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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 9 Recap

Malevin wanted a simple ID and passport, and gave her the formalities to go to Georgia. He simply disagreed. Malevin emphasized that he agreed to any conditions, but simply felt that she was here to be a tutor, and it was not appropriate to be a professional escort. Wen thinks that simple now has a hard time to return home, and should be thankful for finding a place for her to hide. Simple is unreasonable.

Mu Jia learned that it was very sad not to accompany her to go abroad. She knew that she and her father could not get along alone, and simply said that if she simply did not accompany her, she would not go.

Simple brother Jian Xingran wanted to invite Qiao Qingqian to watch a movie, but Qingqian felt that he was too tired to go after get off work. Xingran immediately tore up the movie ticket and waited at the door for the Qingqian store to close and sent her home. Qing Qian told him about Feng Chunsheng and Zhuo Xiaoting.

Simple finally decided to accompany Mu Jia and Malevin to Georgia, but after arriving at the rehabilitation hospital, the contact person told them: The doctor who had originally made an appointment went to Tbilisi to give a prince rehabilitation treatment today, and Malevin was furious. Simply understand Russian, he negotiated with the hospital leaders.

In the end, the hospital agreed to let Mu Jia receive treatment immediately, but they had to go to the hospital where Dr. Ivanov was. When they arrived, they realized that it was a fully enclosed rehabilitation center, and family members were not allowed to accompany him. When Mariev saw his daughter being pushed in alone, he hurriedly shouted on the windowpane, and simply couldn’t bear to look straight. The contact person found them a house near the rehabilitation center and settled down.

Zhuo Nanzhi called her daughter and asked her to go home with her, but Xiaoting had decided to marry Feng Chunsheng. Zhuo Nanzhi told her daughter: If she must be with Feng Chunsheng, she would take it all by herself. Before that, the wayward Zhuo Xiaoting immediately returned the bank card to her father. Zhuo Nanzhi declared: He and Feng Chunsheng can only choose one daughter. Zhuo Xiaoting disagrees.

After returning home, Feng Chunsheng advised Xiaoting not to be too stiff with her father. Xiaoting decided that her father had only one daughter. It wouldn’t be so good. The two were sweet, suddenly Jian Xing burst into flames. He was here to replace her sister. Out of anger, he gave Chunsheng a severe beating.

Early in the morning, the instant noodles were simply cooked, but Maleven had to go out to eat. The two were on the bus while enjoying the street view and discussing Tolstoy’s book. Marlene believes that reading makes people broaden their horizons and spiritually happy, but there should not be too much personal feelings when reading.

To simply and arbitrarily say that Marlene is the Nekhludov in Tolstoy’s book. He has a sense of superiority. Marlene calls this a personal attack. He thinks that simplicity is the Maslova in the book. Having to pack up and leave, Marlene explained that the two were only talking about resurrection, and contacted her in real life by the way. She was anxious when she said it, and she couldn’t live here simply because she didn’t know Russian.

Simply let him use translation software. Malevin said that she was not worthy to read Resurrection. Resurrection is Torsette’s most humanitarian work. Humanity is to help others when they need help, and simply ask Malevin to apologize to himself. Malevin said sincerely: Simplicity is not Maslova, she has not fallen, nor is she Nekhludoff, so Simplicity does not need to be resurrected, but she needs to be resurrected.

Zhuo Nanzhi asked his assistant to call Feng Chunsheng, and accused him of a dignified doctoral student who did not rely on his true ability to walk the crooked door ramp to make people look down. It’s not as good as a junior high school graduate who can drive a mixer truck to this day, Feng Chunsheng argued that the relationship between him and Xiaoting was incomprehensible in Zhuo Nanzhi’s cognition. Zhuo Nanzhi warned him to stay away from Xiaoting and roll as far as he could go.

Zhuo Xiaoting was about to get the certificate from Feng Chunsheng. She told Chunsheng: Mom and Dad divorced when she was very young, and her mother took her to live alone. Her mother died when she was eight years old. She took Feng Chunsheng to his mother’s tomb to pay tribute to the two of them to complete the formalities. On the way home, Feng Chunsheng happily took Xiaoting with her bicycle and asked if she would regret it. Zhuo Xiaoting said happily: She will never regret it for the rest of her life!

Mu Jia told her father that her condition was the same as before she came, and her father cruelly sent herself to suffer. She would survive to the end, but he should not hold any hope. Seeing that his daughter had no confidence at all, Marlene couldn’t stand it anymore, and forced to go in to accompany her daughter, and had a fight with the guard of the gate.

After returning home, seeing Malevin shut himself in the room and sulking, he simply knocked on the door and asked to take him out. Malevin didn’t go and slammed the door with a pillow childishly.

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