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Jin Shao Chasing His Wife and Wolf and Milk

Jin Shao Chasing His Wife and Wolf and Milk
Other Name: 靳少追妻又狼又奶

Genre: novel
Author: N/A
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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The gold medalist “Beijing” profoundly interprets an unforgettable love with superb writing, also known as “Meng” Baolai Strikes: President Daddy Spoils the Sky”, the story of the novel: Originally, Jiang Mange was a wealthy daughter, a design that made her lose everything. In everyone’s minds, they thought that she would never be able to turn over. Five years later, when she returned to China again, she was not only followed by a little Mengbao, she also completed her transformation. Encountering Jin Liting, she was completely entangled. He fell in love with her at first sight. In order to keep Jiang Mange by his side, Jin Liting used a little trick. When the truth of the past was revealed, everything returned to its original position.

Free Reading Highlights:

Jin Liting suddenly captured a broken fragment in his memory:

That was one night five years ago.

He was drugged, and when he was confused, he opened the door of a hotel room. In that case, as a man, he had a drug attack again, and naturally…

When the drug was relieved, the woman was still asleep. He only regarded her as a part of his design, and he walked away without looking at her.

Later, for a long time, he was waiting for the follow-up of that incident, but the matter was left unfinished, and he gradually forgot.

It now appears that this woman is really hiding.

He could endure the child until he was four years old before he came to him!

But thinking of the little guy’s eyebrows almost exactly the same as him, Jin Liting’s heart was still incredibly soft.

Since it was his Jin Liting’s seed, he definitely couldn’t be left outside.

No matter how much money this woman wants, for the sake of the little guy, he will agree.

Jin Liting took out the information of the woman listed by the little guy, and fixed his eyes on the three characters “Jiang Mange”. The name was good, but it was a scheming woman.

When he saw that Jiang Mange’s work place was opposite his company building, Jin Liting was full of little guys holding his thighs and shouting daddy. He stood up excitedly and shouted: “Zhou Chaoan, bring the appraisal report, now follow me go!”

Zhou Chaoan was happy when he saw the boss’s beaming look, “Is the boss going to pick up his son home?”

Jin Liting gave Zhou Chaoan a rare smile of approval.

Eight minutes later.

Jin Liting took Zhou Chaoan to the entrance of Baili’s high-end custom shop.

Both of them are very eye-catching, especially Jin Liting, with sword eyebrows and star eyes, handsome stature, a top male model, and those with a strong aura that are three meters away dare not breathe casually.

As soon as these two people appeared at the door, they immediately aroused exclamation.

“Wow, look, two handsome guys at the door! Especially the taller one, so handsome, I can’t breathe anymore!”

“Yes, not only is it handsome, but also has a strong aura, and I feel that Jin Liting who was blown to the sky is nothing but that.”

“Wait, Jin Liting…how do I think that tall man looks so much like Jin Liting?”

The front desk and a few designers were committing idiots, and when they saw that the two men had opened the door, their heartbeats suddenly missed a beat, and they quickly put on smiles.

Jin Liting pushed the door in, and said in a low voice, “I’m looking for Jiang Mange.”

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