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Chapter 1 Stay with Fu Nanli

This world owes you the tenderness, I’ll pay it back

——Fu Nanli

Typhoon Mina crossed the border. At 5:30 in the afternoon, the Meteorological Observatory issued a typhoon warning No. 3. It was raining outside, pouring on the windows, and the house was dark and quiet.

It took Wen Qiao all afternoon to finally figure out that she seemed to be born again.

There seemed to be a sirens in his head, which was very noisy.

-Stay with Fu Nanli

-Stay with Fu Nanli

-Otherwise, you will die! !

-It’s really going to die! ! !

Wen Qiao knocked his head: “I know, I know, how many times do you want to say it?”

The name of Fu Nanli sounded a bit familiar, and a white light flashed in her mind. She remembered that she seemed to have seen this name in the news in her previous life. Two days before she filled out her application for the college entrance examination, Fu Nanli, the sole heir of the Fu family, went to the airport. He died in a car accident on the way.

Wen Qiao looked at the calendar on the desk and was circled on June 24th, the day after tomorrow, then—

Fu Nanli is going to have a car accident tonight!

Without thinking about it, she immediately took the umbrella and rushed out, bumping into her mother who was entering the door in the yard.

Su Yun stopped her: “These are sandwiches and milk. They only expire one day. The supermarket owner asked me to bring them back. I haven’t eaten dinner yet, I’ll eat this later.”

Wen Qiao shook off her mother’s hand: “Mom, I’m in a little hurry, go out.”

After speaking, she ran out, her mother’s voice weakened behind her: “It’s windy and rainy, where are you going?”

Wen Qiao casually stopped a rental car. After getting in the car, he fastened the umbrella and placed it at his feet. He wiped the rain from the skirt and said, “Master, go to Dongpu Airport.”

The master pushed aside the meter, stepped on the accelerator, and the car plunged into the torrential rain.

This master is so talkative that he can’t stop him when he opens his mouth.

“Little girl, are you going to the airport?”


“Go to the airport at this point? Catch a plane? Or send someone off?”

“Give it away.”

“Have you heard of Fu Nanli, the captain of Dongchuan Airlines?”

Wen Qiao laughed, this Fu Nanli was still a great celebrity.

“I heard that he is tall and handsome. He is a well-known big man in the aviation industry. The most important thing is that his family is still a chaebol family and has a mine. I heard that his grandfather used to be an air force. His last words are to hope that he will be a pilot. This is how I became the captain.”

Wen Qiao looked at his watch with an anxious expression: “Master, can you drive faster?”

The master clicked on the mobile phone navigation on the side: “Let’s go to the outer ring, there is no blockage, rest assured, we will ensure that we will send you to the airport as soon as possible.”

Wen Qiao closed his eyes and tried to recall the news of Fu Nanli’s car accident in his last life. About what time was it and where was the accident?

Obviously it was just an inconspicuous little piece of life, she actually remembered it.

At 7:30, Fu Nanli’s car hit a concrete car on the three-kilometer road outside Bai’an, the car overturned, and an explosion occurred. There was no body left. It was really miserable.

Wen Qiao looked at his watch. It was seven o’clock.

“Master, can you get off the outer ring at half past seven?”

“Well, it’s not a big problem.”

The taxi sprinted all the way, raindrops flying across the window, and a soft Cantonese song playing in the car, Wen Qiao was so anxious that he couldn’t wait to fly over by himself with his wings.

There were too many trucks in the outer ring, and the weather was too bad. The master didn’t dare to drag the car. When he got off the outer ring, it was 7:28.

Wen Qiao kept urging: “Master, please hurry up and hurry up.”

“Little girl, you still have to pay attention to safety, and you can’t go any faster.”

With a’bang’, right in front of her, a Bentley car collided with a concrete car running through a red light sideways. The headlights stabbed her with her hand covering her eyes, the harsh brakes, the sound of tires rubbing, and the car crashing to the ground. Intertwined into one piece.

Wen Qiao looked at the world from his fingers…

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