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The Psychologist 女心理师 Episode 5 Recap

Qian Kaiyi finally received a reply from He Dun who was willing to do the show together. He felt very happy, and he came directly to the studio with the contract.

At the same time, Ye Jiahui, who lives next door, also came to visit. Ye Jiahui thanked He Dun for saving him at the bar, but he did not want the two to be a doctor-patient relationship. He hoped to pursue He Dun and gave him one. Exquisite music box.

As soon as Qian Kaiyi arrived, he saw He Dun and Ye Jiahui with some unexplained discomfort in his heart, so he put on sunglasses, shook hands with Ye Jiahui and entered the studio.

The next day, He Dun came to Haifeng International Radio Station. The director welcomed He Dun’s arrival. Qian Kaiyi even dressed up to greet him, and personally took He Dun to familiarize himself with the working environment.

The two came to the director’s room. He Dun looked at the closed director’s room, his body tightened unconsciously, and the feeling of suffocation became stronger and he wanted to escape. Qian Kaiyi didn’t realize the other party’s discomfort, so He Dun and herself tried to give a trial round first. Halfway through, He Dun suddenly rushed out of the director’s room and vomited. She had to tell Qian Kaiyi that she might not have been. How to stay in a room without windows for three hours.

At the same time, there were scandals about the Yunjin Group and the group where Lily was the secretary, and some people on Haifeng International Radio reported that Cao Wanli, the chairman of the Yunjin Group, had derailed the female secretary and was arrested by Mrs. Cao.

Horton immediately called Lily. Lily’s resignation procedures have been completed. She was sitting on the reef by the sea and blowing air. He remembered that the call from his mother just now did not show any concern. As long as he could make money from his daughter, Lily did not. I didn’t want to pass on the negative emotions to my girlfriends, so I didn’t answer the phone.

Qian Kaiyi persisted in persuading He Dun not to give up this cooperation so quickly, and he also believed that Lily would not do such a thing, and he also had a solution.

He Dun stopped to listen. Qian Kaiyi said that he knew Chang Chunmei. He once gave her an exclusive interview in Time Interview. This person is not an ordinary lady. She was once the second-in-chief of the group, now the Yunjin Group. She accompany Cao Wanli to fight for more than ten years. He Dun heard what it meant. Chang Chunmei probably didn’t care about the truth of the matter. She took Tang Lili for the benefit of the group.

He Dun carefully analyzed what Chang Chunmei did. Chang Chunmei would invite investors out for dinner after Cao Wanli had a meeting with shareholders. This strong woman is not simple, she also firmly stated that their company will never go public.

On the same day, Horton found Chang Chunmei. She knew that Chang Chunmei had worked hard for a company for so many years, but she fell into an internal struggle a year before the company went public, so she and Cao Wanli later established today’s empire. He Dun said that this should be the reason why Chang Chunmei opposed the company’s listing.

Chang Chunmei should be the one who understands the injustice of women in the workplace best. This time she resigned from Lili to make Cao Wanli lose part of her voice.

Lily was not idle either. She brought Ye Jiahui’s information to find out and said she wanted to chat. Ye Jiahui graduated from a prestigious school and had a pretty good job in Japan before, but suddenly returned to China and ran into He Dun at a bar. After moving to He Dun’s house, Lily asked Ye Jiahui what his purpose was, but Ye Jiahui said that his grandmother is in a nursing home near here, and he lives here to make it easy to see her grandmother.

Lily was speechless, and Horton just came over, and Horton told his girlfriend that her untrue remarks had been deleted, so she didn’t need to worry about work anymore. Lily hugged Horton moved.

Ye Jiahui didn’t mind Lily’s behavior. He left the two for dinner together at home. He Dun agreed and explained to Ye Jiahui that Lili was more impulsive. .

That day, Lily had just been dumped by her boyfriend, and she came to the street for a drink. She happened to have a table with He Dun. A man wanted to come over and talked some filthy words. He Dun stepped forward to stop him, and Lily directly smashed the wine. The bottle faced the group of men, and the two got acquainted ever since.

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