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My Fantastic Mrs Right 报告王爷,王妃是只猫 Episode 4 Recap

The little fat cat was taken back to the city’s main palace by Nanfeng Chen, and was almost caught by a male cat under the hands of Jinbao. In order to congratulate Bei Gongyan’s engagement, Nanfeng Chen deliberately prepared the White Lotus as a gift to disgust him, and the little fat cat took the opportunity to drill the gift car and returned to the North Moon Palace. Bei Gongyan promised Mi Xiaoqi to give her family the spirit jade as a gift for the marriage, but he was reluctant to prepare an identical fake jade to fill up. At this time, Xi Chu girl came to see Bei Gongyan, and she was very attached. The pear flower crying on Bei Gongyan’s leg brought rain, and by the way, he did not forget to arrange the mischief of Mi Xiaoqi. The little fat cat who just wobbled in and saw this scene can not help but feel the atmosphere.

After Bei Gongyan saw the fat cat It was very kind. He said hello that these cats did n’t know where to go these days. He said that he would touch the fat cat. Mi Xiaoqi looked at two people, Qingqing, and I was so angry that she was angry, she was angry. After scratching Bei Gongyan for a while, Bei Gongyan’s hand was scratched by her blood. The little fat cat with blood stained by the cat was thrown out of the window by Xi Chu. Changed back to Mi Xiaoqi, and startled the two. Mi Xiaoqi wanted to understand one thing. Only when he was exposed to the blood of Bei Gongyan could the cat be transformed into a human form.

Mi Xiaoqi was very indifferent to Bei Gongyan. When she was not in the house, Bei Gongyan and Xi Chu were very concerned about things, so she deliberately indifference him. To the people, Bei Gongyan took the initiative to talk to her and she ignored it. Bei Gongyan was very anxious, but Xi Chu was very happy to see them like this. She took a dim sum to try, and just happened to encounter Bei Gongyan to coax her in Xiaoqi’s room. He saw a cheat book for the Hans in Mi Xiaoqi’s room.

The original move of Mi Xiaoqi’s envoy was called “to capture the old” In order to make Xiaoqi happy, Bei Gongyan ordered Bai Tie and Hei Li to go back to get the piece of Lingyu, and also specifically told him to take the one on the left. As a result, the two men rushed to turn the real jade and fake jade upside down, and gave the real jade to Mi Xiaoqi. Mi Xiaoqi was very happy when she got the spirit jade. She immediately closed the door and put the jade into the kit to wait for it to shine according to the method of Jiuxianjiao, because only the shiny jade is true. But after the jade was put into the kit, it did not shine.

At this time, the Brewmaster appeared in time and told her that it was necessary to make the jade shine with the affair. Mi Xiaoqi opened the door and pulled the inexplicable Bei Gong Yan into the room, and he used various poses to test the jade, but Bei Gong Yan learned from the two men that the piece of jade given to Mi Xiao Qi After it was true, he tried to change the truth back. Because he did not cooperate, the jade did not shine. Mi Xiaoqi began to suspect that Bei Gongyan was not his own destiny.

At this time, she recalled that when she first came to Kunpeng mainland, she hit Nanfeng Chen’s head. In addition, Nan Feng Chen has always had a good impression on herself, thinking that Nanfeng Chen may be her affair, So she decided to try it. She ran out of the room and was going to find Nanfeng Chen. Bei Gongyan hurriedly ordered Black Beaver and Bai Tie to chase her back. Mi Xiaoqi, who was hiding behind the rockery, heard two people blaming each other while they were looking for themselves. Yan was ready to give herself a fake jade, so she came out angrily and happened to encounter Nanfeng Chen who had infiltrated the palace, so she took the puffed Mi Xiaoqi back to the main palace.

Mi Xiaoqi hurriedly took out the kit and spirit jade to test the jade with Nanfeng Chen. Nanfeng Chen was very happy. The two tried to test the jade in various poses, but the spirit jade in the kit was not bright. At this time, Bei Gongyan who followed him wanted to take Mi Xiaoqi back to the palace, but Mi Xiaoqi, who was still angry, did not want to go with him. Bei Gongyan pulled Mi Xiaoqi to take her away, this At that time, the spirit jade in the kit started to shine.

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