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Hikaru No Go 棋魂 Episode 10 Recap

Time did not expect that Chu Ying was so hot, and the scene of the Century War between him and Fang Xu actually attracted so many impostors. He and Chu Ying left the scene and walked and talked, but he didn’t notice Yu Liang just quietly following him not far behind him. Time didn’t want Chu Ying to disappear on the Internet so suddenly, he went to an Internet cafe to write a farewell letter to fans for Chu Ying. Yu Liang followed in, and time was surprised to see him.

Yu Liang went to see the computer Shi Shi was using but found nothing. He called Shi Shi out of the Internet cafe and asked him if he was not curious about Chu Ying’s true colors. Time knew that Yu Liang suspected that he was Chu Ying, after all, he had beaten him. Yu Liang admitted that he had indeed doubted, but Shi Shi was messed up in the Go League. Shi Xiao said that he had lost to him deliberately. Yu Liang said Shi Shi would have been a professional chess player if he had the strength of Chu Ying.

He felt that Chu Ying couldn’t be time. Time inspired him to fight, reminding Yu Liang that if he only pursues his phantom, he will soon be overtaken by the real him. Yu Liang thought that Time had played too many games, and asked him if he dared to play with him now. Time couldn’t help being silent.

Time is determined to become a professional chess player. Mr. Shirakawa told him that it is difficult to become a professional chess player. One is that you have to participate in the professional Go final stage in your second year of chess skills, which is much harder than the college entrance examination of a single-plank bridge. .

Time originally thought it was simple, but he didn’t expect it to be so difficult. He wanted to find a shortcut and was told if he did not. Teacher Shirakawa suggested that he could go step by step and try the professional Go reserve first. He gave time a flyer that said Go training camp. After time went back, people from the Go Club were mobilized to join him in the training camp, but they all expressed no interest in this.

Then Jiang Xueming heard that it would take two weeks to go to the training camp. She was about to take this to go out to relax and agreed to sign up. Gu Yu couldn’t help but think he was one when they saw them filling out the registration form. Yu Liang performed well in the set stage. He became a professional chess player with the first result in the group. His brother Fang Xu and his parents celebrated for him. Fang Xu told Xiao Liang during the meal that he wanted to invite Yu Liang to be a teacher in the Go training camp held by the Yijiang Lake Dojo. His father said he could exercise if he had nothing to do. Yu Liang felt that it would be a good experience. Okay, I agreed.

On the day when I went to the training camp, Time said goodbye to his mother and was about to leave. The phone at home rang suddenly. He had a premonition that something bad was going to happen, but he was stopped by his mother. It turned out that Jiang Xueming’s mother told her that time is not for Olympic math training The camp was a Go training camp, and his mother wouldn’t let him go. Time was running out and turned around and ran.

Jiang Xueming and Gu Yu waited on the side of the road and waited for some time. They saw him panting and the three hurried to chase the starting bus. Fortunately, they caught up in time, so the three of them found seats and sat down. Time accidentally turned around and found that Yu Liang was sitting in the last row and couldn’t help being surprised. He thought that Yu Liang was here after he was chasing him.

After arriving at the destination, other people shared a room with several people, and Yu Liang lived in a single room, which made time very strange. Later in the first class, he discovered that the teacher turned out to be Yu Liang. The life teacher introduced that Yu Liang was the first professional chess player who ranked first this year. After the introduction, Yu Liang began to class. He took a game of Bai Ziqiu’s chess in the Qing Dynasty as an example to explain the limitations of ancient chess players. Chu Ying is very familiar with this game. It was played by Xiao Bailong and Fan Xihou back then. Said he made it himself.

After listening to Yu Liang saying that the previously established rules were eliminated and there was no need to continue learning, Shi Shi was not convinced and stood up to challenge him, and walked to the front to face him on the chessboard, but he lost within a few steps. Other students clamored to go out without listening to the teacher’s lecture, and time went out of the classroom angrily.

Yu Liang lost so many games and Chu won so many games. Time thought he had any qualifications to say that Chu Ying’s chess has been eliminated. Chu Ying enlightened him that Go is improving, and chess theory is constantly overturning the relics of the predecessors. It doesn’t matter who is better at chess, what is important is how much they can learn from them. In this way, it is passed down from generation to generation, and it is themselves who really become better. Time heard it and thought it made sense, but he believed that ginger was still hot, especially Chu Ying, who was a thousand-year-old ginger.

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