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Love Designer 幸福触手可及 Episode 29 Recap

Shen Peipei was rejected by Huo Chendong because she was too active. She was very sad to find Zhou Fang to complain. After listening to Zhou Fang, she wanted to help Shen Peipei to talk about Huo Chendong, but Shen Peipei hurriedly stopped her. . Li Ruhui made a special call to Zhou Fang and asked Zhou Fang not to go home for dinner this weekend because they were going to travel by car. Zhou Fang did not expect that Li Ruhui would go on a trip. She was very happy with Li Ruhui’s decision, because at least for a while, she didn’t have to be verbose by Li Ruhui. When Qin Qing returned home, a person felt particularly deserted, but the warmth that Zuo Yulin gave her was everywhere, which made her both moved and reluctant.

Zhou Fang was proud to date Song Rong at home because Li Ruhui was traveling, but unexpectedly when the two were in love, Li Ruhui suddenly called at the door. Zhou Fang didn’t know why Li Ruhui came back suddenly, so Song Rong first hid, but Song Rin felt that Li Ruhui’s level had to pass sooner or later, so he wanted to stay and see Li Ruhui. When Zhou Fangzhen was about to open the door, Song Rin was still afraid, and he hid directly on the balcony. As soon as Li Ruhui entered the door, she began to look around the house. When she saw two cups on the table, she asked who Zhou Fang was drinking with. Zhou Fang used Qin Qing as a shield. Li Ruhui refused to believe, so she went to the room and looked around, making Song Rong want to go. Li Ruhui checked very carefully. Zhou Fang kept complaining about it. Li Ruhui felt that she was in a guilty conscience, and Li Ruhui was going to the balcony. At that time, Song Luo was called by Song Rong to rescue him and rescued Song Rong.

Song Luo saw Li Ruhui and said that Song Rong lay down as soon as she came home. She didn’t cook for her at all and let Li Ruhui cook for her. Li Ruhui heard Song Luo said, thinking that Song Rong was really at home, he happily went to cook Song Luo, Song Rong hid from the balcony at this time. When Song Rong passed under the kitchen, Zhou Fang deliberately opened a cover to let Song Luo safely send Song Rong out of the door. Song Rin saw that Song Luo had returned, and sent a message to Zhou Fang to ask about the situation. The two agreed to discuss the matter for a long time, and Li Ruhui was afraid that Zhou Fang would continue to be with Song Rong. He deliberately gave Zhou Fang a ideological job to persuade her and Song Rin Boundaries, otherwise it is too late to regret.

Zhou put the order on the busy shopping festival, Song Rong went to deal with the affairs of Xiaofei Technology Company, the two could only call to talk about love, and Chen Chen, who drove the car, felt that they were nauseous. After inspecting the work of the technology company, Song Rin discussed with Zuo Yulin to send a designer to the technology company. Zuo Yulin directly proposed to let Zhou go. But Song Rin felt that Zhou Fang had been working very hard to bring a team by himself, and he was busy with the shopping festival. He was afraid that Zhou Fang would be exhausted, so he didn’t want Zhou Fang to go forward. After listening to Zuo Yulin, he immediately laughed at Song Fang and disliked Zhou Fang. Song Rong said that he would discuss with Zhou Fang after the shopping festival was over.

  Zhou Fangkui called Song Rong when she was off work and wanted to see what arrangement Song Rong had. Unexpectedly, Song Rong had to work overtime till late. She could only eat with Qin Qing. At dinner, Huo Chendong called Qin Qing to plan a case for Qin Qing. Qin Qing took this opportunity to take Shen Peipei to see Huo Chendong and wanted to match them. Seeing Qin Qing, Huo Chendong directly gave the plan and wanted to go. Qin Qing wanted to help Shen Peipei, and asked Huo Chendong to go to the cafe to have a good chat. Huo Chendong was inconvenient with the dog, and wanted to reject Qin Qing’s request, Shen Peipei had to It was suggested that she should walk the dog to Huo Chendong. Qin Qing saw that her arrangement was disturbed by Shen Peipei, so she took her aside to take responsibility and blame, but there was no way to change it, and he could only wait for the next opportunity.

When Shen Peipei helped Huo Chendong walk the dog, she suddenly saw a little girl picking up the ball almost hit by a bicycle. She desperately tried to save the little girl, but she lost Huo Chendong’s dog. Shen Peipei didn’t know how to explain to Huo Chendong, so she sat on the roadside and cried. She didn’t confess to Huo Chendong until Huo Chendong came. Huo Chendong was speechless when she heard that.

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