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Our Secret 暗格里的秘密 Episode 8 Recap

Ding Xian called Zhou Siyue and his mother went in. Ding Xian was so frightened that she hurriedly hid the phone, but her mother had discovered that Ding Xian had taken away the phone when she called someone. She called it a good name to replace it for safekeeping. Ding Xian learns first.

Song Ziqi brought a group of classmates to celebrate Sun Shadi’s birthday in the karaoke hall. Several Sun Shadi realized that the boys had to take Sun Shadi to their private room to play before. Sun Shadi did not want to go to those boys so he did it. Pulling her away, Song Ziqi stopped in front of them and told them that they knew the generals. Those few people quickly slipped away. Several girls looked at Song Ziqi and settled by one person. Several people were really mighty. Song Ziqi was also complacent and asked Sun Shadi to follow. He will not be wronged.

Teacher Liu wanted to know what Zhou Siyue did last night, and told him not to hold his mind when something happened, but Zhou Siyue would definitely not say it. He didn’t expect He Xingwen overheard Zhou Siyue call and knew him. I told Teacher Liu to save Ding Xian.

When the exam was over, Ding Xian scored 270 points securely, which made Ding Xian very happy, and Zhou Siyue was also happy for her. The interaction between the two made Teacher Liu see in his eyes and seemed to have doubts between them.

When Ding Xian went home, she showed her results to her mother. Her mother was also happy with Ding Xian’s results and agreed that she could continue to stay in the science class. But Teacher Liu educates Ding Xian and feels that she and Zhou Siyue are too close, which will affect their studies, and I hope she can change seats with Song Ziqi when she goes back. But Ding Xian asked Teacher Liu to give him a chance. It would not be too late to adjust his seat if his test scores decline. After returning home, Ding Xian and Sun Shadi guessed that it must be the girl’s ghost, jealous that Ding Xian and Zhou Si got closer.

The male classmate knew that Ding Xian’s grades had risen, so he went to her to help solve the problem. The more Zhou Si went back, he sat aside and easily solved the problem. So the classmate went to Zhou Siyue for help. Ding Xian was left cold. One side didn’t know what to say.

Class 3 is going to compete with Class 8 basketball. Class 8 printed banners and slogans. It was very arrogant. The cheerleaders of Class 3 were actually weak when they weren’t prepared. So Deng Wanwan was angry but wanted to print banners, but the game was about to begin. Obviously it was too late, so Ding Xian asked everyone to prepare cardboard to draw slogans and banners for them to cheer for the boys. But when they arrived at the scene with the slogan, the first half was over, and they fell behind to the eighth class.

In the first half, Zhou Siyue was too tired to play and stayed asleep. He woke up in the second half and appeared on the stage. Soon the score was followed by the eighth class. Teacher Liu also chanted slogans for them, and his anger quickly increased, but when Zhou Si was over the hurdle, he was knocked down and twisted to his ankle. This made everyone very worried, but Zhou Si has experienced many battles. , There was no problem with his feet, and when the whistle sounded, he overtook the score and won the game.

Teacher Liu announced to the class that Zhou Siyue had passed the test and could participate in the math competition on behalf of the school. He Xingwen despised Teacher Liu’s decision and felt that Zhou Siyue was Teacher Liu’s godson. Before going out secretly, Teacher Liu didn’t take it seriously, but now it’s too unfair to be able to go out to compete. After hearing He Xingwen’s words, the classmates began to condemn him, telling He Xingwen not to be jealous of Zhou Siyue all day. Ding Xian also told He Xingwen to go to the teacher if he felt unfair, instead of chewing his tongue behind his back, he and Xingwen walked away angrily.

Ding Xian went to Zhou Siyue’s house to look for him. His mother was not at home and Zhou Siyue didn’t eat, so Ding Xian cooked instant noodles for Zhou Siyue and asked him to eat. The more uncomfortable.

My mother saw Ding Xian’s diary while cleaning, which contained records of being with Zhou Siyue. Her mother was very angry at Ding Xian’s actions and went to Ding Xian to settle the account, so Ding Xian grabbed the diary. I threw it out the window, not wanting my mother to read the content. Ding Xian and her mother were angry and ran out. When she ran downstairs to find the diary, but could not find it, Zhou Si went to find Ding Xian more and more, and when she learned that she was looking for the diary, he helped to find it, but still I couldn’t find it.

The more Zhou Si remembered that he had just passed by a waste collector and didn’t prepare them to take it away. Ding Xian was very sad. Zhou Siyue asked her to go to play at home. It happened that Zhou Siyue’s mother was not at home. Zhou Siyue brought out a robot to Ding Xian to make her happy. The robot amused Ding Xian very happy. The more Zhou Siyue saw that Ding Xian was well, he told her to go home after dinner.

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