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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 22 Recap

Sun Yulou brought Lin Shaochun to seek medical doctor Jiang, falsely claiming that he didn’t want children when he was busy on official business, and wanted to pretend to be ill in front of his parents, so Doctor Jiang gave them red phosphorous powder.

Today is the day when Sun Yulou and Lin Shaochun met for one year. Sun Yulou took Lin Shaochun to the night market and specially prepared a wonderful show. Lin Shaochun was very happy. The performers took off their masks, but they were Liu Sanjue. , Lady Yu, Mother, Xiaoya and Wang Jun. Lin Shaochun thanked Sun Yulou for his meticulous arrangement. The two of them threw fireworks into the sky together, and bright fireworks burst into the sky. Lin Shaochun and Sun Yulou snuggled together and felt this rare comfort and warmth.

Lin Shaochun asked Liu Wushuang to tell Wu Yuehong, Wu Yuehong couldn’t wait to ask him how to please her man, Liu Wushuang made an idea to let her see Sun Shijie’s state outside. Sun Yulou forced Sun Shijie to drink the bottled medicine and asked him to test Taoyao’s sincerity. Sun Shijie resolutely refused to agree. Sun Yulou explained the stakes to him, and Sun Shijie reluctantly drank the bottle of medicine.

Lin Shaochun and Sun Yulou settled Sun Shijie to the inn, and also found Tao Yao, falsely claiming that Sun Shijie had the plague, Tao Yao voluntarily asked to stay and take care of Sun Shijie. Wu Yuehong secretly followed Sun Shijie’s carriage to the inn and saw Tao Yao crying and crying by Sun Shijie’s hand. She gritted her teeth with anger, and wanted to rush in to find Tao Yao’s theory. The sword desperately grabbed her and persuaded her not to destroy Lin Shaochun and his wife. According to the plan, Wu Yuehong had no choice but to leave.

Taoyao wants to go back to clean up, and then take care of Sun Shijie, and ask Lin Shaochun and his wife for help. From the primary school doctor, Taoyao had long seen that Sun Shijie was not ill at all, and decided to play a role in the plan. He didn’t expect Wu Yuehong to appear suddenly and could not say that she stepped forward to punch and kick Taoyao. Afterwards, Wu Yuehong came to Xu Fengqiao for help. Xu Fengqiao promised to find someone to drive Taoyao away. She opened her mouth loudly and asked Wu Yuehong for a lot of silver, and also snatched away the jade bracelet she married.

Sun Shijie bought a lot of gifts to see Taoyao. There was already empty, and Sun Shijie was sad and unhappy, sitting in Taoyao’s residence, feeling sad. Early the next morning, Sun Shijie went home in despair. Wu Yuehong also stayed up all night. She hurriedly played the piano to please Sun Shijie. Sun Shijie finally figured it out and vowed to cherish Wu Yuehong again.

Taoyao woke up in a daze and found that she and the maid were locked up in a boat. She guessed that they had been sold. Taoyao wanted to escape but was caught on the spot and wanted to sell them to pirates. Taoyao promised Three times the benefit fee was given to them, and they released Taoyao and Shijian on the spot.

Su Yingxue has been vomiting recently. After examination, she was pregnant. Su Yingxue came to Jia Fengyuan. Jia Fengyuan was worried that the child would affect his future. Jia Fengyuan asked Su Yingxue to get rid of the child. Su Yingxue resolutely refused. Promise to take abortion pills.

Su Yingxue accidentally discovered that the mother-in-law and Jia Ding were fooling around behind the rockery, so she reported them to Shen Qingyao, and Shen Qingyao chased them away in angrily. Lin Shaochun understood that the mother-in-law is a very capable person, and helped her a lot, so she hurried to stand. Coming out to intercede for them, Shen Qingyao didn’t buy it, and let Su Yingxue deal with the two servants by himself.

Lin Shaochun pleaded with Su Yingxue, saved the two people, and gave them a sum of money to make a living. Seeing this scene, Su Yingxue had the idea of ​​letting Lin Shaochun help keep the child in her stomach. Su Yingxue personally came to Lin Shaochun to beg for Lin Shaochun. She first cried about her and Sun Junhao’s hardships, and then she and Jia Fengyuan had an affair to become pregnant. Lin Shaochun didn’t want to help Zhou to abuse her face to face, so Su Yingxue knelt down and begged Lin Shaochun. Lin Shaochun reluctantly agreed to think about it.

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