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Keun Ruk Salub Chata (2021) แค้นรักสลับชะตา

Keun Ruk Salub Chata (2021)
Other Title: แค้นรักสลับชะตา, A revenge of love

Genres: Action, Romance, Fantasy
10 episodes
Magic Eve One Entertainment
Wilawan Sangkhaphiban
Channel 3
Release Date: 
June 12, 2021
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  • Krating Khunnarong Pratesrat as Tet
  • Alek Teeradetch Metawarayut as Wat
  • Namtarn Pichukkana Wongsarattanasin as Ginney
  • Bua Nalinthip Sakulongumpai as Kulanij
  • Pin Kejmanee Wattanasin
  • Chai Chatayodom Hiranyatithi


A car accident on the night of the red moon caused Tech (Krating Khunnarong), a young pilot, and Phasawan (Alek Teeradet), a falling star, to switch bodies. From the fact that life is being successful, both work and work of Tech. And is planning to marry Kulnit (Bua Nalinthip), a beautiful doctor, Tech has to come in the body of Phasawat, a star model whose boyfriend is Ginny (Sugar Phichakkana), a star and a young model who are on the downtrend together. Phawat then survived by delivering drugs to the mafia gang. And despite Ginny’s ban, Patsawat wouldn’t give up.

Taej tries to find a way to get his body back in the ICU that night, but it’s not easy when Thanapob (Am Amarin) and Thitiya (Pin Kejamanee), who are Tae’s father and mother. thinks that the other party will try to harm Tej’s body So Thanapob did everything to keep him from getting close to Tej’s body. Causing Tej, who was in the body of a Buddhist monk, had to live with Ginny.

On the resurrected millennium, he learns that he is in the form of the son of a wealthy businessman. He also has a girlfriend who is a beautiful doctor. Phasawat thought that it was fortunate to have a new life. and he will be in this body forever. while Taech must learn a new life from Genie. The girlfriend of Tarot, she herself was surprised by the change in her boyfriend after he woke up. But the more we live together Ginny is even more impressed with the new millennium, who has turned out to be a very nice, smart, discreet and organized person who meets all her requirements and is the complete opposite of the old millennium. Ginny is so lost in her head that she can’t even raise her head and even he tries to tell Ginny that he’s not her boyfriend Phasawas. Ginny never believed. because she thought that it was the best thing for her to change herself into a better person.

when still unable to find a way to return So Teche was reluctant to become a Buddhist first. But it wasn’t easy for a pilot like him to become an actor. until he was relieved from all the acting jobs that Phatsawat had ever received. Techh and Ginny face a difficult life with no money to spend, but worst of all, dealing with the dark side of the century. because before the accident Phatsawat has stolen a large lot of drugs and ten million from the gang of Single (Sira Phatrat), causing the headmaster to order Solo to get things back from Phatsawat.

Until Ginny learns the fact that her boyfriend Phatsawat has actually switched bodies with Thet. Ginny felt sympathy for Tej who had to suffer in the body of the Buddha. Along with feeling very heartbroken when she learns that Tesh is not her boyfriend. Plus Tech has a real fan. Kunnit as well Ginny finds a way to help Tej regain his body by taking him to see a fortune teller. So he knew that the day of the accident was the red moon day. which if Tech wants to return Will have to cause another accident on the next red moon. But Phasawat does not want to return to his original body because of being close to Kulnit as Taej’s girlfriend. causing him to fall in love with Kunnit In addition, Phawat was also fascinated by Tej’s luxurious life. He therefore refused to cooperate with Tej and even thought of killing Tej with his body.

So Tech has to do whatever it takes to change his mind to allow him to return the body to him. Among the obstacles and dangers of a solo chase Will Techh be able to change his mind in the end? And what will the lives of both of them be? Follow up in the vengeance of love and fate!

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