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All of Us Are Dead (Novel)

All of Us Are Dead (Novel)
Other Name: 지금 우리 학교는, Now at Our School, Jigeum Uri Hakgyoneun

Genre: novel, Zombie , thriller , drama
Author: Joo Dong-geun
Year: 2009
Chapter: 130
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The story is set in 2011, In the background of a school, what happens when a virus that turns into zombies spreads in Hyosan, a fictional city, Gyeonggi-do. There are many somewhat cruel and grotesque descriptions. As it is not available for teenagers, sexual descriptions are often seen when looking at Yoon Gwi-nam’s story. However, as the latter episode went on, the weight of the cruel or shocking portrayals of plums gradually decreased, and the writer seems to be conscious of this as some netizens are overrun with blogs or elementary and middle school girls who are stealing their parents .

Nevertheless, the comments rankings play or very early junggoding lovely ripple major audience watching the eroding work geolro runs are probably the parents of the identity card to steal viewing by choding and youth seems to floor. Being aware of this, the author’s blog posted a youth version separately. All have been deleted due to a fee.

Since there has been a lot of lateness since the middle of the series, there is a lot of harm from star terrorism. It features a very high-quality photorealistic drawing. All of them have faces worth seeing in real life on the street. In particular, the face of Lee Byung-chan, a science teacher, was very realistically depicted. However, the composition is rather plain, and due to the enormous volume, there are many copies .

The background of the story is a general high school in Korea , and the story progresses as it crosses the school and the outside. However, since it is serialized once a week every Wednesday, the development of the experience is terribly slow.Still, it’s much faster than the Viewgun . The rice cake was also spread quite a lot, and although it was roughly recovered in the last minute and later, it was originally planned as a survival product, so all the truths were not disclosed in detail. First of all, the main characters in the school are Nam On-jo, other friends, and Park Sun-hwa, an English teacher, and the main characters outside the school are Lee Byung-chan, a science teacher, and then Detectives Lee Jae-yong and Jeon Ho-cheol of the Hyosan Southern Police Station are changed to Sang-kyung.

The serialization period is more than 2 years, and in episode 114 , it is said that we have endured 6 days with only our own strength and the events that have been here for 5 days . To calculate this, about 20 episodes are equivalent to a day, and four hours a day is not fun, so even if you say that you woke up because you didn’t use it, in reality, you can say that about an hour has passed from there in a week . However, if you look at the contents, it is not only showing one scene, but even if the scenes that take place in three places are serialized at the same time, the progress is like that. At the time of completion, it is being evaluated as a masterpiece webtoon. In fact, since most of the criticisms came from slow development, it is difficult to feel after completion, and the content itself is a high-quality zombie.

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