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Our Secret 暗格里的秘密 Episode 19 Recap

Ding Xian and Sun Shadi followed Zhou Siyue’s figure to find their place. Sun Shadi grabbed Song Ziqi to clean up, and asked Zhou Siyue and Ding Xian to go out and she wanted to have a good talk with Song Ziqi. Sun Shadi was very wronged by Song Ziqi to ignore her. Song Ziqi had insisted on staying with her at the beginning. Now that she was dropped out of school, she became a coward and too brave enough. Song Ziqi’s beating and scolding of Sun Shadi was very helpless, so he had to go back to Sun Shadi. He really didn’t know how to take care of Sun Shadi, and he also gave Sun Shadi some money in return for being a girlfriend.

An angry Sun Shadi ran out of the room crying. The more Song Ziqi thought that he shouldn’t treat Sun Shadi like that, she hurried out. He didn’t expect a car ran into a girl in front of him. Song Ziqi hurried to look at it. He didn’t expect it was not Sun Shadi, and Sun Shadi also passed by. Song Ziqi regrets that he shouldn’t treat Sun Shadi like that. In case Sun Shadi really disappears and I can’t face it, I will hug Sun Shadi and apologize. No matter what I encounter in the future, I won’t let Sun Shadi go. Shadi’s hand is gone.

Song Ziqi and Sun Shadi finally reconciled, saying goodbye to Zhou Siyue and Ding Xian and they went back to school, and Zhou Siyue also wondered if one day Ding Xian suddenly disappeared, whether he could accept all that, just Now Zhou Siyue has no courage to be with Ding Xian.

The more Zhou Si went to the hospital to visit his father, and now his condition improved a lot, his father felt that the more Zhou Si had to get along with Ding Xian, they liked Ding Xian very much. I can tell Zhou Siyue that he feels a little guilty about his mother. He has always underestimated her before, and now he is sick to know how important his mother is. These words were very touched by my mother hearing these words at the door. Both parents hope that Zhou Siyue will be responsible for his own life. The affairs of their elders are no big deal, so you don’t need to worry about Zhou Siyue too much.

Zhou Siyue decided to go back to Ding Xian again and call the team member Yuan Fang for help, and he also specifically asked Sun Shadi and Song Ziqi to give advice. After that, the original broadcast called Zhou Siyue to hang out with the people from the animation agency, so that there would be a chance to show love to Ding Xian. Everyone took the car to the company of Subcong. This robot contest was hosted by his company. Su Bo deliberately went out to pick up Ding Xian, and Xing Lufei also knew Su Subo. I didn’t expect Ding Xian and Subo to be more familiar with each other. So Zhou Siyue got off the car when Su Bo took the suitcase to Ding Xian.

Bo Cong said rudely that the robot contest was sponsored by his company, and he liked to get involved in any field. Ding Xian also took the suitcase and went into the room by himself. Subo never chased up and told Ding Xian his room number. At this time Dong Zhengfei saw Subo hurried over to say hello and wanted to get some attention, but Subo left hurriedly since he had no interest in leaving a call.

Zhou Siyue asked Ding Xian if he had time to ask her out, but Ding Xian was still very angry and told Zhou Siyue that she had never been free, and that Zhou Siyue didn’t go back and caught up with Ding Xian. He was thinking of Ding Xian. Well, Ding Xian and Subbo have heard what they said before, afraid that Ding Xian would be wronged too much for him, and they don’t want Ding Xian to sacrifice himself for Zhou Si. Ding Xian told Zhou Siyue that he would not be afraid even if he had too much suffering, because Ding Xian liked Zhou Siyue, but Zhou Siyue did not understand what his true love was. At this moment, Xing Lufei passed. Ding Xian entered his room without saying too much. Xing Lufei saw that Zhou Siyue was a little unhappy in pursuing Ding Xian, but Zhou Siyue directly told Xing Lufei that he liked Ding Xian. , This made Xing Lufei even more sad.

Ding Xian had Lou Feng and Yuan Fang discussed to ask Zhou Siyue and Ding Xian out separately, so Ding Xian went to the playground to wait for Lou Feng. Unexpectedly, Lou Feng didn’t go to Zhou Siyue, so Zhou Siyue I asked Ding Xian to play the maze with me. Some young ladies on the way saw that Zhou Si is handsome and wanted to add contact information, but Zhou Si the more firmly rejected them, and said that he already had a girlfriend, which made Ding Xian a little bit happy in his heart.

But the playground the two went to was a children’s playground, but the more Zhou Si used words, Ding Xian did not dare to play, Ding Xian would definitely go in without admitting defeat. The two played in the maze for a long time and finally Ding Xian went out first. The more Zhou Si refused to admit defeat, he would have to beat Ding Xian, and the two began to have fun in various competitions.

It started to rain when he returned, and Zhou Si took off his clothes and put on Ding Xian, and went to the supermarket to buy hot drinks for Ding Xian. Ding Xian told Zhou Siyue that it was the second time that they had been in the rain together. It was the end of the world in 2012, when the fireworks were set off by him, and the two kissed deeply.

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