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Chapter 10 Help him wear a swimming cap

“So if Captain Fu wants to go around in the future, the Aviation Administration will do some checks here to determine if you are eligible for a go around.”

“you said.”

Zheng Peidong raised his hand, and the staff at the back handed a tablet computer, which seemed to have some problems.

“Excuse me, does Captain Fu still remember that Dongchuan Airlines has a rule that the captain must not drink alcohol for a few hours before the flight?”

Fu Nanli played with Wen Qiao’s fingers. Wen Qiao felt that such a posture was a bit irregular in such a serious occasion, so he couldn’t draw his hand, so he could only rely on him.

“It used to be eight hours, but it was changed to twelve hours two years ago.”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, this amnesia was really bizarre, but he didn’t remember the relationship between the characters, but his knowledge reserve was indeed not lost.

Zheng Peidong said again: “How long does it take to train to become a civil aviation captain?”

“250 hours of flight academy training, 2700 hours of co-pilot training.”

Fu Nanli frowned slightly: “Director Zheng is serious? Ask these common sense that ordinary people know?”

Wenjo: ……

Should ordinary people know? She doesn’t know.

The despised Director Zheng hurriedly took over: “Captain Fu, please explain the meaning of Mach number.”

“A similar parameter of high-speed flow. The M number of an airplane usually refers to the ratio of the speed of the airplane to the speed of sound in the local atmosphere. M1.6 means that the speed of the airplane is 1.6 times the speed of local sound.”

Director Zheng still sees the slight impatience for this kind of pediatric problem in Fu Nanli’s eyes, sweating: “Captain Fu’s theoretical knowledge is still very solid, and the next step is to test the physical function.”

His hands were wide and warm, and there were thin calluses on his fingertips. After a single stroke, Wen Qiao’s mouth was dry and flustered.

“What we are going to do today is a low-temperature tolerance test, and the other is a spirometry test. Please Captain Fu come to the bathroom with me.”

The bathroom that comes with the VIP ward is very spacious. Zheng Peidong is standing in front of the bathroom with a timer and refrigerator.

Fu Nanli lifted the thin quilt on his body and temporarily let go of Wen Qiao’s hand.

Wen Qiao was relieved, just about to breathe a sigh of relief.

The man said, “Go in with me.”

Wen Qiao squatted: “Ah? Why do you want me to go in?”

The staff behind handed him a swimming cap: “In case Captain Fu’s head wound gets water, please help him wear a swimming cap.”

Wen Qiao didn’t answer, and whispered: “You just give it to him.”

Fu Nanli’s slender and well-knotted fingers knocked twice on the glass door of the bathroom: “Can’t come?”

Wen Qiao can only bite the bullet, who told her to be the girlfriend of Captain Fu? So many eyes are staring at her.

At the door of the bathroom, she was enveloped by the tall figure of a man, and a sense of oppression came to her face. He was too tall and had a full 180 work points. She had to stand on tiptoe to help him wear a swimming cap.

Because his hair was scattered on his forehead, she had to reach out to help him take all the hair to the back, and her fingertips inevitably touched his forehead and his skin lightly.

Wen Qiao only felt that his fingertips were overpowered.

The man puts one hand on the glass door and the other on her waist, which is an instinct that physically wants to be close.

Wen Qiao flushed and looked up at him, “What are you doing?” He almost blurted out. When he thought, they were lovers. They were lovers. The boyfriend put his hand on his girlfriend’s waist. It was natural and righteous to ask.

Can only bite the bullet and help him continue to wear a swimming cap.

In Fu Nanli’s eyes, the girl’s porcelain-white skin was the most delicate pink, and the peach blossom eyes seemed to be filled with water. Even the eyes were wet. The tip of the nose was raised, the lips were rose-colored, and the swan neck was delicate. clavicle.

The Adam’s apple rolled, he put aside his eyes and stopped looking at her.

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