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The Psychologist 女心理师 Episode 7 Recap

Xiaowen was grasped by Qian Kaiyi and threw the knife out. Xiaowen fell to the ground and saw Qian Kaiyi protecting He Dun, grabbing anything around him that could smash people and throwing it at He Dun, yelling why everyone should bully himself, let’s talk, Xiao Wen He picked up the knife again, planning to cut his wrist.

When He Dun saw this, he immediately asked Xiaowen if he had seen him. Xiaowen gritted his teeth and said that the culprit of the destruction of other people’s families was how he would not know such a famous person.

Seeing He Dun came over, Xiaowen pointed the knife at He Dun directly. He Dun persuaded the other party that if he hates him so much, why not complain in the live broadcast, so that more people will know about it, and there are still a few minutes of money to get away. The show is about to start, and she shouldn’t want Qian Kaiyi’s listening rate to drop to the bottom of the new show. Xiaowen’s mood gradually calmed down, and he chose to follow He Dun’s opinion.

The program proceeded as scheduled. Qian Kaiyi smoothly made his opening remarks, introducing He Dun, and then connected to the first hotline, Xiaowen’s phone number. Xiaowen asked Qian Kaiyi why he found a tainted psychologist, Qian Kaiyi told Xiaowen that he did not know the whole picture and should not comment. Secondly, one of the reasons why he chose Teacher He was also because He Dun once said that suicide intervention can be limited, and she wants to help more people get out of the quagmire. walk out.

Xiaowen immediately asked if Teacher He had come out. He Dun remembered the experience of drowning when she was a child. She said that she had come out and would never fall into the next quagmire. She believed that the other party was just lost and hoped that the other party could go. come out.

Xiaowen became excited again. She felt that Qian Kaiyi abandoned herself because of He Dun. He Dun motioned to Qian Kaiyi to turn off her voice and asked if they knew each other. Qian Kaiyi really couldn’t remember what Xiaowen was. Know yourself.

Horton chatted with Xiaowen again. She guided Xiaowen carefully. Xiaowen said that she would email Qian Kaiyi every week, but Qian Kaiyi ignored herself recently. He Dun guessed that Xiaowen had a similar relationship before, and he relied heavily on such a connection. Perhaps the final result would make Xiaowen feel powerless and betrayed, but this painful feeling can be broken. In the end, Xiaowen finally came to congratulate him. Under the enlightenment of the moment, the knot was untied.

At night, when the show ended, He Dun met Ye Jiahui when he arrived at his home. Ye Jiahui saw the injury on his arm and insisted on helping him deal with the wound. He had to come to Ye Jiahui’s house. Ye Jiahui talked about Xiaowen while treating the wound. Psychological condition, saying that there will be no recovery if there is no injury.

The next day, President Xun always suspected that he had an incurable disease. However, after various medical examinations, he found that he was not sick. Then, he found Professor Ji, and after introduction, he found He Dun.

Xun always wanted face and didn’t want to go to see He Dun directly, so he hired a person who looked very similar to his own to talk about his problems in He Dun’s studio and seek solutions.

Lily saw that Mr. Xun’s car was outside the door, so she stepped forward and asked if the other party needed to go upstairs for consultation. Mr. Xun finally went upstairs and explained her problem. He Dun told the other party that it was a mental illness, according to psychology. It is panic disorder. At the beginning of this symptom, you will be aware of the changes in your body, and then you will visit the doctor frequently.

The doctor will find out that your physical condition is normal. Then, the next attack will be more serious, even vomiting and wheezing. It’s not annoying, and a few people pay special attention to this situation and feel anxious about it before it becomes a problem.

Xun always sees that the other party understands his symptoms so well, believing that the other party can cure his own disease, so he can feel relieved to receive treatment.

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