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Snow Lover 爱在粉雪时光 Episode 21 Recap

Lin Jin-Jin and Ye Nan separate, Lin Jin-Jin to join the cause

He Feng proposed to marry him like Wang Xiaoan. Lin Jinjin called to tell He Feng that he was too uninteresting and he didn’t ask himself to go on such an important occasion. She said that it was not counted this time, and she had to come to the scene in person next time. Lin Jinjin Wang Xiaoan don’t let He Feng get her easily. Otherwise, he won’t cherish it after getting married. Wang Xiaoan is particularly entangled now.

On the one hand, he wants to marry He Feng, but on the other hand, he is afraid of this change. Lin Jinjin said that she was a little bit arrogant and getting married would not change much. They were still together every day, just a legal marriage. But as soon as Wang Xiaoan closes his eyes now, his head is full of battles between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law and aunts-in-law fighting.

Lin Jinjin said that this is the sequelae of the screenwriter, and there are so many battles between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in this world. If Ye Nan proposes to her, she will go to his house immediately and get the certificate from him immediately. Lin Jinjin asked Wang Xiaoan to wear a ring to stimulate Ye Nan when he went to the store tomorrow. Maybe Ye Nan would prepare a surprise for her.

Lin Jinjin went to find Wang Xiaoan. She said that Ye Nan asked her to go out for dinner, and that the restaurant was a holy place for an Internet celebrity to check in for marriage proposals. When he finally went out, he asked Lin Jinjin and Sister Ai to cooperate. Ye Nan said that he had passed through with Sister Ai and let Lin Jinjin work hard. Sister Ai also said that letting Ye Nan go to the class was the best way she could give her so far, and she had already got a contract.

Sister Ai sent a lawyer’s letter to Lin Jinjin, and Lin Jinjin told Wang Xiaoan not to tell Ye Nan. But Ye Nan already knew about the lawyer’s letter, and he asked Lin Jinjin to break up. Lin Jinjin said that she would just act like a baby with sister Ai. Lin Jinjin told him not to be angry, she finally fell in love once, and just wanted to be with him. But Ye Nan still asked her to send sister Ai a message that she had broken up with herself. Ye Nan said that the contract has ended, and now they are friends. Lin Jinjin asked him, but he did not respond.

It turns out that Ye Nan did this because Sister Ai told him that once youth is gone, Lin Jinjin will face many regrets in his career. And he is not sure that he can fill this regret.

Xiaoan called He Feng and asked him not to hang up, and then opened the door. It turned out that the person sitting on the sofa outside was Lin Jinjin. Wang Xiaoan saw him crying and asked her what happened.

Wang Xiaoan made Jinjin sober and stop making trouble. Jinjin said that he just wanted to ask him what happened. Wang Xiaoan said that the more Lin Jinjin asked, the more embarrassed Ye Nan would be.

Lin Jinjin disappeared early in the morning. Wang Xiaoan was very worried about him. It turned out that she was looking for Sister Ai and had already settled the lawyer’s letter. He came to play the female number two.

When He Feng saw Ye Nan, Ye Nan was okay. He said it’s okay, and it’s been pretty good recently. Ye Nan told He Feng not to tell Lin Jinjin that he had been there, and he didn’t want to affect Lin Jinjin’s life anymore. He Feng asked what was going on between the two of them. The most taboo between couples was not to say anything.

Ye Nan said that He Feng couldn’t understand his troubles. Ye Nan is willing to give everything for Lin Jinjin, but he also knows his own ability. He only has a small shop and he has nothing. He also wants to give Jinjin a better life, but he can’t fill her career regrets.

Lin Jinjin’s mother came to see her, and now Wang Xiaoan finally knows who inherited Lin Jinjin’s character.

He Feng came to see Xiaoan, and it was Lin Jinjin’s mother who opened the door. She said that Xiaoan’s vision is really good. She told Lin Jinjin that she likes Lai Haoyu’s, very manly.

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