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Crocodile and Plover Bird (2019) Episode 44 Recap

At The hospital, Zhou Erwen stayed in front of Chen Zhou’s bed all night, for fear that Chen Zhou woke up and didn’t see himself. The next day, Chen Zhou got up as usual, and when he saw his son lying beside him, he was shocked. Zhou Erwen Songkou said good things to Chen Zhou, and said he was wrong. Chen Zhou also thought that he had made mistakes first.

After being rescued by Gao’s father, Chen Zhou mistakenly thought that Zhou Erwen’s mother and son were no longer alive, so he didn’t inquire about them and instead focused on researching experiments. When Chen Zhou and Zhou Erwen met again, Chen Zhou always silently guarded Zhou Erwen, but Zhou Erwen didn’t know it. Zhou Erwen talked about his old age. After his mother died that year, he was sent to a nursing home, and then raised by Professor Bai. This was what he has achieved today. Chen Zhou was absent from most of Zhou Erwen’s life, feeling his helplessness. Li Nanen stepped out to comfort them in time, and encouraged each other to cherish each other well and not miss again.

Chen Zhou wanted to go out to bask in the sun, so he asked Li Nanen to get his own notebook. Zhou Erwen pushed Chen Zhou out for a walk, and Li Nanen didn’t want to disturb the two, so he and the two got along alone. Chen Zhou gave Zhou Erwen’s notes about his homeland year 2 to Zhou Erwen, hoping that it would be helpful for Zhou Erwen’s research on the Hanging Garden in the future. Chen Zhou told Zhou Erwen to go forward bravely and protect Li Nanen forever. He also left many regrets. Zhou Erwen looked very sad when his father explained his last words, but Chen Zhou could not support it anymore. After explaining these things, he closed his eyes forever.

Chen Zhou and Dao Gao died before and after their feet. In front of Gao Da’s tomb, Gao Mu and Wan Wei came to visit him at the same time. Wan Wei questioned whether Takagi hated herself, and Takagi didn’t answer. At this time, it suddenly rained, and Wan Wei returned the umbrella that Takagi gave to him that year, and she left. Takagi, Zhou Kelvin and others on the way back, unruly looking at Lee, South and Zuma fooling around, worried that Zuma was taken away, and inspire Wu called the pursuit of Zuma again, but Wu called it feel indifferent.

After the collapse of the Euro Group’s stock, Vice President Chen encouraged Takagi to have another day in the group. Takagi asked Vice President Chen to give Zhou Erwen all the data planned for the experimental phase, and he left the company after sending the data. When Zhou Erwen looked at the experimental notes left by his father in the laboratory, Vice President Chen came to the apartment and gave him the data. Vice President Chen told Zhou Erwen about his concerns about Gao Mu, and also told them that Zhao Zhongfei took plan k as his own.

As soon as Zhou Erwen heard, he asked Vice President Chen to take himself to find Zhao Zhongfei. At this time, Takagi came to Zhao Zhongfei’s company as a courier and wanted to kill Zhao Zhongfei. Zhou Erwen hurried to stop Zhao Zhongfei to meet Takagi. Zhou Erwen scolded Gao Mu, but Gao Mu began to cry, his father died, and the Ouou Group was destroyed in his own hands. He really wanted to retaliate against Zhao Zhongfei. Takagi cried in front of Zhou Erwen, telling the story of himself and his father. He originally wanted to remediate the Ou Group and let his father see his ability. regret. Zhou Erwen comforted Takagi, and there were everyone around him. He invited Takagi to restart the sky garden together, and their hands were tightly held together.

At night, Gao Mu returned to Gao Dong, Yu Yuzhang dissatisfied with his appearance. Takagi believed that the bell had to be tied, and decided to talk to Yu Buzhi in person. Takagi explained to him the ins and outs of the story, but Yu Buzhi still refused to believe him, and the two finally reached an agreement. As long as Takagi continued to stay high, he had to keep staring at him. Gao Mu readily agreed that the contradiction between the brothers had eased a lot. Yu Buzhi returned to the apartment and proposed to promote the Sky Garden project in both promotion and experiment. This proposal was unanimously approved.

In the bar, Wan Wei was drinking alone. Zhao Zhongfei wanted to cooperate with Wan Wei, but Wan Wei was not interested. Zhao Zhongfei deliberately told Wan Wei that Zhou Erwen and Gao Mu joined forces, which only aroused Wan Wei’s interest, and then he agreed to Zhao Zhongfei’s request.

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