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To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 Episode 7 Recap

Shao Beisheng kept telling Shen Zhengyi to pay attention to his safety. He would be the first to find him in the future. He also reminded Shen Zhengyi to stay away from Xiao Han. Shen Zhengyi agreed to his life-saving grace one by one. Shao Beisheng repeatedly emphasized that. It was just a matter of lifting that Shen Zheng was not allowed to have any wrong thoughts about him. Shao Beisheng accidentally told him that he was giving Shen Zhengyi artificial respiration. Shen Zheng gritted his teeth with anger, and her first kiss was so unclear to Shao Beisheng.

Qu Zhi wanted to watch the musical “Two Elephants”, but he could not get the tickets. He asked the classmates of the drama club for help. The classmates were in a hurry to fail the exam and were not in the mood to grab the tickets for him. Qu Zhi had to go to Shao Beisheng. For help. That night, Shen Zhengyi had a dream. In the dream, she and Shao Beisheng were pair skating partners. The two cooperated tacitly and danced on the ice. In the end, Shao Beisheng couldn’t help but want to kiss Shen Zhengyi, and Shen Zhengyi woke up from the dream. .

Zhu Lele and Xiao Qing found that Shen Zhengyi’s face was flushed, and they thought she had a fever again, and asked her warmly, but Shen Zhengyi didn’t dare to say clearly. Shen Zhengyi and Zhu Lele ate together. Zhu Lele called Shao Beisheng to sit together. Shao Beisheng was worried about not being able to get the tickets for the musical. Shen Zhengyi had not dared to look at Shao Beisheng. He was so embarrassed that he blushed.

Shao Beisheng guessed Shen. Fighting for the reason for the blushing, couldn’t help laughing. Zhu Lele felt that there was something wrong between the two of them, so she questioned Shen Zheng. Shen Zhengyi could admit that Shao Beisheng was his lifesaver. She just didn’t want to owe Shao Beisheng the favor. Zhu Lele suggested that she grab Shao Beisheng tickets for the musical, Shen Zhengyi Initiate all the good friends to grab together, but the result is still nothing.

Zhu Lele came to the drama club for a meeting. Qu Zhi and three other classmates held a banner to welcome her. The drama club wanted to make a new drama and let Zhu Lele perform an impromptu performance. Zhu Lele read it aloud according to the script. Qu Zhi inspired her to perform emotionally, Zhu Lele She uttered the lines hoarsely, she acted in a mess, she couldn’t bear to look straight, but she didn’t dare to offend Zhu Lele, so she immediately decided to rehearse the pantomime.

Shao Beisheng grabs tickets whenever he has time, but he takes a step slower every time. Xiao Qing asks curiously and realizes that Shao Beisheng helps Quzhi to grab tickets. Without eating or drinking, Shen Zheng stayed in front of the computer without sleep and finally grabbed the ticket for the musical. She cheered happily and gave it to Shao Beisheng as soon as possible. Shao Beisheng was so excited that he forwarded it to Qu Zhi on the spot, and Shen Zheng turned around in anger and left.

Shen Zheng vomited bitterness to Zhu Lele when he returned to the dormitory. Zhu Lele was very dissatisfied with Shao Beisheng’s approach. Shen Zhengyi was distressed that he spent 1,000 yuan on the ticket, but Zhu Lele was unhappy, so he went to ask Shao Beisheng to ask his guilt. Xiao Qing suspected that Shen Zhengyi and Shao Beisheng were not really lovers. Shen Zheng defended it in a hundred ways. Xiao Qing said to his face that Shao Beisheng was robbing the ticket for the sake of straightforwardness. Shen Zhengyi had no knowledge of this.

Shen Zhengyi could admit that she and Shao Beisheng were Pretending to be a couple and signing a contract in advance, Xiao Qing promised to help her conceal the matter and revealed a secret to Shen Zhengyi. She has a special liking for Shao Beisheng. This time she returned to China for Shao Beisheng. Shen Zheng was shocked. .

As soon as Zhu Lele met, he smashed Shao Beisheng. Shao Beisheng learned that Shen Zheng had spent a lot of effort to get the ticket, but he transferred it to Qu Zhi. Shao Beisheng was dumbfounded. He asked Qu Zhi for tickets for the musical. money. Shao Beisheng came downstairs in the dormitory to wait for Shen Zhengyi and returned the ticket money to her. Shen Zheng was overwhelmed. Shao Beisheng asked Shen Zhengyi to play on the trampoline and win the figure he liked. Even if he repaid his life-saving grace, Shen Zhengyi was pleased. Go.

Shao Beisheng tried his best to throw Shen Zhengyi against the wall, and Shen Zhengyi was firmly glued to the highest point. They achieved the best results. Shao Beisheng got his favorite figure as he wished, and put Shen Zhengyi on the wall of glory. The photo of the mouth is given to her as a souvenir. Qu Zhi asked Zhu Lele to act as a pig. Zhu Lele was strongly dissatisfied and insisted on acting alone. Qu Zhi fully agreed and offered Zhu Lele as a model for sketching.

Zhu Lele brought Qu Zhi to the studio. Qu Zhi realized that she was going to draw a human body sketch. He turned around and wanted to leave. Zhu Lele threatened and intimidated him. Qu Zhi bit his scalp and took off his clothes. He didn’t expect Zhu Lele to paint his hands. Qu Zhi put his hands in a shape. Zhu Lele didn’t allow him to move. Qu Zhi remained in a pose for a long time. Before Zhu Lele finished painting, he was so tired that his hands were shaking, and he dared not let it go.

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