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Chapter 9 (The boss only remembers me after amnesia)

Zheng Peidong, the director of the Air Traffic Management Bureau, is already at the age of white temples. He is wearing a professional suit with two bright yellow armbands on the cuffs and a small aviation bureau badge on his chest. The two executives behind him are also dressed like him. The uniform of the aviation bureau.

The deputy captain Xu Shen and the flight attendant Zhao Yuan nodded their greetings.

Zheng Peidong walked to the door of the ward: “Captain Fu is awake?”

“Awake, in good condition, only the head is injured, and everything else is fine.”

Zheng Peidong knocked on the door, and there was a sound of’coming in’ inside, and Wen Qiao followed behind like a small tail.

Zhao Yuan turned around, saw her, and said politely: “Sorry, you can’t come in.”

Fu Nanli’s low voice came: “My girlfriend, why can’t you come in?”

Zhao Yuan and Xu Shen’s pupils shook violently, Dongchuan Airlines’ first workaholic, using airplanes as girlfriends, and Captain Fu Nanli, who has no passions, when did he have a girlfriend?

The effect of this news is too explosive. If the flight attendants and female ground staff of Dongchuan Airlines who admire Captain Fu learn about it, I am afraid that the entire Dongpu Airport will be drowned in their tears.

Wen Qiao walked to Fu Nanli’s bed with a look of’acceptance to acceptance’.

The man wore a dark plaid nightgown with gauze on his head. The broken hair was hanging lazily on his forehead. The afternoon sun came in through the gaps of the French window blinds. He had a high nose and deep eyes, and his deep and affectionate eyes. His scorching eyes were a little guilty.

Fu Nanli had an aristocratic face of’you can only surrender in front of me’. When he was ruthless, his eyes were so cold that people would not dare to look directly, such as to unrelated people.

When passionate, the temperature in his eyes is like the hottest summer sunshine in California. For a moment, Wen Qiao’s ears become hot.

“Where did you go?” He was reticent, and his words were concise and concise.

Wen Qiao wanted to sit on the stool next to the bed. The man stretched out his hand and pulled her directly to the bed.

Ambiguous, intimacy, no hiding, no evasiveness, it seems that he doesn’t think it is necessary.

Wen Qiao seemed to be roasted on the fire, so guilty that he did not dare to look directly at him.

“There was something at home. I went back. Also, this is your mobile phone. I couldn’t turn it on. I found a mobile phone store and repaired it. Now it’s fine.”

“If you leave in the future, you have to tell me, I will find you when I wake up.”

Wenjo: ……

Kind of relying on her?

“Well, I won’t leave without saying goodbye in the future.”

The people from the aviation bureau behind him were dumbfounded. Is this the Captain Fu they knew?

Especially Xu Shen, he almost wanted to cry without tears. He thought he was Captain Fu’s closest right-hand man, and now it seems that he is too affectionate.

It’s not that the captain is not warm, it’s just that he is not warm!

He moved forward and said cautiously: “Captain, Director Zheng of the Air Traffic Management Bureau is here, and I want to do some basic theoretical tests and physical function checks on you.”

For Xu Shen’s sudden insertion, Fu Nanli seemed to be quite murmured, and a sorrowful expression flashed through his eyes, Xu Shen’s heart trembled, and he seemed to annoy the captain again.

Although Zheng Peidong is Fu Nanli’s leader in his position, Wen Qiao still sees that this elder who is about fifty years old is very respectful to Fu Nanli.

“Because I heard that Captain Fu suffered some brain injuries after the car accident, and there was some memory loss.”

Fu Nanli gave a slight chin and gave an’um’, expressing his approval.

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