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To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 Episode 9 Recap

Zhuang Yue called the auxiliary player Zhou Luhan to talk. Zhou Luhan was already discouraged. She felt that she had no future. She would stay in the team to continue training under the pressure of her parents. Otherwise, she would have given up long ago. Zhuang Yue believes that Zhou Luhan’s aptitude Very good, only when she was disappointed with the Zhanfeng team, she broke the can. Zhou Luhan was said to be the central issue, and tears shed aggrievedly in her eyes.

Zhuang Yue encouraged Zhou Luhan to cheer up and give herself a chance not to miss this school-level trial. Zhou Luhan was deeply touched by Zhuang Yue’s remarks. Before leaving, she bowed to Zhuang Yue to express her gratitude. After the training, Xiao Qing asked Shao Beisheng to drink juice, and Shao Beisheng sent her downstairs to the dormitory. Along the way, Shao Beisheng told a lot of interesting stories about the short track team members, and Xiao Qing was amused.

Zhuang Yue asked Xiao Han to inform Luo Xiaoyi to come to participate in the interscholastic selection tomorrow, otherwise she would automatically abstain. As soon as Shen Zheng returned to the dormitory after training, she accidentally heard that the wishing pool in front of the Department of Biology was very good, so she went to the convenience store to exchange a lot of coins, Shao Beisheng also came to the convenience store to buy snacks, and accompanied Shen Zheng to make a wish.

Shen Zhengyi hopes that she can pass the selection tomorrow, but she tried many times and couldn’t put the coin in. Shao Beisheng’s wish is that Shen Zhengyi can pass the selection smoothly. He hits him with one strike, and Shen Zheng is alive and well. gratitude.

Early the next morning, Shao Beisheng waited at the entrance of the gymnasium early, and prepared a winning cake for Shen Zhengyi. Shen Zhengyi was enthusiastic in his heart. Zhuang Yue and Xiao Han came to the ice rink early, and only Shen Zheng came to participate. Director Zhang rushed to persuade Zhuang Yue to bow his head to the players, and Zhuang Yue resolutely refused to do it. The new and old players came one after another, Liu Sisi was late, and only Luo Xiaoyi was not there. Zhuang Yue promised to handle the matter properly, and Director Zhang cheered the players.

The trials are conducted in groups, each group of five people, and finally the top five with the fastest speed to participate in the interscholastic competition. Shen Zhengyi was placed in the first group. She was calm and calm, and sprinted through the corners at the end. At that time, Shen Zhengyi used all his best to surpass the others and became the first in the group. At the end of the competition, Liu Sisi was selected as the first place. This was the last time she participated in the Lingyun Cup. She secretly vowed to go all out and not leave any regrets to herself.

New players Shen Zhengyi, Zhu Lele and Fang Nan were all successfully selected. Zhou Luhan was disappointed. Zhuang Yue encouraged the five selected players to achieve good results. Shen Zhengyi was very happy, she and Xiao Han high-five applauded, Shao Beisheng saw this scene from a distance, and his heart was sour. Xiao Han pleaded for Luo Xiaoyi, but Zhuang Yue didn’t buy it. Xiao Han had to explain the matter to Luo Xiaoyi. Luo Xiaoyi felt that the person selected by Zhuang Yue was not good, and wanted to see her jokes.

Shao Beisheng and Xiao Qing went to train together, and saw Zhu Lele and Shen Zhengyi come back happily. Zhu Lele couldn’t wait to tell Shao Beisheng about their selection, and asked Shao Beisheng to tell Shen Zhengyi. Shao Beisheng gave Shen Zhengyi a hand. Congratulations, Shen Zhengyi agreed to a treat tonight and let Shao Beisheng bring Qu Zhi to celebrate.

Shao Beisheng and Xiao Qing started training. What linger in Xiao Qing’s mind is the scene in which Shao Beisheng is holding Shen Zhengyi tightly. She starts to lose focus. Coach Ma repeatedly reminds her to concentrate, but she is absent-minded and makes mistakes repeatedly. , Coach Ma was very angry. Xiao Qing forced herself to calm down and continue training, but she couldn’t control her emotions.

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