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Ode to Joy 3 (2022) 欢乐颂3

Ode to Joy 3
Also known as:  欢乐颂3 / 欢乐颂第三季 / Huan Le Song Di San Ji / Ode to Joy Season 3 / Ode to Joy III

Genres: Friendship, Romance, Life, Youth
Episodes: 33
Country: China
Director: Hou Hongliang
Writer: Anai
Network: Dragon TV, Tencent Video, Migu Video
Release Date: August 11, 2022
Related Show: Ode to Joy 2 (Sequel), Adapted From A Novel


  • Liu Tao as An Di
  • Jiang Rulu as Fan Sheng Mei
  • Wang Olivia as Qu Xiao Xiao
  • Yang Zi as Qiu Ying Ying
  • Qiao Xin as Guan Ju Er


Five new girls from the Joyous Song Community live on the same floor. Among them, Zhu Zhe, the hotel manager, shares a suite with Yu Chuhui and He Minhong, who have just worked for a few years. The mysterious and glamorous company personnel Fang Zhiheng and life science researcher Ye Zhenzhen live in two other suites respectively. These five women have very different personalities and different life circumstances, each facing problems from the workplace, family and love.

Fang Zhiheng’s behavior is suspicious, which arouses suspicion from everyone; Ye Zhenzhen, like the arrogant girl in the sky, will also encounter inexplicable hostility from the workplace; Yu Chuhui is clever by nature, and it is inevitable that he will be opportunistic in his study and work, and he will learn to be down-to-earth after suffering losses; Zhu Zhe’s career seems to be going well , but the upward path is limited by the low education level.

He Minhong, who is not well-mannered, always falls into the predicament of doing bad things with good intentions. Facing all kinds of difficulties in life, they went from suspicious of each other to open their hearts to accept each other. In the city of Shanghai, they worked hard, warmed each other, and gained growth .

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