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Dt.Appledog’s Time 我的时代,你的时代 Episode 37 Recap

Ai Qing and Wu Bai-collar returned home after completing their certificates, and seeing that Ai’s father had left them a large table of delicious food, Ai Qing smiled and said that they could start the world of two. Wu Bai asked her to sit down first, and he gave her his bank card, which contained his previous game bonus. Ai Qing smiled and asked him whether he had handed over the economic power to her so soon. Wu Bai said that in fact, he planned to propose to her in Street Heart Park that day, but she was the first to get her.

Ai Qing was very curious about how he planned to propose to her that day. Wu Bai said that they were beside them in 97 that day. Everyone was holding such a box in his hand. He opened the box and took out a car key to her. He was afraid that there would be a car key. At that time, he was too busy to pick her up and down, so he bought a car for her to transport her. He also bought the wedding house, and he gave her the key to the wedding house.

Seeing Wu Bai doing this for her, she was very moved, feeling as if she was married to a Doraemon, but she didn’t need these, he was enough. Wu Bai felt that it was not enough. He imagined 10 years for love and prepared for 10 years. Ai Qing asked what they would be like in 10 years. Wu Bai felt that they would be happier.

After dinner, the two changed their pajamas. Wu Bai squeezed toothpaste onto the toothbrush. Ai Qing smiled and asked him how he felt before and after receiving the certificate. Wu Bai said he could sleep on her bed tonight. Ai Qing couldn’t help but smile and scold him as a hooligan. Wu Bai turned off the light and said that it was exercising legitimate rights. He was about to kiss her and the phone rang suddenly. When he saw that it was grandpa’s phone, he pressed the speakerphone. Grandpa heard that he was brushing his teeth at Ai Qing’s house and said that this kind of day should be Taking her to the romantic place, Ai Qing said that she suggested it. Grandpa laughed that she had started protecting Wu Bai before the wedding, and said that if the kid bullied her, he would tell him.

After hanging up the phone, Wu Bai picked her up on the bed and lowered her head to kiss her. His mother called again and asked them what they were doing. Their answers were inconsistent. One said they brushed their teeth and the other said they watched the movie. The mother complained about his son saying that his father was so. The old-fashioned person is not as unromantic as him. I hung up the phone and Ai Qing was looking for a movie with her mobile phone. Wu Bai said that she really wanted to watch a movie, and continued to kiss her when she said that, the phone rang again, Wu Bai Push it aside and ignore it.

The next day Wu Bai returned to the base and told his teammates that he had obtained the certificate. When he got married next month, everyone couldn’t help but screamed happily. Then they went to buy a suit. When Wu Bai walked out of the fitting room wearing a suit, everyone couldn’t help exclaiming gentleness. A scum, Wu Bai couldn’t help but frown and asked what kind of word it was, and Shen Zhe smiled and said a good word.

Wu Bai asked her teammates if she would like it. 97 said that he is the K&k face and Xiaomi also said that Ai Qing would like it. Everyone cheered for him. Grandpa and Ai’s father also went to choose dresses. They chose several sets. Grandpa asked the clerk to scan the QR code shown by Wu Liao to check out. After buying the dress, they went to see the designer and asked her to design the wedding room. After grandpa said the style of decoration he wanted, Father Ai added that the most important thing is good quality and low price.

Afterwards, grandpa showed Wu Bai the pictures of the wedding room he invited the designer to design. Wu Bai saw that he was very happy, so he asked his grandpa to design a more festive set for Han Shangyan. He publicly agreed, and Wu Bai quietly sent a message to his cousin. Congratulations, he will soon have a festive wedding room.

Grandpa felt that they would not want to give Wu Bai and Ai Qing money directly, so he played mahjong with Wu Bai and Ai Qing. With the cooperation of Wu Bai’s parents, he lost repeatedly to Ai Qing and Wu Bai. Then Wu Bai’s mother took Ai Qing to buy a wedding dress. After shopping and shopping, Wu Bai wanted to send Ai Qing back. Her mother wanted to stay with Ai Qing for one night. She and Ai Qing slept in a room to chat, and let Wu Bai Sleeping in the same room with his father, Ai Qing was a little nervous, not knowing what his mother would say.

In the evening, his mother showed her a photo album of Wu Bai’s childhood photos. Ai Qing happily looked at his cute appearance when he was a child. After her mother fell asleep, Ai Qing received a message from Wu Bai, so the two met quietly in the living room. Ai Qing could see that his parents loved each other very much, and her father was even more lonely after she married her sister, Wu Bai said They will live in Shanghai to accompany him to support him in the future. Ai Qing can’t help but feel very warm when he hears it.

When Wu Bai returned to the base, his teammates took out their carefully prepared wedding gifts. Shen Zhe’s gift was a reserve fund. Wu Bai promised to give half of his salary to Shen Zhe. Shen Zhe didn’t want it all in the reserve fund. Now he wants the property to be returned to the original owner. Wu Bai said that this money will be used as a team building And the bonus, the teammates were very happy to hear it.

97 and Shen Zhe suggested to set up a bachelor party now. There were champagne, beauties and swimming pools. Wu Bai took them with them. As a result, there was no party. Wu Bai just pulled them in the room and watched him iron his clothes. Ai Qing is also busy ironing her wedding dress at home, and Ai’s father and Ai Jing arrange the room for the next day’s wedding.

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