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Rebirth Concubine Return

Rebirth Concubine Return (Novel)
Other Name: 重生嫡女归来

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Gui Yue Youling
Year: 201X
Chapter: N/A
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Banxia and Yuebeiyi. The story of the novel mainly tells the story of Yaohou’s concubine Banxia, ​​who is loved by her sister and beloved. The prince’s brother murdered to death. Waking up again, reborn a few days before returning to the capital. With the memories of her previous life, she tore off her sister’s beauty skin and exposed her stepmother’s fake Bodhisattva face.

Du Jing rumored that she was a country bun, she was more fashionable than anyone else, and that she was a village girl, she was more elegant than anyone else. Said she was illiterate, proficient in all kinds of piano, chess and calligraphy, said she was stupid, okay to play a pig and eat a tiger can understand? Despise her, disdain her, hey! The disgusting brothers rushed over one by one, insisting on having monkeys with her. A certain prince looked jealous: “Say, where did you disappear with the little general overnight?”

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“Master, it has been found out.”

The light-clothed man stretched out his hand and took the paper in his hand and read it again.

There was a cold light in the depths of the eyes, no wonder Meizi had been so tolerant, if she really made trouble, she might not want her sister’s reputation.

“Go, protect Miss Fifth in the dark, if she suffers the slightest injury, come and see her.”

“Master subordinates obey.” Ji Yu immediately left and quietly followed Banxia.

After the person left, the corner of the man’s mouth in the light-clothed clothes conjured a breathtakingly beautiful arc.

“Little fool, you are finally grown up.”


It was late when he got home, and Yaohou quickly ordered Banxia to rest.

Cangshu was locked up in the wood room and waited until dawn before disposing of it.

Knowing that Cangshu came back safe and sound, Jin’s face changed, why didn’t she discover it according to her imagination.

Thinking of planning for such a long time to be unsuccessful, the frustration and anger in my heart is almost condensed, but I can only endure not to speak.

“Mother, what should I do, if Junye Mei finds out me?” Qingdai pulled Jin nervously and whispered.

Jin’s soothed, and also whispered: “Don’t worry, Princess Ziqing won’t speak of you because of her reputation.”

“But…” Qingdai was still worried.

Jin continued to comfort: “My mother told you to have a good relationship with Princess Ziqing because she likes her innocent and easy to get angry. Don’t worry about the next thing to deal with. You should go back and rest and don’t let your father see.”

Qingdai did not dare to speak any more, and hurried back to Xiaoyulou with her skirt.


“Little brother, don’t move me to pull you out,”

“Stupid girl go quickly, you will fall off if you don’t go.”

“Little brother, you will die if I leave. Come out quickly and take my hand.”

“Which girl are you, you are so stupid.”

“Little brother, why did you fall into this big pit so carelessly.”

“Why are you asking so many questions? By the way, don’t call me little brother.”

“You’re already young, why don’t you let you be called the little brother!”

“Speak clearly, where am I young, I am obviously older than you.”

“I don’t even know your name, what should I call you?”

“You call me Brother Yi, and I will come to practice martial arts under this big banyan tree every day. Do you want to come and play.”

“Well, I will come and play with Brother Yi every day from now on.”

“A word is a deal.”

“Well, it’s settled, Pull Go.”

“Go, don’t be naive.”

“Well, no, just pull the hook and seal it.”


“Brother Yi, Brother Yi…”

In Pinellia’s dream, the sweet things of childhood are always lingering.

“Miss, miss, wake up, miss…” Shaoyao touched Banxia’s hand, and the lady became feverish again.

“I’ll report to the lord.” Xiangzhu was about to leave.

Pinellia woke up: “Well, how long did I sleep?”

“Miss, it’s almost noon, now it’s time for dinner. The old lady invites the young lady to come over.”

“I went to report to the old lady, and said that the lady has fever or ask the doctor to come and see.”

As soon as Xiangzhu finished speaking, Peony said in doubt: “Miss is not burning anymore, eh, what’s the matter?”

Pinellia raised her eyebrows slightly and looked at the peony: “What did you say?”

Peony was puzzled: “Miss, you always talk in sleep lately. When you talk in sleep, your body becomes hot, but when you wake up, you return to normal.”

Pinellia frowned, even though she was proficient in medicine, she was completely puzzled by her symptoms.

