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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 32 Recap

As the assassin’s identity surfaced, those unseen old things gradually revealed their clues, whether it was the warrior who ordered to guard the city of Apocalypse, or the intelligence network dormant in the dark night, all were tied to the hands of a powerful official. At this moment, when Fang Jianming was dealing with the tide of resentment, he had to face a dilemma. On the one hand, it was his loyalty to the emperor in his early years, and on the other hand, it was his first apprentice, Fang Zhuoying, who treated him like a parent and child.

It is precisely because Fang Zhuoying is the last son of King Huku and Emperor Ji of Red Medicine, Fang Jianming is afraid that people behind the scenes want to take the opportunity to remove him, so he decides to sacrifice the liu, which can protect Emperor Xu’s reputation and his apprentices. Zheliu deliberately alienated Fang Zhuoying, and after she left Apocalypse City, she drank poisonous wine in Lingjinsi alone. However, Fang Zhuoying returned overnight and found that she was unconscious. After being treated by a medical officer, she barely breathed a sigh of relief.

Fang Hai city hurriedly rushed to see this scene, accompanied by Zhou Youdu. On the other hand, Master’s face was as usual, which is already commonplace. Xizuo Cui’s inner official wanted to escape at night, but Fang Zhuoying led a group to encircle him and arrest him along with the little servant next to him.

Shi Nei Palace pleaded guilty, repeatedly begging for mercy, claiming that the inspection was incapable, and the Shaofu supervised meticulous work. Cui Naiguan couldn’t understand Shi Lin’s cowardice and incompetence, and simply took all the guilt and confessed. Di Xu ordered Fang Zhuoying to drag them down for a rigorous interrogation, record the details, and when everything was done, he suddenly felt exhausted. Fortunately, Tilan was accompanied by him.

Zhou Youdu accompanied Fanghai City to drink in the Huixianlou, but Fanghai City recalled what he saw today. He was still gloomy and unhappy. He really didn’t understand why the Fenyang princess, who had sacrificed his life to protect him in his youth, chose to be conceited, and those figures People who stand alone and stand on a high place are as ruthless and determined as always, and no one can change the path they choose.

However, she did not know that the mundane world that Zhou Youdu saw could not escape the fetters of “desire”. Even Fang Jianming was the same. Even if the poison was deep, she still dragged his remains in the rain and waited until Zhou Youdu supported him. Come out of Fanghai City. At this moment, Fang Haishi was still half drunk and half awake, and she only felt that Master was holding her to Zhaoming Palace, and she also took the opportunity to ask questions, wondering if Master would treat her like Ju Dianyi and Di Ji, if she dies. In front of him, I would look at it a few more times.

Fang Jianming covered the sea market with a quilt, then turned and left and returned to the room, eventually unable to support it and fainted. When Fang Jianming woke up, more than three days had passed. Fang Haishi stayed by the bedside to take care of him. Without waiting for him to speak, he immediately reported what had happened in the past three days, as well as the dark lines in the city had been cleared.

During this process, Fang Jianming didn’t say a word, only Fang Haishi kept talking. Later, he couldn’t talk about it. He came out on the grounds of taking medicine, and his eyes were suddenly red. Before the medical officer came to diagnose and treat Fang Jianming, he had already explained his physical condition, because of the internal damage caused by the perennial injuries, and the recent poisoning, even if the detoxification is effective, I am afraid that he will not be able to live for a few years.

Under the medical officer’s conditioning, Ji Chang was in no health condition for the time being. After he woke up, he once again showed loyalty to Di Xu. His words were moving, he disguised his suspicions in disguise, and concealed his ambition. After all, Wang Chang’s short story has spread throughout the entire Apocalypse City. The people often treat it as a joke, and no one cares how good this muddy mud is.

Now that the turmoil in the Central Capital has subsided, Duoluo, who is far away in Huku, is angry because of the loss of the general, so he decides to go out in person, and let his subordinates inform the city’s response, vowing to obtain Fang Jianming and Di Xu’s Xiangshang head. At the same time, Fang Hai City sent medicinal herbs to Master. After confirming the speculation of the incident, he asked him about Nie Ruoling’s disguise, and finally solved his happy doubts.

Su Ming thought that as long as Fang Jianming was forced to return, he would definitely make him regard Emperor Ji as a life-saving straw. As everyone knows, Fang Jianming was very indifferent to Emperor Ji from beginning to end. If it were Chu Linlang herself, she would never Pray for the marriage of Emperor Xu. Even though the appearance and behavior of people can be similar, the character of mind is extremely difficult to learn. It is precisely because Mother Liu is Fang Jianming’s dark line, and she discovered that the medicine slag was buried in the middle of the night, completely exposing the true face of the false emperor Ji.

On the night of the heavy rain, Ti Lan collapsed with Di Xu and couldn’t help asking about Zi Zan’s past, only to realize that Sister A was an extremely strong and brave woman in Di Xu’s heart. Sometimes Di Xu also wondered whether this seemingly weak person would have something that scared her.

It was Tilan’s words that Di Xu gradually realized that he was actually the weakness of the purple hairpin, a wife who loved her husband deeply, if she really cared about it, she would definitely not want to lose it and see that the one she loved was sad. Di Xu came to the purple hairpin’s bedroom alone, personally sealed the dragon tail god, and ordered Mu Deqing to remove the portrait of the purple hairpin along with the memorial tablet.

Zhou Youdu took the initiative to come to Fang Jianming, and he did not conceal that he liked the sea market, even though she had tried her best to look back, but her gaze was always left to that man, and even for the other party to like Ji Fenghua, she worked hard to practice. Archery. At first, Zhou Youdu thought that Fang Jianming must have been a lover after repeatedly hurting the city. Until that evening, outside the Xianlou, he finally understood that instead of doing it in vain, it was better to let it go.

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