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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 4 Recap

Marlene was surprised to simply talk about principles, why he was willing to work as a nanny again, and simply explained that people should not only talk about principles, but also about human relations, Marlene disdained the theory with her, agreed to try it out, and agreed that she would take Mu Jia out to relax, but Please pay attention to safety.

As soon as she left the community, Mu Jia asked Jian to go to the supermarket to buy water for herself. After she came back, she couldn’t find Mu Jia everywhere. Later, she found that Mu Jia was on the opposite side of the road. She immediately ran by, and unexpectedly collided with a bicycle and fell down. On the ground, although it was not a serious problem, she scratched her trousers and pointed out in a straightforward manner that Mu Jia did this to get her father to drive her, but after she left, her father would find countless teachers for her.

The manager of Oulang Bookstore reported to Marlene, that under the impact of the Internet economy, the business of the physical bookstore was indeed getting worse and worse, while Marlene believed that he was mismanaging. Soon, Zhuo Xiaoting brought Feng Chunsheng to negotiate with Malevin. Feng Chunsheng said that Malevin’s Oulang Plaza store had been losing money, and suggested that he get out early. He handed over the cancellation contract.

Malevin smiled and said that he and his girlfriend They also like to teach others. When do they plan to get married? Zhuo Xiaoting hurriedly interrupted, saying that the shareholders of Malevin Company did not agree with him. Malevin claimed that he was the founder and largest shareholder of the company, and it was useless for them to find anyone. The negotiation failed, and the two sides broke up unhappy.

Zhuo Xiaoting had nothing to do, so she had to come to Lin Wanrou for help. Lin Wanrou said that her and Marlene’s business philosophy had always been different, but Marlene’s insistence on physical bookstores was obvious to all. She proposed to increase the compensation by 10%. Zhuo Xiaoting was full of words. promise.

Yiru bought a beautiful dress for Mu Jia on her own, hoping that she could wear the Prince Charming in her mind. Malevin believed that her daughter was still young, and there was no need to tell her about it. However, Wang Yiru kept talking about her youth again. After being chased like crazy by the stars of boys, Mu Jia was impatient and threw the snacks all over the place, and simply came to clean up.

Marlene found that her pants were torn, and simply lied that she accidentally fell, Mu. Jia also provided evidence for her. Mu Jia couldn’t stand her mother, so she went back to the nursing home, recalling an emotional breakdown, forcing Malevin to express his position, and simply couldn’t stand it, and persuaded them not to be in front of the children when something happened. Malevin asked her to take care of her kitchen.

After finishing the evening, she simply wanted to leave and go home, but Marlene asked her to replace Sister Dong as a live-in nanny, emphasizing that she would be responsible for her performance, so she simply called Feng Chunsheng to explain the situation, and Feng Chunsheng reminded her kindness to use the wrong place. , On the contrary, it will make people look down even more.

Feng Chunsheng was at a loss for investment promotion. Zhuo Xiaoting came over to take him to see Tianfeng Longyin’s prince Bai Gang. Feng Chunsheng was overjoyed, feeling that he had commissioned a large business that many people couldn’t agree on.

In the evening, after everything was dead, she was simply surprised that she lived here as a nanny. This gloomy big house was like a prisoner, with shadows everywhere, and she suddenly felt an inexplicable sympathy for the people who lived in it.

Feng Chunsheng followed Zhuo Xiaoting to Baigang’s holiday villa. With her recommendation, Feng Chunsheng had a smooth talk. Bai Gang was surprised that Yue Xiaoting always said that she didn’t have time before, so she took the initiative to look for business today. Own? Zhuo Xiaoting admitted that she was for Chunsheng, but emphasized that the two were just colleagues.

Feng Chunsheng optimized the investment plan overnight. Early the next morning, he and Zhuo Xiaoting went to the balcony to watch the scenery. In the middle, Bai Gang called Xiaoting several times. Feng Chunsheng realized that Bai Gang liked Xiaoting very much. Zhuo Xiaoting confessed that Bai Gang treats herself very well. The two Yemeni families are right. Chunsheng also has a fiancée, but she just likes him. After Chunsheng wins the Dragon and Phoenix Yin, her father will treat him differently. Feng Chunsheng feels disappointed. Apologized to Xiaoting.

At the breakfast table, Wang Yiru begged Malevin to forgive herself, saying that what she wanted most for many years was his forgiveness. Malevin pointed out that Yiru is a person who desires feelings, but when they are their age, they should understand that love is only a kind of feeling. , He can give everything for his family, isn’t that enough? Recalling that she was crying, saying that she wanted to be in love, she didn’t understand whether Levin took her back to let her daughter have a mother instead of letting herself have a wife? Or in his heart, he will always be a bad woman who has cheated and cannot be forgiven by him. Marlene was speechless.

When Feng Chunsheng returned to the company, he found that Zhuo Xiaoting had resigned and left. On the other side, Ma Mujia didn’t do homework, but only wrote a sad poem in the notebook. After reading it briefly, she praised her for writing well. She arranged for Mujia to write poems this week and encouraged her to say that she was looking forward to her work.

Feng Chunsheng was very dissatisfied with the investment plan drawn up by Manager Xu. He arranged for him to work overtime over the weekend. Manager Xu was dissatisfied and mumbled that Mr. Xiao Zhuo had resigned. Why is he so crazy! Feng Chunsheng couldn’t get through Zhuo Xiaoting’s phone. He accidentally discovered that he was blocked by WeChat.

Lin Wanrou persuaded Xiaoting to give up Feng Chunsheng. She analyzed that Feng Chunsheng wanted to stick to his feelings at the moment, but also wanted to change his destiny.

In the middle of the night, simply awakened by the shouts from upstairs, Malevin knocked on the door and told her to follow him upstairs. Wang Yiru was drunk in the room, crying and accusing Malevin of not loving herself since getting married. She was forced by Malevin to cheat. Malevin asked Jian Jian to quickly take the sober medicine. He fed Yiru and drank it on her back. In the hospital, the arrangement is simple to take care of Mu Jia at home. Late at night, Mu Jia slowly fell asleep in the simple and soft sound of reading.

In the early morning of the next day, Malevin returned home and saw Jian Jian staying by his daughter’s bed for the night, praising Jian Jian for being more competent than Teacher Yang. Simply ask Mariev to leave, saying that he would go back to his hometown to get a marriage certificate.

Jian Jian asked his brother to send himself to the train station early, but Feng Chunsheng was still at the company and did not leave. He simply couldn’t wait to call him, and Chunsheng deliberately refused to answer. She made up countless reasons for Feng Chunsheng’s absence, but it was not until the moment the train roared and left that she realized that no matter how perfect lies, there is time to end.

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