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Snow Lover 爱在粉雪时光 Episode 6 Recap

He Feng confesses to Xiaoan again, He Jingxiao is tortured by He Feng He

Jingxiao asks He Feng, is he sure Wang Xiaoan likes him? He Feng never asked. He Jingxiao said that to judge whether someone likes him, the following are enough. First, will she resist physical contact with him, and will she deliberately distance He Feng from her? He Feng said that on the elevator, she did not refuse to approach her.

He Jingxiao asked He Feng, would Wang Xiaoan take the initiative to care about him, chase him, and do some ambiguous little actions? He Feng remembered that Wang Xiaoan would write a heart-warming note on his coffee. He Jingxiao said that fortunately Wang Xiaoan liked him, otherwise he would be embarrassed. But He Jingxiao is curious, how does He Feng like Wang Xiaoan?

He Feng smiled beautifully because of Wang Xiaoan. At the beginning, he told his mother that he should not be an exchange student, but because the exchange student’s resume is a bit better, his mother said that this matter was not discussed. He Feng rode his bicycle angrily, and almost hit Wang Xiaoan. He Feng looked at her holding a kitten, completely fascinated.

Wang Xiaoan was the one who gave him sunshine at the bottom of his life. He Feng said that he had a fever in the college entrance examination and failed to enter the university where his mother had him. From then on, it became his mother’s heart disease. He was asked to repeat his studies in his freshman year, and he asked him to study abroad in his sophomore year.

In his junior year, he was asked to go abroad as an exchange. Sheng, even if he became the youngest student council chairman of the school, he is still not worth mentioning in the eyes of his mother. , Because the school does not meet her requirements.

He Jingxiao said, to be honest, when he was young, he hated He Feng’s nephew, because his parents always compare themselves with He Feng in everything. Looking at it now, every family has hard-to-read sutras. Then He Jingxiao said that the person he likes now is his first love, and He Feng hasn’t forgotten her for so many years. He Feng said that he just didn’t expect Wang Xiaoan to be in his heart now. He Jingxiao wanted to find a way to make her like him again, but this time she wanted to take the initiative.

The two of them went to school, and He Feng took her to remember. He Feng said that he hadn’t come back after graduation, and asked Wang Xiaoan. They walked to a place and asked Xiao An, do you remember? I confessed it here at the time.

He Feng said that he did not expect that she would appear in his life again, nor did he expect to be attracted to her again. His appearance added a piece of joy to her ordinary life. Once here, he confessed to her, and now he still hopes this will be the place where their love begins again. He Feng confessed to Wang Xiaoan. As a result, Wang Xiaoan did not accept his flowers, and then ran away.

He Feng has been sitting in the living room from dark to dawn. He went to knock on He Jingxiao’s door, but He Jingxiao still didn’t move. Then went to blow him a cold wind, let him get up. He Jingxiao directly wrapped the quilt tightly, and then He Feng put all the alarm clocks on his bed. He Jingxiao was driven mad.

He Jingxiao was very resentful when he was running. He said that he had grown up, so why did he pull himself to run? Hou Feng said he wanted to run, or go home to pack up and make breakfast?

After they finished running, He Jingxiao returned to the room and fell directly on the bed. He Feng told him to give him 30 minutes to clean his room. He Jingxiao is desperate. Didn’t he choose to run just now? He Feng said that he would choose to run and not clean the room. His room was so messy that he didn’t even have a place to stay.

He Jingxiao threw something at him, and when He Feng turned around, he said that his hand was slippery. Of course He Feng would fight back. He asked He Jingxiao what time he would go to class today and sent him there by himself. He Jingxiao said that he had no class today, and He Feng asked him to engage in unity with his roommate.

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