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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 10 Recap

He Yao invited Xia Ming to help herself check the decoration quality of the studio, but found that the studio wall was slanted. Since she had signed a ten-year contract, she could only find a way to make up for the shortcomings. He Yao admires Xia Ming’s professionalism and admires him for being able to get in touch with the work he loves. On the contrary, whatever he does, his father arranges in advance.

Nowadays, Tianke’s application for transfer spread throughout the group. Xu Feng learned of this and hurried to report to Zhao Xiankun, but Zhao Xiankun’s attitude was unexpectedly calm. If Su Xiao agrees to Xia Ming’s conditions, and the group agrees to transfer the application, I am afraid that the review of Tianke will be difficult to continue.

In order to be able to precede Xia Ming, Xu Feng squatted at the construction bureau unit for many days, but every time he returned without success. In the end, Xu Feng became angry and couldn’t help cursing Li Xue for robbing her boyfriend and forcing her to die. He even accused her of relying on her family background for the status she got. This kind of person who was born on a high ground would only give others. Manufacturing bumps.

Wang Yang took the initiative to talk to Su Xiao, hoping that she could stay in Tiancheng Company and be promoted sooner or later. Just because Wang Yang values ​​talents, he decided to notify Chen Simin to announce his job transfer. Su Xiao will first be the manager of the business contract department, and he will be mainly responsible for bidding for leading international projects.

When my colleagues heard this result, they were naturally dissatisfied. Even Chen Simin saw that Lu Zhengming was a little bit disappointed, so he handed him the promotion application and promised to do his best to help him get promoted. In fact, Lu Zhengming was an employee brought up by Chen Simin. Instead of letting Su Xiao get in the company, it would be better to put in more people of his own.

That night, Su Xiao called Xia Ming and tactfully rejected the other’s kindness, saying that he had never forgotten that when he was desperate, only Tiancheng was willing to take it in. Huang Lilin was surprised and sighed after learning about this. He didn’t expect that there are such people in the current society. In fact, the reason why Su Xiao was reluctant to go to Tianke was mainly because she felt that Xia Ming had other small calculations, so she was too lazy to participate in the storm. middle.

Since the quarrel that day, Xu Feng knew that there was no hope for the investigation, so he settled his mind and accepted the failure. On the same day, Xu Feng bought some afternoon tea for his colleagues. His behavior was shocking. He wrote a letter of resignation immediately and was about to hand it to Zhao Xiankun, but unexpectedly received a cost engineer certificate from Li Xue.

Xu Feng was pleasantly surprised and instantly felt that he had regained hope in his life. He hurriedly contacted Su Xiao, and the two met in the restaurant and exchanged what they needed. Su Xiao asked Xu Feng to investigate the subcontractor of the range hood project. Sure enough, he found the problem in the audit report, so he asked Tianke for other project information and vowed to expose the entire iceberg to the surface.

Su Xiao got the cost engineer certificate, and she was as excited as a chicken blood. Although the difficult situation in reality will not change because of a certificate, she is confident that she can come back against the wind. It’s a pity that since Su Xiao took charge of the leading international project, the entire office has been talking about exclusion from behind, and no one is willing to cooperate with her work.

Perceiving Xu Feng’s changes, Xia Ming expected that he had made a breakthrough, so he took the initiative to meet with Su Xiao and told her about the difficulties of Tianke’s startup. Su Xiao’s certificate as a cost engineer was enough to prove her attitude. Xia Ming expressed her understanding and frankly said that Tianke’s door would always be open for her.

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