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Chapter 3 I’m Your Wife

Wen Qiao realized his gaffe, and quickly showed a sad look: “There is no injury in other places, right?”

“It’s all skin injuries, it doesn’t matter.”

The people in the ward were pushed out, Fu Nanli wrapped gauze on his head, closed his eyes, and fell asleep. The doctor said that when the effect of the anesthetic subsided, he would wake up.

The sound of rain outside the window, the curve on the bedside electrocardiogram and brain wave graph made Wen Qiao feel relieved, as if it represented her vital signs.

She was sitting in front of the hospital bed, so she had time to take a good look at this man whose fate was tied to her without knowing what was going on.

The man’s nose is high and the outline is deep and distinct. Even if he is unconscious, he can feel the noble and cold breath from him. At first glance, he is the uppermost noble and young man.

The door was suddenly knocked open, and Wen Qiao saw a gray-haired man rushing in. He was afraid of fear engraved in his eyes. He trembled and said, “My family…my master…what’s wrong?”

Wen Qiao hurriedly comforted him: “He was in a car accident on the way to the airport. He was not life-threatening, but suffered a head hit. The doctor said that he would wake up soon. Don’t worry.”

The butler looked lingering.

“Hi…” The man on the bed suddenly made a weak voice.

The gray-haired man ran to the bed, feeling helpless, his eyes flushed: “Master…Master.”

Fu Nanli slowly opened his eyes, Wen Qiao thoughtfully pressed the bedside switch, the bedside slowly rose, and the patient was in a half-lying position.

Wen Qiao carefully observed Fu Nanli’s expression. His eyes were blurred and confused. He glanced at the man who had just entered, and his voice was hoarse: “You are?”

I saw the gray-haired man look wrong, his fingers trembling, and he seemed to be unable to believe what he said: “Master, I…I am the Fu’s housekeeper, Uncle Li, you…what’s wrong with you?”

Wen Qiao squeezed both fists, and secretly breathed a sigh of relief. She really lost her memory. She liked this assisting golden finger.

Fu Nanli seemed to be in pain, and his expression looked painful, and a trace of depression caused by physical discomfort was mixed in the dull voice: “Housekeeper? What housekeeper?”

Uncle Li looked at the face of the world collapsed. The doctor just came in and called Uncle Li out to explain the patient’s condition to him.

Only Fu Nanli and Wen Qiao were left in the ward.

His eyes were confused and careless, “Who are you again?”

Although the man was wearing a hospital gown, Wen Qiao was a little bit worried by the noble and cold breath all over his body.

“Don’t you remember me?”

Fu Nanli squinted his eyes slightly, as if he was reminiscing. The severe headache hit him and he had to give up the memory, and he spoke with a heavy pant, “Who is it?”

Seeing the blurred eyes of the man in front of him, Wen Qiao opened his lips to save his life——

“I… your wife.”

The man’s eyes twitched slightly, his gaze swayed over her, Wen Qiao swallowed nervously, his skirt was tight with both hands, and he smiled very guilty as he met his aggressive and oppressive gaze.

He shouldn’t find anything. He doesn’t even know the housekeeper anymore, so he shouldn’t be able to wear help.

She had no intention of doing anything, she just wanted to save her life.

He slowly raised his hand, and his slender and skeletal fingers paused beside her face. Wen Qiao instinctively wanted to hide, but he couldn’t hide.

The touch on her fingertips was a bit cold, wearing a thin cocoon, and gently squeezing her face.

The girl in front of her was so beautiful and bright as a porcelain doll, but her eyes were pure and clear, making it impossible to look away.

“My wife is… a nurse?”

The clear and dull voice made Wen Qiao’s face heat up, spreading to the roots of his ears.

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