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Chapter 2 The Big Brother Has Amnesia

The Bentley rolled over and finally buckled on the grass. White smoke came out of the front of the car. The sound of the siren was mixed with the sound of rain. Wen Qiao felt his heartbeat stopped for a moment.

If Fu Nanli is dead, will she also die?

She picked up the umbrella, pushed the car door, walked two steps and turned back: “Master, call an ambulance.”

“Are you not going to the airport?”

“Call an ambulance!”

“Good, good.”

Wen Qiao held an umbrella and rushed outside the crashed guardrail. In the rain and fog, the car was badly damaged, dripping with oil, rainwater pounding on the muddy soil, traffic on the highway was paralyzed, and many people outside the guardrail were watching.

Wen Qiao saw the man sitting in the back seat. Through the rain and fog and the car window, she couldn’t see the people inside. She only vaguely knew that he was unconscious, with blood on his forehead.

She found a big rock, slammed the car window, and slammed the door.

The man wore the captain’s uniform. Even at the moment of life and death, Wen Qiao had to sigh with emotion. The driver’s master didn’t say anything nonsense, he really was a handsome guy.

She leaned in and unfastened his seat belt.

There was a man’s roar behind: “Little girl, the car seems to be about to explode. Leave it alone, come back soon.”

Wen Qiao couldn’t ignore it. The seat belt buckle was stuck and couldn’t be unlocked. She could even hear the sound of oil leaking from the oil pipe, the white smoke from the hood was increasing, and the man in front of her was motionless.

Wen Qiao went mad, used the strength of feeding, lay on the ground, stepped on the seat, and pulled out the seat belt forcefully. With a click, the buckle finally loosened, and the man rolled off and smashed her full of arms. .

The unconscious man slowly opened his eyes, the blood on his eyelashes was washed away by the heavy rain, and new blood came from the wound on his head. He looked at her angrily: “You, you are…”

“I’m Wen Qiao.”

The man closed his eyes and fainted again.

Wen Qiao did not dare to delay, put his hands under his armpits and dragged him to the road. He walked less than ten meters with difficulty. There was a bang behind him. The car exploded. After all, his driver was still buried in the flames. Can be rescued.

Wen Qiao didn’t have time to hurt the spring and autumn, so he dragged people onto the highway and the ambulance came. The ambulance staff quickly carried Fu Nanli onto the stretcher and asked Wen Qiao: “Are you a family member?”

Wen Qiao said dazedly: “Yes…Yes, I am a family member.”

“Families get in the car together, hurry, the patient is seriously injured.”

Wen Qiao hurriedly got into the ambulance and went to the hospital together.

Some first aid was done on the ambulance, oxygen mask, electric shock defibrillation, hemostasis, and there was a pile of blood-stained gauze and cotton balls in the stainless steel tray. Wen Qiao was shocked.

We arrived at the nearest hospital in fifteen minutes. Fu Nanli was pushed into the operating room. The nurse at the nurse’s desk borrowed a set of nurse clothes for Wen Qiao to change her soaked clothes.

Wen Qiao, who had changed into a nurse’s uniform, waited at the door of the operating room for an hour. The door of the operating room opened. The attending doctor took off his mask and said to Wen Qiao: “Are you a family member of the patient?”

“How is he? Is his life in danger?”

“There is no danger to life.”

Hearing this sentence, the heart that Wen Qiao was holding was finally let go. Fu Nanli is not in danger of her life, and she is not in danger of her life.

“The patient’s injury is mainly in the brain. We looked at his brain CT and EEG. When he wakes up, there may be some sequelae.”

“such as?”


The corners of Wen Qiao’s mouth could not stop rising: “You mean amnesia?”

The doctor looked at her suspiciously, isn’t this a family member? Why are you so happy to hear that the patient has amnesia?

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