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Chapter 8 It’s Colder Than Before

A thunderous roar came from behind: “It’s getting more and more unruly.”

And Zhong Hui’s soft voice: “Jianmin, don’t be angry, don’t be angry.”

Wen Qiao smiled and shook her head. The sun outside was warm. The Wen family’s garden was beautiful and exquisite. There was a long corridor of wisteria flowers. Once she liked to play here, but later changed the owner. , And gradually stopped coming.

This time, it is probably the last time.

There was footsteps behind her, and when she turned her head, Xu Lu chased her out and stopped her, panting.


Wen Qiao folded his arms and looked at this’Miss Bai Lian’ calmly.


Xu Lu handed over a card: “Wen Qiao, here are five thousand yuan, you take it.”

Wen Qiao didn’t reach out to pick it up, raising his eyebrows: “What do you mean?”

“I think you shouldn’t talk to Uncle Wen like that. He is an elder after all, and you have grown up and become an adult. In fact, you can make money with your own hands. This is five thousand yuan for you. You take this money to deal with it, anyway, you also graduated from high school, go out to find a job, I believe you are an independent and self-reliant person, you do not need to rely on others.”

Wen Qiao was about to laugh angrily.

In the last life, she believed in the brainwashing words of this Miss Bailian. She felt that people should have self-esteem. If the scumbag didn’t give money, then she didn’t want it. She gave up the opportunity to go to college and went to the bar to sing. She was so stupid that she wanted to open it. Take a look at your own mind, why was it so awkward in your last life?

In this life, the words of this Miss Bai Lian are still so consistent.

She smiled: “These five thousand yuan? Where did you come from?”

Xu Lu: “What do you mean?”

“Isn’t your money given by my dad? You, an outsider with the surname Xu, can use my dad’s money. I am his biological daughter, and Wen Chi Wenmo is his own son. We use his money even more. It’s only natural to talk about self-esteem and not self-esteem. If you really want to talk about self-esteem and independence, it should be you Xu Lu who refuses to spend my dad’s money.”

Xu Lu looked aggrieved: “Wen Qiao, I’m all for your good, why are you so hostile all of a sudden? You have changed.”

Wen Qiao patted her on the shoulder: “Just take care of yourself. Don’t use other people’s one-acre three-quarters in the future. You don’t need to be kind in front of me, you know?”

After speaking, turn around and leave.

Xu Lu stomped her feet with anger: “I really don’t know good people.”

The cool summer wind is oncoming, and midsummer is hidden behind the sycamore leaves, ready to move, lush and green all the way, Wen Qiao got out of the car, stood in front of the hospital, holding the mobile phone in his hand.

That is Fu Nanli’s cell phone.

After rebirth, she automatically unlocked some skills that she did not have in her previous life, such as a computer master. She added some chat records to Fu Nanli’s mobile phone so that she would not be exposed.

As he went to his ward, he checked the WeChat chat records he had manually added to make sure there were no flaws.

At the door of the ward, two uniformed aviation personnel stood.

The man is tall, the uniform should be the co-pilot, the woman’s makeup and hair are meticulous, the three-centimeter high heels, standing tall, should be a stewardess.

The man Hyun Ran wanted to cry: “I have been his co-pilot for three years. If you don’t know me, you won’t know me.”

The woman patted him on the shoulder and sighed, “I have been his flight attendant for four years, but I still don’t know me. Don’t be sad.”

“The captain seems to be colder than before. Over the past three years, through my unremitting efforts, I can finally make a couple of jokes occasionally. It’s better now, and I will return to the pre-liberation overnight.”

Female Flight Attendant: “The Director of the Air Traffic Management Bureau is here. I want to give our captain a test. Let’s go in together.”

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