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Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling 一不小心捡到爱 Episode 21 Recap

An Xin and Ling Yue looked through the previous photos together. An Xin recalled the days when she was living with her mother. Ling Yue comforted her and said that she would not take work home and accompany her more. An Xin said that this was already very good. More gentle light would be better, not only for her but also for the people around Ling Yue.

Xiao Yishan went to Ai Li’s house to find her to cook, but Ai Li happened to mess up the house, so he would not let him in. Xiao Yishan did not expect Xiao Yishan to come in by himself, and also prevented Ling Yue from arranging work for Ai Li. Xiao Yishan cleaned up the house and made a good meal. Unexpectedly, it was unexpectedly delicious, and Ai Li was also a little surprised. As for Xiao Yishan, he also took the opportunity to express his inner thoughts, but Ai Li still couldn’t accept two people living together, but Dr. Xiao prevented her from speaking out and said that he would wait for her.

Zhao Lei talked with others about the plan, and Yoyo admired him very much and felt that he had become more and more of his own. Zhao Lei is very grateful to Yoyo to do something that she wanted to do but never did. While talking, a text message came and asked him to accompany the client to eat and drink. Yoyo was still a little worried. In a blink of an eye, Zhao Lei said that he didn’t want to go anymore and wanted to watch the meteor with Yoyo.

An Xin and Ling Yue were in the car preparing to go home. Doctor Xiao kept calling Mo Li. An Xin thought it was a harassing call, but An Xin also guided Mo Li to grasp his own happiness. Dr. Xiao liked Mo Li in this way.

Ai Li stayed by her side while working at ease. Ai Li also told her story about her encounter with President Ling. It turned out that President Ling rescued Ai Li from the boxing gym and let her be her bodyguard. Otherwise, it is possible now. Ai Li’s life is gone. Therefore, Ai Li has always been grateful and has stayed with Ling Yue conscientiously.

Dr. Xiao invited Ai Li to the place where he met Xiao Ai for the first time. Xiao Ai was the cat. Dr. Xiao brought a bunch of flowers and told her what he wanted to do with Ai Li. Take a step closer and protect Moxa. Ai Li accepted Dr. Xiao’s flowers and told her that she had promised him a long time ago. Only then did Dr. Xiao remember the scene when she was drunk. But Ai Li said that he didn’t need Dr. Xiao to protect her because she was able to protect herself, but she was willing to try Dr. Xiao, and Dr. Xiao hugged Ai Li excitedly.

Xin’er was looking forward to watching the meteor shower on the rooftop. Ling Sheng came over to discuss the meteor shower and wishing with Xin’er. Suddenly Xin’er thought about whether Ling Sheng was simple or complicated. She suspected that Ling Sheng sent someone to follow her, Ling Sheng. Explaining that I was only worried about her, I hope Xiner can believe her, Xiner chose to believe it. Ling Sheng told her that she had a gift for her.

Xiner looked back and found that the anime characters designed by Ling Sheng for herself and her were displayed on the opposite building. She was moved and surprised. Ling Sheng asked if he would like to officially become herself. Xin’er agreed to his girlfriend, and the two kissed together excitedly, the meteor shower crossed the horizon, and Ling Sheng said that his wish had been fulfilled at this time.

When the meteor shower crossed the horizon, An Xin also made a wish with Ling Yue. Zhao Lei and Youyou ran out to see them happily. Doctor Xiao hugged Ai Li to watch together. Only An Sheng was at home watching the meteor shower.

Chairman Gu didn’t know what to think at home, Xin’er went home and admitted her mistake as An Xin. Xin’er was also wondering what was wrong. Yang Hong’s information for Ansheng to set up a fund, Ansheng found that there was a lot of information about transferring funds to Yuguo, and he was suspicious. Yu Guo and the mysterious person discussed that An Xin was at home alone and wanted to make an appointment with An Xin.

Yu Guo called An Xin. An Xin went to find Yu Guo without even thinking about it. An Sheng was passing by Yang Hong’s house at home and found that she was calling someone else to plan the key An Xin, so he ran to rescue her. As soon as Ling Yue arrived at the company’s door, someone used An Xin’s mobile phone to meet him alone in a remote abandoned building, and delayed the meeting to find An Xin.

An Xin has been kidnapped. After Ling Yue went in, the kidnapper threatened An Xin to sign the equity transfer agreement. After Ling Yue signed it, he took the opportunity to punch him. The two of them fought together, and they were about to rescue An Xin. Yu Guo smashed the wine bottle at Ling Yue’s head, and he fell into a coma, and when he woke up again, his hands and feet were tied up. The mysterious person asked Yu Guo to deal with the two of them, and after he left, he actually put a smoke in the house. Fortunately, Ling Fang arrived at this time and rescued them and the group.

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