“By the way, Miss, your name is Brother Yi, who is Brother Yi?” Shaoyao puzzled.

When Banxia heard this name, the hatred and unwillingness in her eyes were very obvious.

That is the man she has loved since childhood, the man who wants to work with her for life.

But in the end, he actually betrayed himself, and he didn’t even say a “love”.


Xiangzhu and Peony screamed at the same time, and they were startled by the hateful look in Banxia’s eyes.

Pinellia, regained consciousness and immediately cleaned up the inner hatred and excitement.

Recovered naturally and said: “It’s nothing, just sleep talk.”

Banxia no longer cares about the two, but gets up to freshen up. They don’t know the identity of Prince Yi.

In the previous life, he came back and went to look for brother Yi. It was not until the emperor gave him a marriage to learn that he was a prince.

In this life, she must do everything possible to prevent the emperor from granting marriage. She will never allow the tragedy of her previous life to be repeated in this life.


Anheyuan, Banxia just went in and saw the third brother Cangshu kneeling in the courtyard.

As soon as Cangshu saw Banxia coming in, he pointed at Banxia Nunu and said, “Sister, you have to help brother.”

Banxia sighed helplessly, and only said: “If you do something wrong, you must confess and punish you. A man must dare to act.”

“Hi, you…” Cang Shu was irritated by the little girl.

Qingdai pretended to be on one side, tears vaguely said: “Three brothers, the knee hurts or not, I will try my best to intercede with Daddy.”

Cang Shu was moved in his heart. After all, it was the younger sister who grew up together, but she was even more intimate than this mother’s sister.

“Qingdai, I know you are the best, and I will love you even more when my third brother passes this level.”

Qingdai nodded and walked into the house.

Banxia’s heart is slightly cold, and her three brothers must be disciplined, otherwise the tragedy of the previous life will be staged again.

“Grandma, granddaughter greets grandmother.”

Banxia was half kneeling, and Mrs. Lao Hou quickly asked her to get up: “Get up quickly and sit next to your grandmother. Grandma heard that you saved your third brother yesterday.”

“The third elder brother is Banxia’s own brother. Even if Banxia saves his life, he should protect his brother well.”

Mrs. Laohou nodded with satisfaction: “What a good boy.”

It’s just a bit sour in her heart, this girl should have been pampered, but there are three brothers who don’t struggle.

This is also to blame for her. At first I thought that Jin was really good to these children, so he didn’t intervene much. It was not until the children grew up that they became crooked to understand that this was a killing!

Yao Hou’s face was ugly: “Mother, this time Cangshu has stabbed such a big basket, but I can’t be punished lightly.”

Although Mrs. Hou felt distressed, she nodded and said: “It should be punished, it should be punished. Now I dare to lose a million taels of silver after less than twenty. If we pass through a hole in the sky in the future, it will hurt our entire medicine mansion.”

“Yeah.” Yaohou hummed, and then said: “Just hit fifty boards again, so that he will have a better memory.”

Madam Lao Hou, as soon as she was about to say yes, who knew Qingdai plopped and kneeled.

“Daddy, the third elder brother is weak, but he can’t stand the beating. The third elder brother knows that he is wrong, so go around the third elder brother!”

Jin also wiped his tears, looking distressed for his son: “Master, his son is now the concubine’s fault. If you want to punish you, please punish your concubine!”

Mrs. Lao Hou’s face was dark for an instant. After so many years, the children made mistakes, and it was her pretense that she made the three of them gradually become what they are now.

I was angry, but I couldn’t reveal it.

Yaohou was angry: “I know you are soft-hearted, but the child can’t go unpunished for making mistakes?”

Jin’s tears flowed out again: “Punishment, punishment, but these children have lost their relatives since childhood. If I don’t hurt anymore, it would be so sad that days, the master punished him to kneel in the ancestral hall for one month, and the beating would be avoided. Right!”

Jin’s habit is to grasp Yaohou’s weakness, as long as he mentions the dead Banxia mother, Yaohou can compromise every time.

Sure enough, Yaohou was silent for a moment, obviously with unbearable eyes.

Mrs. Lao Hou is in a state of desperation. If such a major matter is not punished, it will be repaid in the future!

Banxia glanced coldly, the two pretending mother and daughter.

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