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Jun Jiu Ling 君九龄 Episode 9 Recap

At the end of the day, Zhu Zan’s eyes and hands were sharp and he finally grabbed the cane, not only to save Jun Zhenzhen’s life, but also to satisfy his desire to win by the way. After he got a satisfactory answer, Jun Zhenzhen was rescued. Due to her foot injury, she was inconvenient to move, so he walked back on her back.

Chu Jiuling was speechless, and she was full of emotions for a while. She and Zhu Zan were the same when they were young. Now that things are different, they can’t help but sigh. In a blink of an eye, after walking for most of the distance, the two of them rested on the side of the road for a while, Zhu Zan took the opportunity to ask Jun Zhenzhen for the Ziying Immortal Strain, as cautiously as if he had received a treasure, Chu Jiuling seemed to think of something, so she generously gave it away.

Song Yunping sent his subordinates to track down Fang Chengyu, even if they searched the entire Zezhou city to find him. However, a few days have passed, and there is no trace of it. His men guessed that Fang Chengyu should have left the city long ago, so there was no trace. Fang Jinxiu remembered seeing Shaoyao packing up Fang Chengyu’s clothes and sneaking eastward, so she told Aunt Su about this.

Aunt Su pretended not to care about this, until Fang Jinxiu left, she asked Mu Jin to report Song Yunping quickly. This scene was seen by Fang Cao and Liu. In fact, long before Chu Jiuling left, he had already made a sure-fire plan, set a trap first and then release the bait. After Song Yunping received the news, he asked his subordinates to confirm whether Liu had been to Chengdong, and then believed that it was true and decided to kill.

The group met, set off again for Runan, and arrived at the old house of the Jun’s house within a few days. They found that the ancestral medical hall was ruined and the land had been snatched by the bully Hu Gui. Although the house deed was still in Chu Jiuling’s hands, she would rather not have the land, but also had to get back the sign of Jiuling Medical Center, and even thought it was a secret arrangement to return Jiuling’s name to her.

After his thoughts turned, Chu Jiuling walked out with determination, and publicly announced the reconstruction of Jiuling Hall, and claimed to be a descendant of the Jun family, changed his name to Jun Jiuling, threatened to treat intractable diseases, guaranteed that the medicine would be cured, and opened the first month of consultation. There are no fees for gold and medicine, and if you eat your words, you will be smashing your own signboard.

As soon as this remark came out, everyone present was shocked by the momentum, but Zhu Zan’s expression became more and more solemn. From the first time he saw Jun Zhenzhen’s gesture of making tea, to the day when the goddess scattered flowers and his current name, he had to Doubt his true identity. In order to confirm his inner guess, Zhu Zan sought out the old servants of Jun’s family to understand Jun Zhen’s situation, but was hit again, which proved that the expectations he had placed before were nothing but self-deception.

On the one hand, Zhu Zan danced his sword in the bamboo forest to vent his pain, on the other hand, Fang Chengyu was walking down the road after he recovered from a serious illness. The two men faced different situations, but it happened because of Jun Zhen. Chu Jiuling accompanied Fang Chengyu to go shopping. For the first time, Fang Chengyu was able to go shopping on his own, full of interest, and bought gifts for everyone in the Fang family. Jiuling also prepared a pair of new shoes for Fang Chengyu as a gift. After everyone returned to the house, Jiuling saw that Zhu Zan was deliberately estranged from him, and his heart was clear, so as Jun Zhenzhen, they persuaded him to let go of him as soon as possible and completely forget Chu Jiuling.

Hu Guixin was unwilling and insisted on fighting against Jun Zhenzhen, so he thought of Hai Ping, who was helpless by the medical staff in the city and his legs were disabled. He had no hope of curing because he had been ill in bed for many years. Therefore, after obtaining the consent of Haipingniang, Hu Gui sent someone to carry Haiping to the hospital for treatment by Jun Zhenzhen. If it fails to be cured, he can naturally smash the sign of Jiuling Medical Center and drive her out of you. South.

Aunt Su anxiously waited for the letter in the room, but Fang Cao led someone into the house, angrily accused her of murdering the Fang family, and wanted to ask her behind the scenes. Just as Aunt Su wanted to confess, she was assassinated by Hibiscus before she could speak. On the other hand, Hibiscus directly bite the poison pill and committed suicide. Seeing this, Fang Cao was helpless, so she ordered Fang Jinxiu to be locked up.

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