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Big Brother Only Remember Me After Amnesia

Big Brother Only Remember Me After Amnesia
Other Name: 大佬失忆后只记得我, The boss only remembers me after amnesia

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Dingjia Shu
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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Fu Nanli, the captain of Dongchuan Airlines and the sole heir of the Fu consortium, lost his memory in a car accident. Just remember Wen Qiao who rescued her desperately before the car accident. “Are you?” Wen Qiao, who can survive only by staying with Fu Nanli, said shamelessly: “I’m your wife.” Fu Shao’s eyes were puzzled, but she only remembered such a person. She said yes, then so be it. The cold and noble male god was snatched away by the wild girl who didn’t know where he came from. The celebrities in Hong Kong were angry.

The celebrities raised 100 million, and they must tear off the mask of Wen Qiao, the fox spirit. But only waiting for the two people’s wedding of the century. One hundred million is so bleak! The celebrities cried and rushed to the ground: “Everyone said that Mr. Fu had a dark and deep belly, why did he fall on this little vixen who was full of lies?” A man looked lightly: “If you don’t think about it, how can you turn the little fox home?”

Chapter 1 Stay with Fu Nanli
Chapter 2 The Big Brother Has Amnesia
Chapter 3 I’m Your Wife
Chapter 4 is marked
Chapter 5 The Aura of the Palace
Chapter 6 Seeing Son as a Stain
Chapter 7 Talk with my lawyer
Chapter 8 It’s Colder Than Before
Chapter 9
Chapter 10 Help him wear a swimming cap

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