Friday). bottom. For the girls who like udon, Haruka Shimazaki, a former AKB48 actress, Misato Ugaki, a freelance announcer, and Ayaka Konno, a model and actress, will appear.

Three people who usually have no eyes on udon appear as the main character, one per episode. Encounter udon that you have always wanted to eat and enjoy its deliciousness. No need to talk, concentrate on the cup in front of you, soak in udon for 30 minutes.

In the notice released on YouTube, the monologue that raises expectations for the udon that the three people will eat from now on, and the facial expression of eating udon silently as the title of “Silence Girl” is cut off by removing the mask that was worn until then.

Six famous udon-loving restaurants that exist in Tokyo and its suburbs have appeared under their real names. You can enjoy watching which shops are picked up every time. In addition, special guests who color the drama also appear every time. The drama “Silence Girl” will be exclusively provided on the video distribution service “Hikari TV” from 22:30 every Friday from December 3rd (Friday). After the broadcast, we will also offer a spin-off to enjoy another menu of the same store every time.

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