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Human fossils in Pompeii

The ancient city of Pompeii is an ancient city with a very long history. It was originally a summer resort here. However, under the power of nature, all this has become history. In 79 AD, the eruption of Mount Vesuvius brought it here. Everything was ruined, and the local people didn’t seem to realize the danger and did not flee their homes, because at that time the ancient Romans had long been accustomed to earthquakes and only thought it was a small earthquake, but such “relaxation” But let their lives pay for it, and let this ancient city disappear for this.

It is understood that Mount Vesuvius erupted from 1:00 noon to 7:00 the next morning. It took more than ten hours. During this period, the ancient city experienced 4 lava flows and 3 times of dust. The violent attack turned her into an “ancient city” today, but because of the volcano, the streets and houses here are kept intact. So after discovering this place, it has been excavated by archaeologists.

Because here you can learn about the social life, culture, and art of ancient Rome at that time, and what we see at this time is part of the architecture of this ancient city, and there are archaeologists studying here.

At that time, the volcanic ash erupted by the volcanic eruption was as high as 33 kilometers. Under the 500-degree volcanic debris invasion, everything in the ancient city instantly turned to ashes.

So during the research process, archaeologists wanted to study The corpses were not destroyed at the time, so plaster was injected during the excavation so that these corpses became statues, and because the time was too fast, the movements maintained by these living fossils were still the last movements in their lives. Looking at them, it is enough to reflect the state of the disaster at that time.

However, among these remains, there is such a man’s remains that the staff at the scene couldn’t help but laugh, that is, he had already escaped from the dangerous area of ​​the volcanic eruption, but he failed to escape the call of “Reaper”. Although he escaped the volcanic ash, he failed to escape the collapsed building, and he fixed his life beside the volcanic ash.

In addition to the residents, those animals are also unable to escape the fate of death. During this excavation, archaeologists unearthed three horse bones, one of which still has horse gear, and these three horses are all caused by volcanic ash. The impact caused difficulty in breathing and died. One of the horse bones was infused with plaster, so the whole body was well preserved. That’s why we have the picture we saw at this time.

Because of the volcanic ash, the walls here are extremely intact. This mural depicts the Roman god Jupiter disguised as a swan and the sexy legendary queen of Sparta in Greek mythology, where the swan is sitting Lida’s lap, and Lida uses her cloak to protect the swan. Such murals give the impression of cultural advancement.

Finally, I have to say that volcanoes are really dangerous. Fortunately, there are not many volcanoes in our country, and there seem to be many volcanoes in “a certain country”. It seems that we need to pay attention to this situation, but now that the technology is so advanced, it may be possible to defend it.

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