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Our Times 启航:当风起时 Episode 3 Recap

Xiao Chuang posted the advertisement but didn’t get a call, so he reprinted another copy, which was very generous. Pei Qinghua squeezed on the small bed and turned over and over uncomfortably. After recovering for a while, he carried the computer to run business again. Finally, he negotiated a business with ten units and signed the contract tomorrow. Pei Qinghua was a bit dissatisfied, and ran to a noodle shop to eat noodles and met an older brother who also came from the north.

As soon as he came up, he said that he was selling a fax machine, but he didn’t sell a single one after being here for half a month. Before eating the noodles, Pei Qinghua’s stomach went on strike again, and he quickly put the computer at the front desk and ran to the bathroom. The eldest brother enthusiastically brought things back to him, Pei Qinghua couldn’t help but sigh, there are still many good people.

Xiao Chuang waited wholeheartedly for the fair, spending time at the video store all day long. After contacting Man Huansheng, he said that Pei Qinghua had only called once and there was no news. Xiao Chuang quickly called and asked about his condition. Xu Yang met two hooligans who had been beaten and returned with injuries. Xu Yiwan was even more miserable. He was stolen before getting on the train and was fined to write a review. Ben was expecting Pei Qinghua to open, but he didn’t expect that the other party had already signed a contract with Octopus. Only then did Pei Qinghua realize that yesterday’s kind eldest brother was Octopus’s person, and he was cut off while he had negotiated the business.

After the advertisement was posted, there was still no news, but Xiao Chuang accidentally met Xie Hang, who had just been transferred to Shanghai. Xiao Chuang was overjoyed and offered to invite Xie Hang to dinner. Xie Hang and Xiao Chuang were not accustomed to eating their own dishes, but she didn’t care at all, and she encouraged Xiao Chuang to be successful.

Xiao Chuang took out the newspaper and asked Xie Hang for help. There was no news after the advertisement was posted for so long. Xie Hang thought that such advertisements were everywhere, and it was too common. Tan Qizhang thought that Pei Qinghua had signed the contract and called to congratulate him. He didn’t expect his order to be robbed by Octopus, so he could only encourage him not to get discouraged.

Xiao Chuang regained his morale and called all the waiters who were idle in the hotel. Each person ran for ten yuan a day to hand out flyers on the street. No matter what the advertisement was, there were only four words, and there were five days left! Pei Qinghua still carries prototypes to sell from door to door every day, and most of them are rejected. However, one of the bosses, Lu Hainiu, saw that the business card he had left was immediately interested in the research institute of Yanjing University. He and Pei Qinghua were fellows, both from Shandong. Lu Hainiu is very enthusiastic about Pei Qinghua, but he has been wary of what happened last time.

Lu Hainiu didn’t believe that Pei Qinghua belonged to the Yanda Institute of Computing Technology, so he could only believe it when he asked him to fix a computer. The next day, Xiao Chuang took someone who was pretending to be buying a computer and went to various places to reverse promote the Kangpu brand. Seeing that the solution was about to succeed, Xiao Chuang wanted to invite Xie Hang to dinner, but Xie Hang was busy today and did not agree. Everyone saw many customers today, Xiao Chuang invited everyone to eat as encouragement, and did not forget to find out where Xie Hang would like to eat dried persimmons.

Pei Qinghua repaired one and another. Lu Hainiu quickly stated that he would not regret it since he had agreed, and asked him to come and introduce a major dealer tomorrow. The next day, Pei Qinghua helped Lu Hainiu repair another one, and Lu Hainiu made excuses to say that the other party would not come tomorrow. Pei Qinghua couldn’t help but dismantle it. In fact, on the first day he saw that Lu Hainiu was not from Shandong, so he just lied to him to fix the computer. Pei Qinghua was discouraged, he couldn’t waste any more time. Lu Hainiu really wanted to help Pei Qinghua, but he could do nothing.

Xiao Chuang specially came to give Xie Hang persimmons, and found many reasons to invite her to dinner. Xie Hang already felt what Xiao Chuang meant to her, and decided to invite him to dinner tomorrow and also bring a friend. Back at the guest house, the front desk said that a man named Tan had made a lot of calls. Pei Qinghua thought it was Tan Qizhang, but he did not expect it to be Tan Yuan.

Tan Yuan heard that Pei Qinghua had gone to Guangzhou, and asked him to buy a tape of “Babylon River”, fearing that he had bought it wrong, she hummed a few words to him. Pei Qinghua felt some power from Tan Yuan’s singing. Xiao Chuang posted ads for several days and finally revealed the answer. There were constant phone calls to book the computer, and Xiao Chuang was too busy to take care of both hands.

In the evening, Xiao Chuang went to the appointment triumphantly and invited Xie Hang to attend the trade fair. Unexpectedly, the friend Xie Hang brought was her boyfriend, Lei Min. Xiao Chuang awkwardly didn’t know what was going on. After a meal, Xiao Chuang’s relationship that hadn’t started yet was ruined. Xiao Chuang called Pei Qinghua and asked about some information. In fact, he was in a bad mood. He heard that Pei Qinghua’s progress was difficult and helpless.

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